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Most iconic players

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Zrednic, awesome Enu and was prominent in the community.

Imdrago Sadida, hated for lvlg on rats, stayed top ranked for a long time, also crafted and maged for free. ( rumours of a comeback?)

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I remember Zrednic! He was an awesome guy. Helped me a lot with turkey breeding. :D

MD93GlO - Imgur.png

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Oh yeah Zrednic and the omni enu team. Never knew him but it was fun to watch him build his team and try to AP mage everything. Sad that he quit when they made enu chest 1 per fight.

Edited by Pkuboat

200 Iop -- Pku
200 Enu -- Showboat
200 Eni -- Scam
199 Sram -- Hubris

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Syally, highest kolosseum ranked osa on Aermyne (that doesnt say much but still) back in the day. She wore full class set and kicked ass with it and thought newbie me the ways of the osa when she saw I was struggling. Best teacher a new player could ever hope for.

When the entire guild made the switch to Rushu she stayed behind and I unfortunately haven't heard of her since...

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  • iconic fun player. I never found a guild that had enough players like him in it.


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The memories
Nostalgia is a hell of a drug

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13x Loud Intelligence Ecaflip: The-Disco Proud Member of Chance

10x Chance Panda: Drunkurd

4x Strength Sram: Kranberry

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Beta/Rushu player here. This thread brought back a lot of nostalgia for me so I tried remembering all my friends with which I spent hundred of hours playing. If I forgot someone, don't take it personally since I played only 1 (later 2) characters and played with a lot of people. 


The people who defined my Dofus experience:

- First of all, the 2 people that I played most with were Maltese-Killer and TavioN (Nornir). We hanged out every day. These 2 have a special place both in my Dofus career and in my heart.


- Next coming up, the crew of Veledia, Miralda and QTPie who took my noob ass in their squad. Veledia taught me how to play Dofus well. I absolutely loved these guys and remember killing QT in pvp over and over again when we were bored. I never understood why people hated on Vel (I was 14 at the time), he was always super nice to me.


- Youbutsu - we met when he took me to Royal Jellies and helped me get my gear. I was level 8X, he was 142. I remember it like it was yesterday. We crossed paths several times and years of him trying to get me in Blank. I finally conceded about 6 months before I quit for good.


- Kinetic - I loved how goofy he was. He gave me his sac when he quit. This was my first alt.


- DREVlD & Xerath - my 2 British Xelor friends who were great friends. 


Friends who I played with, who I think are iconic players (in no particular order):

- Six-T-Nine

- xXRamboPLXx

- Giallorossi

- Simbi

- Shujou

- Nilux

- Satanicwarmaster

- Tasuja & Erifu

- Shirei & Jhereg (Taliron)

- SambaTraube & Darkchlor

- Grishnkackh

- Legend-J

- Streva


People who I played with rarely/met in PvP/guildmates/didn't play with:

- -Mmm

- Cheska / OMA

- OscarLey

- Brent

- Alldayi

- Samah

- Hiroe


- ChadR

- Luciferz

- StevieG

- Jonah

- Swelte

- Neddy

- TwoFingers

- DubbelDum

- Castor-Troy

- xnbxt

- DepecheMode

- BattleKJ / Oleander

The list can probably go on forever, but I'm having a hard time remembering nicknames. 🙂 


The guilds I was part of:

- Justice (I think this was the original before it fell apart between Ywehc/Simbi/PoD and Shujou?) 

- Obsidian (this was were I landed after Justice fell apart)

- Love

- Revolution (it was short but sweet)

- Storm Troopers (I think I was in ST the longest)

- Power (got pulled in by Veledia, Kinetic, Nilux and Erifu) 

- Blank (youbutsu and Malt pulled me in and youb gave me Tanig to try and keep me in the game). The period in Blank was my favourite period of the game, although people already started quitting and Dofus was changing from the roots.

19X beta eca.

200 eni.

200 osa.

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RamboPL goes without saying ... I remember Darkchlor, Six-T-Nine and Legend-J from your list as well.


-MMM/OOO will always be remembered as either revolutionizing the game ... or ruining it... depending on your thoughts of multi-account.

Samah always seemed to be on the cutting edge of builds.



Lol ... I remember having a guild rivalry with "Church of BattleKj" on Rushu ... never liked him because of that 😄


Retired chars

<Shika> Purinsinian, Orko, Cadabra

<Rushu> Purinova, Altorova, Haersin

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I'll join the necro party here!


These are some legends that inspired me on my way up on the game.


