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Hi all,

I'm looking for a price estimate on Father Whupper 4-loot souls. Does anyone know the price range for these once Kwismas closes?

I know each 4-loot soul will theoretically grant 1.2PP to Slayhounds and that you can use them to level up to 8 Slayhounds at once (a total of 75 souls required to potentially max up to 8 Slayhounds).

And with maxed Slayhounds ranging about 9mk each and blank ones ranging around 2mk, my first estimate would be around 750kk per 4-loot soul.

There's also a nice chunk of potentially-overpowered kwismas presents obtainable from these, which should compensate for the investment of buying and doing the souls rather than buying the maxed Slayhounds directly from the market.

Am I terribly far off from reality here or does this sound about right?


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my guess would be that you're overestimating the market and thus the value of these. i know i'm generalizing here, but the profile of the average person who buys dungeon boss souls and that of the average person looking for 8 90 pp slayhounds are very different. most of the people i know that would possibly be interested in 90 pp slayhounds are very frugal and have admirable motivation to be self-sufficient. on the other hand, the people with the resources to buy dungeon boss souls and don't want to farm them aren't usually those looking for these prospecting petsmounts. as such, i think the market for these is pretty small. again, this is just my personal guess.

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