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Announcements! :)

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Hello! If you're reading this, maybe you're a Wakfu player. Or, even better, maybe you're a Dofus player that's been curious about Wakfu for some time now, and have been wanting to maybe get your feet wet with some of the ideas of the game.

I'm Mango (Brokonaut on the OF/the Twitch streamer) your new IV Wakfu moderator since Kiba has been promoted to full-site moderation (/appl)! I've been involved with Wakfu the game since development began back in 2006 and am an adamant player on two servers at the moment (Dathura & Phaeris). On my downtime I like to assist the two Game Designers [Exi] and [Dy7] with content balancing, content testing, and in some instances content design. I also have a strong foundation in event design, which I hope to bring to the EN servers in the near future. I briefly considered taking up the job as Wakfu EN's second Community Manager but opted against it. Instead, that role has gone to my colleague, the epic [CM]Picaro (I'll get him in here later).

My goal is it to somehow stir something up inside you (if you're a Dofus player), rekindle your passion (if you used to play Wakfu, but quit for any myriad of reasons), and entice your drive (if you're currently an IV Wakfu player) when it comes to wanting to play Wakfu.

I'm going to use this thread as a bulletin board of sorts, bumping it whenever I have important news or an IV-specific Wakfu event I may be coordinating with the help of the GM team and Wakfu staff. Here's to the start of a new chapter for Wakfu on ImpsVillage!

Big Announcements!

Ankama: Now supporting content creators! - Are you a content creator? Do you spend your days imagining about how to entertain your many viewers on Twitch.tv or with your awesome YouTube videos? We need people to step up to the plate and let us know that they're in the entertainment or informative business, and you will have our support via social media and announcements whenever you go on air or put out a new video! If you're interested in 'partnering up' just send a message to my inbox and we'll sort things out with the people in charge of Wakfu EN's Twitter and other related media to make sure the Wakfu community knows what you're up to!

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The Wakfu IV promotion has been slated for a January release! Woot woot! I'm going to try to be a little more proactive in copying major Ankama announcements on this sub-forum too, and I'll be beginning to collect feedback on certain designs and whatnot here as well.

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