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Set for lvl 200 hybrid cra...

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Hello all,

I have been away from dofus for a while, but before quitting i was about to buy my cra a Cb set ( combined with some other equips which i really cant remember)... But now after coming back I figure that there might be better sets for a hybrid cra (int/agi/cha is the most appealing to me), and I would like to know ur opinon for the best current set ( so many new crazy sets available!!!)for a hybrid lvl 200 cra... The requirements for this set would be without exo mage and ochre ( a tuq can be used), thats because as im going to possibly be 3 element hybrid, i will have to spend a lot of money on spell scrolls and stat scrolls.

If there is anything i haven't clarified, please ask me as I might have forgotten to put some important information you guys might require to help me built this new set.

Thx all for spending ur time reading this and contributing / helping

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Only good set for hybrid and covering 3 elements wil be Frig 3 , Treadfast set only problem is it takes some1 to get you tru this can be a friend or a leech(means you gotta pay)

This set wil cost you greatly but is worth the money, Its easy to combine with both cb rings + sword for nice ap bonus wich wil get you 10ap w/o any problem.

If you cant afford this set yet you beter stick with cb or go 1 or 2 elements but not 3.

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