Odiegood/baddog? iop - I think we were essentially enemies but he was a decent sort to chat with.

Vivi - inspired me to make a wisdom xelor

Jseu - Long talks about xelor play and development. Without each other I think we both would've scrubbed.

oOoAmonoOo - Good guy and helped me with guild leadership. I sponsored this guys tailor.

Skye - I think he was the original wisdom xelor. He even had that high level hat that had like 50 max wisdom and actually looked like a xelor.

Maltese-killer - A lot of talks about maging with this guy. I spent a lot of time on rushu talking to him and discussing maging.

Essenceofsuperiority - Probably the worst sram in the first goultarminator. However he was always higher level than everyone and was absolutely terrifying to fight.

old-nick - Fuck that guy


I'm sure there is more, but these people probably pushed me more than most. Or helped me develop.


These are some friends that I truely miss.


Meemah - My first dofus wife. I miss running gobbal dungeon with her.

Alexie-skye - My 2nd dofus wife. Lost track of her 10 years ago. We led guilds together. Completed everything in game together. Her encouragement helped me when I was depressed. She also gave me seed money for exo maging. Without her I never would've been able to.

Cyv - I married her in real life. We still are together. However her impact on my team and my shitty laptop helped me grow as a player.

Mac-gyver - Introduced me to cyv. Would spend countless hours chatting with him. Helped me learn professions when I was a baby xelor.

Megaquake - Just a good friend for chats. Real name was Rowan. I named my son after him.

I'll just fire off a bunch of names I remember fondly. Frizel, namhcir, sosen-eihei, twisted, ferrocyanide, pantaleo, morganobree, acey, leafie, fickle-mistress, meros-blood, so many more I cant remember...


This game was more about the friendship along the way, I remember that so much more than anything I accomplished. I stayed because of the friends I made and come back hoping to find them.

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Once upon a time I used to mage.


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Ohh the nostalgia!


This old thread made me download Dofus Touch today.

I miss all of the Rushu people and the great times we had! <3



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find me eithaeyr from shika ---> nihil SIC ty


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On 12/4/2015 at 6:19 AM, Unintended said:

Sram: ... DameDatte, ...

Now there's a name I haven't heard in a long time. 

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On 1/10/2021 at 3:04 PM, Riv said:

Now there's a name I haven't heard in a long time. 

But I miss timbone the most ;____;




Free Shield Smith Services!




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TFW TWF didn't miss you. 😭

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Rakshen o3o

#1 Bluff-only Eca, earliest high level swordsmith, longtime friend before Dofus' 2005 beta.

Edited by -Sydney-

Art by Nomie


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I have two iconic players. 

First, Swatch-Guard. He inspired me to create an Agility Xelor.

Second, Shelor. Shelor was an amazing guild leader on Rosal. Leader of the great guild called Heaven Knights which I had the luck of being a part of.


Nowadays on Echo, Heaven Knights still exists and I'm a proud member. 

Edited by Dian-Light

Still a proud member of Heaven Knights on Echo!

My YouTube channel: Wesmaster

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Oto Mustam Iconic Players:


Cra: Hardcore-Heaven - Would run BR for a lot of the English community. Eventually became dominant member in In Memory Of after Murder InC early days.


Austin - Jake's younger brother. He would lead a secondary English guild during Murder InC prime. It was more laidback, but still had a reputation.


Tiwi - A well known Canadian English/French speaker. Always used cra in many different endeavors and would be at the center of attention on the server whether it was in a positive or negative light.


Faruz-Lyte - Well known English player way early on in the era of the server. He would be very active in the old Oto Mustam forums when it had its own before closing down.


Jumpermina - More primarily known on the server Rushu. However, he has taken a big step on Oto Mustam, and went through the hoops.


Stubby - Old school cra that eventually had a big place in Afk. 


Ecaflip: Darky - A veteran to the class and well respected at In Memory Of.


Eniripsa: Lordseymour - Arguably the best PvMer on the PvP oriented server. One of the only few French players that had a positive impact on the English community. He also had a natural talent on the server diplomacy meaning he would be able to solve conflicts of different parties, bring new ideas, and lead to other perspectives. He was everywhere.


Iop: War-Alc - Also known as Marci. Leader of the guild In Memory Of. It was once a 50/50 English/French guild and later became more predominantly a French guild. Extremely skilled in large scale PvP plans.


Ironaxeman - Leader of the very well known English community guild Murder InC, especially during the early stages of the server. This guild gave birth to many iconic English prospects. Led the English community in the early era. 


