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MMO referrals/invite a friend!

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I figured since so many MMO's have this system nowadays a thread which lists them would be neat.

so if anyone has them please post them here, but do mention the pros and the cons.

i'll go first of course xD,

i hope many more of you will post yours, i often try out mmos would be nice to have some free sub time and/or other perks to start with ^^

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200 Water Enutrof - Salucia

200 Water Xelor - Straat

199 Earth/Fire Iop - SlashFTW

195 Water/Fire Cra - Stratosphere

194 Fire/Water Eni - Strategem

184 Agility Panda - Stratica

199 Earth Sadida- Setaria

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If anyone has been wanting to play Final Fantasy XIV but hasn't bothered with the trial yet, I'm wanting that chocobo for referring someone who ends up sticking with the game.

The first tier of rewards is given to both the person I'd refer and myself. The Friendship Circlet is a helm slot item that increases your EXP gain by 20% until you hit level 25, you just have to sub for a month. Sadly, to get the chocobo yourself, you'd have to refer someone else but that's what the thread here is for. You can find the actual page on it here.

The only major problem with FFXIV's recruitment system is that I have to send it to your email. For the most safety I can promise, you'd have to PM your email address if you want to give it a shot.

You don't have to play on the same server as me, but if you do end up wanting to I'm on Exodus.

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