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Breeding Achievement Service [INTERSERVER]

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Heya everyone

I’m writing this to announce that I’m officially starting my breeding achievement service. At the moment I only do the generation achievements (Talking ’Bout The Generations). I’m from Rosal (and Rushu), but I can also transfer to other servers for this service.

This service is for players who doesn’t want spend months to accomplish this achievement or bother to learn/spend time breeding. Buying this package will allow you to fill all the 66 different colors of turkeys. This means +350 achievement points. It’s the main step to unlock Who's The Daddy?, the final achievement in Breeding category.

aiIbh9p.png With this package, you will have the Respectable Dragomaster ornament.

The price for a full package (all 10 generations) is 60 mk. [Rosal or Rushu]

If you don’t want the pure colors (odd numbered generation), the price is reduced to 55 mk.

If you’ve never bred before, I guarantee the 5 other achievements: Pregnant Or Just Fat? (+1), Matron (+10), A Star is Born (+20), Snippety Snip! (+10), Freedom Won't Let You Down (+10) = +51 points.


In total, this means this package gives 401 points that adds to your achievement point count!

NB: I do not give away neither the mothers or the babies. This is not negotiable.

If you require me to transfer to deliver the service, the price is 75 mk. If you don't want the pure colored turkeys (odd numbered generations), the price is 70 mk.

There are several discount options (fidelity, quantity). Ordering several packages at the same time and buying new packages at a later point in time can both give discounts. If several people order on the same server when I’m transferring over the transfer fee will be split, lowering your expenses.

In the future, if there is an interest for it, I could provide/extend the service to cover the 1.000 births/1.000 matings in 1 week. The 1.000 matings package will be available for 2 characters if you have access to a private guild paddock. The 1.000 births can be split on 2 characters too. But, for now, this service is only for the generation achievements.

As a final note: This is a service based largely on trust, so I reserve the right to choose who I sell this service to… but it usually works out. The way the births are done will be explained in detail when you’ve placed your order, but it's just a method for me to keep track of my moms and babies to prevent scamming.

And for the start of this service on Rosal, first customer will have a 15% discount on his package price!

Have fun and cy soon.

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I wholly recommend this service. Used it multiple times, Area is a lovely person who is very easy to do business with, prompt and polite. Thanks Area :)



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While I only used this service for one color last year if I had to do it again I'd contact Area. She knows her stuff, high recommendations.

Quit? Break? Too lazy to log on?




Move to Zato. Build a wall. Make it great again. Make Solarians pay for the wall.


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Cha-Ching! B-)

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Same here, I recommend this service and thanks again for the achievement points. :P





                                                                     Мвк | Мвзук | Нагмоптс | Мопкзу-ж | Milkz | Xelion | Inky-Veil

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Area is the most accomplished breeder I know, trustworthy and reliable. A#1 service guaranteed.

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