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Best items to level shoemaker ?

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10000 percs @ tree forest and craft Treeboots? :)

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Are you a miner? The methods I used/am using are best if you can get your own ore. Also what level are you at? :)

I got Miner 100.. my Shoemaker is 82 now :)

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Those are the hard levels, working on 85 wand maker, none of the higher level stuff is good for leveling en masse. Here's a nice calculator site that might help decide for you:


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I know of several people who spammed the crap out of Nelween to level professions, as its so easy to kill and gives you higher slot items to craft. Otherwise Faillette boots, suggested on wiki, seem like a pretty cheap option too.





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Jelliboots are amazing xp :o

And you'll get MP runes. I would also recommend jelliboots :)

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