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Some help

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Hey guys, I decided to start playing Dofus again, but this time I am going to try on the Oto Mustam server. I already have an agi iop lvl 36 (just died) and was wondering how I should approach the server. Tried doing snappers a few times, but I always get aggroed and killed. If you have any tips any suggestions and so on please write a comment below. I have already read all the guide topics.

Oh and if there is an English speaking guild on Oto please tell me who to contact so I can join. Thank you in advance!

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I'm pretty sure solo chars aren't that viable there without friends, as you'd simply get aggroed/die later on. I'd suggest maybe playing an eni aswell as an iop, and killing stuff you are 110% sure you can kill. Also, monsters will have an aggro range, so make sure to know it. It's either +1, or +2 cells for most mobs, rather wait until they move before moving to avoid being unnecessarily aggroed.

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I recently died on a 180 Cra geared in 50+mk of stuff to an invised eca that I almost killed (50 vit to my 0 vit :(.) so I know that feel. but trust me oto is such a good server. there are many english guilds out there and they're all very helpful. Currently i'm in a guild called "you are wanted by" but we're not really the type of guild to accept new players. Mostly 180+ chars in there, so we're a bit sceptical. You can try exotique, I was in there for a while a bunch of top notch fella's. The no.1 tip to surviving on oto is scouting, if you have two monitors use them, if not, get use to CTRL+DEL switching for your scout. you want to have transparency and 'p" for players, on. run scout ahead of your main chars and keep it outside of your fights. it'll save you frequently but at times, there's nothing you can do. get use to dying, it'll happen at 1, at 30, at 100 and at 180+. there is no quickfire guide to getting to 200, just get back on your feet and give it another go. Although, IOP+ENI isn't want I would run for 2 chars, I'd chuck an osa in there. people don't play osa's on regular servers because they make fights longer but on oto, they're your savior. you can do kaniger mobs atlike level 60 or so, so they're easy to level and they're good at survival. Money on oto is one of those things that is bitter/sweet. you can find methods to make 20mk+ a day, but if you die whilst there you can easily loose 50mk+ like I did on my cra. +all your levels too!. so always try to plan for your deaths. ask yourself before buying a new fancy set "If I die, first time leaving austrub with this gear, will it make me bankrupt?' if the answer is yes, you should make some kamas first. Be carful with who you trust also. palyers may seem to be nice but will take your items.
I hope you continue to play as oto is a great server, feel free to pm me ingame on shielding-chesticles but I rarely log in atm. I've got a bunch of school work and such and I can't afford to dedicate the time atm but I log in from time to time.

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What sakubi wrote is great! I'd also like to add a couple of areas where you should avoid farming: Jellyisland, The Cradle, Astrub Rocky Inlet, Lousy Pig Plain, and Scaraleaf Plains (this place is mainly a runthrough, so it's not as dangerous as the others mentioned). All these areas are full of PvP, and are dangerous even with a scout.

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