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ArchMonster Souls Needed, Selling, and trading

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Hello Everyone,

This post is a list of Arch Monsters that i am still looking for. I am willing to buy/trade and at the bottom you will see a list of souls that i have available. If you are interest please message me in game. Lord-Rekop / Ayron-Arciere / Recovery-Word /Master-Pandatak

I am looking these Arch Souls

1. Chukoalak the Norris

2. Dregguantico the Trainer

3. Edvushmunch the Screamer

4. Fisheralf the Stewart

5. Floratio the Investigator

6. Follikoko the Tufted

7. Grabbit the Runner

8. Jackoalak the Moonwalker

9. Kanarrie the Reckless

10. Kannirlotte the Shy

11. Kitsouie the Green

12. Koalakropolis the King of the Hill

13. Koalarchitect the Balancing Force

14. Koaldman the Garish

15. Koelloggs the Creator

16. Leorio the Haunted

17. Mamankalak the Bibliomaniac

18. Miomaho the Siciliano

19. MoMaho the Modernist

20. Mushuliet the Catapulet

21. Nidsally the Mushtang

22. Pandahl the Rolled

23. Pandipoopik the Wondrous

24. Pandoracle the Opposing Force

25. Pandumonium the Joker

26. Pikhoven the Deaf

27. Piralhaka the Intimidator

28. Pocher the Kingponger

29. Popoalak the Mousibrown

30. Romush the Montecchi

31. Roy the Rover

32. Snailmetalika the Garagician

33. Sparodi the Python

34. Spimushketeer the Loyal

35. Tanaked the Stalker

36. Tanno the Dominator

37. Tanukhiraru the Gifted

38. Tanukhuina the Drawer

39. TanuKiki the Deliveryghost

40. Treekalack the Sad

41. Trumpaynor the Survivor

42. Yoksai the Spirited

Arch Souls that i am Selling/Trading

1. Bandinamit the Explosive

2. Dragamemnon the Deadtroyer

3. Dreggaton the Latino

4. Dreggooliz the Macho

5. Dreggooniz the Adventurous

6. Jelleno the Chinny

7. Jellvis the King

8. Roseanne the Yanker

9. Snapple the Wise

10. Sparodi the Python

11. Tofulsom the Jailer

--------------------(( Updated anytime I get a soul that i need ))-------------------

Edited by Ayron88

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Hello Everyone, you can now find all my Arch monsters for sale at my Merchant Jackofall-Trades at [-3,0] I am selling all my souls for 80kk EACH. Hurry its first coem first serve

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