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Thinking of playing again. Iop/Cra help?

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So I stopped playing around the release of Kolo and was wondering how everything had panned out since then. I am especially interested to hear if the alliance system was a success...

If I come back I shall be playing my 180 Iop or 190 Cra and looking to mainly PVP. I have an Ochre, Turq and a good amount of money to put a set together. Are Iops still horrendously weak in PVP or have things changed?

I would be greatful if someone could give me a quick synopsis of the PVP scene as well as what builds of Iop/Cra are prevalent throughtout late and endgame levels.

Thanks for the help guys.

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Personally I think alliances suck. And as for pvp kolo is super unbalanced and rarely anyone does brak vs Bonta anymore so pvp is pretty much dead. The most pvp you will get is if you join a alliance and you can defend everyone's perceptors inside the alliance and prisms which make it somewhat fun. Or you can attack perceptors tbh 90% of the time it's the same elite people attacking perceptors though lol.

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Basically no matter what form of pvp you choose to do. You're either top knotch or going to get spanked, at least on main servers because some people are just so far ahead with their kamas they have anything they need for any scenario and those are the people constantly pvping.

Attacking / Defending percs usually is pretty lame. Even if you do it in a group it's either vs a bunch of crazy pvpers or just a few scrubs that weren't busy at the time. There's rarely a middle ground where it was like "Wow nice fight" it's either "WTF they're op" or "Why did they even bother defending."

Dunno about alliance stuff though like KOTH, cause #notinterested.

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There is a fair amount of either 1v1s/8v1 Gangbangs in KOTH ..

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On koth or perc fight you can only mean something if you're at least semi-decent endgame, if possible full endgame set.

in koth you can take a map if not hax, but in fights you usually fill up gangs or don't do anything at all.

1v1 is dead, but kolossium isn't, and is something that SHOULD be balanced for every single player.

The system makes you loose or win rank until you have 50% chance of winning every fight.

Unfortunately there's not enough players on most servers so you don't get the balanced fights that often, and after that early update rating changes a bit too slow i think, so it takes a while until you reach the rating you deserve.

But interkolossium should fix the first issue and make kolo much more pleasant.

I hope...

But it's still ankama :'(

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