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Ashen Lepus Recruitment

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Guild: Ashen Lepus

Leaders: Maddness, a fire sac and Juniiper, a summon/heal sadi, we're lvl 120's. IRL they are a couple in their 20's working on their dreams, Wakfu is their gaming escape of choice.

About: We are stargazers, dreamers, and romantics but grounded in trodden land. Named after the rabbit constellation, Ashen Lepus is laid back guild looking to create a fun and relaxing gaming experience.
We are aiming to build a community of like minded players and we are available to help new players get into the game. We don't have a set routine yet, but we will aid with runs and drops. We plan to get regular dungeon runs going once we have more active members.

Members: We have over 130 members with times of 20+ people on even smile.gif. We are recruiting all levels, and have extra adventure sets for those just starting out. We'd love for you to stick around! We also have recently been starting to mow down some more UB's like Black crow and mog.
Member Ranking

★Bow Meow
All new members start out as Bow Meows and do not have access to chests.

-With 500 Guild Points* members receive the rank of Yeomen and are given access to the Public Guild Chests**. Due to GP capping out, Yeomen rank may also be achieved by donating 25,000 Resource Points*.

*Guild Points, or GP are achieved by accepting and completing Guild Quests (top tab of guild interface). You can also gain 2 GP for each fight you win while in a group with another guild member. GP currently caps out at 7500 a week (you can see it in the same tab).
**Guild Chest 2 and House Chest 2 and 3 are public for members of Yeomen rank or higher. The first Guild Chest and first House Chest are for valuables that only the Guild Master and Second in Command have access to, such as sets, prizes, quests, donations and commissions. Anything left in these spaces may be used, sold, crushed or deleted.
*Resource Points, or RP are gained by dropping resources into the Great Harvester (which is found next to the Guild doors in the Haven World). Points are counted by one RP per level of the item. For example, Hazel Wood is level 10, so one = 10 RP, 10 = 100 RP, etc. Guild members are expected to regularly drop their unwanted materials into the harvester, but if you are buying Yeomen rank (or raffle tickets), Maddness or Juniiper need to be handed the FULL AMOUNT of 25000RP so it can be officially counted. It does not need to be one type of resource, but let us know how many spaces to have open.

Active members will receive the rank of Squire with 1000 GP.

Devoted members will receive the rank of Knight with 2000 GP and a donation of 5000 kamas*.
*Item donations are taken into consideration, as well as donations given through guild events.

For each member rank up you will receive a prize for your loyal contribution, every +1000GP hit after Knight, you will receive a prize.

Yeomen 500 GP: 250 kamas and a pet (bow meow or wodent)
Squire 1000 GP: Consumables pack. It includes 6 stocks of breads, buffs and candies.
Knight 2000 GP: 50 osa powder and 3 krosboxes.
-3000 GP: Deco Haven Gem and 1 prestige krosbox
-4000 GP: Well and Kit Display Window
-5000 GP+: Awesome stuff, that has yet to be determined.

Job Ranking
Jobs are volunteer positions. Members who volunteer their time and help are given distinguishing ranks for their effort. Job ranks have access to the public guild chests and still receive prizes based on their GP contribution. To apply, PM Maddness or Juniiper in game or post on the guild forum.

Members who have taken up the role of enlisting and screening new recruits. They are given invite rights and are to direct new members to the forums, explain rules and answer any questions they may have.
Limit: 5 Requirements: Yeomen rank or higher.

Members who have taken up the role of stocking the guild with needed items such as; keys, bread, KenKO, etc.
Limit: 8 Requirements: Must be able to provide crafts that are needed.

Members who help organize dungeon runs and keep communication open in the forum.
Limit: 3 Requirements: Character level of at least 100. Yeomen rank or higher. Access to Teamspeak server.

Special Ranking

★Custom Rank: Duke of Dance
Given to the member with the most Guild Points. A custom rank of 15 characters may be chosen, but it must also follow the ranking theme and not out rank GM or SiC in principal. Limit: 1

Given to the member who has contributed the most kamas to the guild. Limit: 1

Given to members who have contributed something of great value or use to the guild. Chosen at GM/SiC discretion.

★The Greedy Tsar
Second in command, or SiC. Unattainable. (Maddness)

★Princess Bloom
Guild Master, or GM. Unattainable. (Juniiper)

Rules: Our rules are more like guide lines, all our current members are very respectful and we wouldn't kick someone unless they were to actively cause trouble (absolutely no bullying allowed). 1) Have fun. 2) Treat others how you want to be treated. 3) Please do not PK guild mates in a way that hinders their gaming experience (too aggressive/frequent). 4) Try to keep profanities to a minimum. 5) Plant and harvest to your heart's content but please leave the Haven World the way you found it. Mad and Juni ran all over the nations to find a variety of every harvest so you can always find seeds, don't pick them all without replanting please smile.gif

Guild Bonuses: +35 HP, +10% fire/earth/air/water resist , +10% crafting xp, +10% fire/earth/air/water dmg,+5 PP, +5 wisdom, 40 slot guild chest and two 5 slot house available for use by Yeomen+ rank.+1 kit skill counting down Next: going back for dodge/lock

Haven World: We own a Haven World on Wabbit Island right on the other side of dragoturkey when you get off the boat ^^ We have all the gathering profession work benches, guild hall, lab, 14 forest, 7 crop fields all the trees, plants and crops and some interactive areas. Have all gathering and crafting profession tables installed throughout the Haven world, some at the lab, some in houses just take a look around and marvel at the wonderful job Juni does with the HW design :3

Lab 2 progress:
600k/600k Kamas
1.3m/2.0m Resources

Any donations are welcome, but you do not have to ^^ HW chest that gives res points is always a good way to clear some space in your inventory tho ^^
Welcome, bring your friends, stay a while and have fun wink.gif
PM Maddness or Juniiper for an invite or leave a message on the forum and we'll add you as soon as we can. Alternate Invite contacts: Visitor/Visetor/Visiter, Danceswitshovel/Trafalgar Law, Verotaur/Esmond, Ever le Feu, Jhan/Cervani

That Xelor Doe.

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