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Noob solar

Noob's Profession List

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Here is a listing of 100 Profs that I have, I don't mind making a item but im not going to mage it and no im not going to sit there for 45min while u ask me what runes you need to mage you're gob cape
I don't really have a set price on what I charge if u pm me 90times its MORE KAMAS!!!!!!! and who knows maybe im nice and do it for free*probably not*

Tailor 100
Shoemaker 100

Jeweler 100
Miner 100

Lumberjack 100
Farmer 100

Baker 100
Handyman 100
Shovel Smith 100

Staff Carver 100

Sword Smith 100

Dagger Smith 100
Hunter 100
Bucher 100

Alchemist 100

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