Mag (Magina) -1st English player to reach 200 on Oto Mustam.


Foamingatthemouth - 2nd English player to reach 200 I think? Definitely 2nd on the Iop in the early era. He would wear the Mopy Set to 200.


Sturridge - Gave birth to the guild Rise which would be a strong standing secondary English guild to Conspiracy Theory. He would be around the first 3rd English Iop player to reach 200 or at least in the top 5 for the class.


Aphro - An Iop main for many ongoing years and mainly used it for PvP purposes. He would go on to be one of the core members of the guild The Asylum.


Burd - He was also another prominent member in PvP of the well known guild The Asylum.


Stouch - One of the main leaders of The Asylum. He would go on to make many controversies on the server headlines.


Avery - One of the first English female players that took the server more seriously.  Sister to Jake and Austin who would help in growing Austin's guild.


Miso-Heart - Iop main who would have lot of influence especially in Murder InC.


Yamaha (Yam) - Overly dedicated to lumberjacking, crafting, and maging. He had some feats in other aspects.


Osamodas: Charlie - A key component to many key guilds in the early era of Murder Inc, The Asylum, Murder InC, etc. Knew the heart and mechanics of vitality osas inside out.


Flawless (Sleaz) - One of the fastest English aggroers without cheating. Had dead and alive osas as main throughout most of the server generations.


Jake - One of the highest level English Osas and for a long period of time in the early era of the server. A long standing member of Murder InC climbing through the ranks and eventually making his own guilds with a strong standing. Afk was one of them. He is also rumored to be Zezima on Runescape who was once number 1 on the ladder for a long time.


Skarit - In the final stages of Oto Mustam. He would be the most dedicated Perceptor defender making him a very reliable person to count on. Chance osa was his calling.


Ester-Osa - A Brazilian player that would dedicate a lot of time into Osa PvPing. He later would transition into the strongest Brazilian guild on the server known as Brazuckas.


Pandawa: Crunchiee - One of the most well-rounded English speaking players that achieved many great things. Led the highest level English guild Conspiracy Theory on the server at 156. Led the English community in the early to middle era.  Made huge highlights in LGN alliance which had lot of influence on the server on and off periodically. Won many key fights as a strength panda with pandattacks. One of the first English players to reach Frigost 3.


Rohn (John) - Made great advances in its PvP mechanics. He unfortunately met his end of glory after a tragic 199 unncessary death at Otomai Grassy Plains in a AvA plan. He would go on to have great influence on Shika's server atmosphere, particularly in AvA.


Rogue: Miio - Also known as James. He would be one of the first English pioneers of this class who fell in love with it at first sight and master it over a long period. His other alias Rumorz would be his osa that most would address him on.


Sacrier: Moonagi (Supersaiyan) - One of the best and highest leveled sacriers. Led the English community in the middle to late era. He would begin his guild franchise of Moon Brigade which would eventually carry on with influence to Shadow, Illyzaelle, and Thanatena.


Phil - He was Crunchiee's in real life brother and learned a lot about heroic. He produced massive amount of characters after mastering sacrier. Took part in many different AvA and group PvP plans and usually took charge during them. He was born with the condition of epilepsy. He developed a natural fighter's strength and applied it to the game as well. After countless of unexpected seizures, he would unfortunately pass away in mid October of 2020. Remembered by different heroic server generations, his presence will be missed by many.


Templii - A Frenchman with up to 20 merchants filled with all sorts of gear and resources sorted by category per character. He would have almost everything you were looking for on 1-2 of marketplace maps. The value of items would be much more higher than usual, but at the price of relaxing convenience.


Whyyousophunny (Phunny) - More known in the late stages of the server. He played very fast and knew what he was doing on the class. Especially when it came to the agility build, despite the constant changes.


Flubberpoes - Had a big part in Claude's alliance and was part of heavy controversy in some incidents. 


Sadida: Pinky-Professions - Also known as Eric. Strong strength sadida and one of the most passionate job collectors for the English. He would rush his professions extremely fast and a long time veteran.


Ignore - Top tier sadida in PvP.  Later era in the server.


Sram: Raysns - Smart player especially with the placement of traps. PvPs a lot with Crunchiee.


Jermz (Jermain) - Always had the right passion and commitment to sram, especially in PvP. He had a certain aura where he would make people feel strongly in certain ways. He also had a considerable reputation on Solar with his sram Illegal early on that server.

Edited by Bochi

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