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Trick or Mystery Box!

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It's nigh time for the end of the world! But that won't do, so we'll settle for a Mystery Box instead!
Inside, you'll find sets, pets... Everything you need to celebrate Al Howin!
So, will Ecaflip smile upon you? Try your luck before Sunday, October 26, at 23:45 (EST)!


The concept of the Mystery Box is simple: when you open it, you discover a random item inside! All you have to do is pray to have Ecaflip's luck.

Here's all you'll be able to find in your Mystery Box:

Common items
  • Black Wab Set
  • Al Howin's Set part 1: Hat + Shield
  • Al Howin's Set part 2: Cape + Weapon
Uncommon items
  • Black Crow Set
  • Borbat Set
  • Prisoner Set
  • Al Howin's Set
Rare items
  • Solid Plissken pet
  • Ektope Set
  • Rushu’s Shushu Pet
  • Rushu’s Shushu Pet + Al Howin's Set

And if luck is truly with you, you might even walk away with Al Howin's Set, and Rushu's Shushu Pet, and the Solid Plissken Pet, AND the Ektop set, all wrapped up under one bow!

Try your luck! The Mystery Box is only available until tomorrow, Sunday, October 26, at 23:45 (EST)!

To open your Mystery Box, go to your pending gifts page!

OOppss, meant to post in town square.

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Since some people got confused about what the Al Howin's set actually looks like, here's a pic:


Credits go to Grifouma. This picture was taken from his/her message in the French Dofus forum thread about these mystery gift boxes.

Edited by oO--four-eyes--Oo

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They're back.


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Aww, I didn't even know about this. :(

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