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Wikia Update - Set Items [Requires Updating]

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I tried editing the entire list of associated recipes for a single item (mastogobbly ear), but then I had the difficulty that ingame, and on the dofus site, items aren't listed in alphabetical order. This makes it harder to check in which recipes the item is added or removed.

PS: I didn't even complete the stupid ear. I was too annoyed with scrolling up and down.

If anybody has a tip to tackle this ;-)

The best approach I always found was to simply copy out the items from the IG list, then copy and paste the list into something like Microsoft Excel and sort it alphabetically, before pasting it back onto the page. It's a little longer than simply copying from the IG stuff, but it saves a lot of time (especially for some of the huge recipes lists).

Download file: .RAR | .ZIP - Updated Links: Using Google Drive... May say 'File is unavailable' on Firefox - just cross the message off and select File -> Download.

BUGFIX: I've updated a bug where it removed the bracket after splitting from ')' - e.g. 'Water|Water (item)' would become '* [[Water|Water (item]]'. Please update to this version. Sorry :mellow:

Extra Tip: Using a tool such as DiffChecker can be useful for checking down the list. Items that have 'Hidden recipes' should be added in the 'Changed Text' section (this is where I put the program output) to compare to the Wikia page list (I put this in 'Original Text'). With this method, I was able to find mistakes of a user confusing 'Royal Tofu Feather' with 'Royal Pingwin Feather' and removed all lines that contained this item then updated their recipes.


Source files included for those who might want to improve it or check for any malicious code B-) If you do improve something, feel free to post it back here.

1. Background Information

Well, after being bored (of dying to Missiz Freezz several times) I read your posts and came across the same problem when adding stuff. Originally, I made a very basic tool to add '* [[ ]]' around each line of a text file - but I still had to remove existing lines of text that had this and re-organise stuff manually in Excel (as Malignous pointed out).

Expanding on this idea, I decided to make a simple program/tool that would automatically separate 'items' based on these following (what I call) separators:

  • , (comma) - Used in a list to separate each item when copied directly from the Dofus site
  • * (star) - Used as a bullet point on Wiki for a list of items. This is only if the line starts with this or it's after an existing separator - e.g. '* Grilled Kralove ****' won't have its stars removed.
  • [, [[, ]], ] (opening and closed square brackets) - Used for starting and closing a link to an item on Wiki
  • ) (closed bracket) - Used for specific items, e.g. '* Water|Water (item)'
  • \n (new line) - Used as a new line operator in a piece of text

2. Limitations

By all means, this program is probably far from perfect and has it's limitations due to it being purely based on the text that you input into a field. That's right, it doesn't confirm anything for you or even state if there were any errors (as I'm a fairly noobish programmer ;)) due to the difficulties involved in doing so. However, I have tested it with a fair amount of data and can say that it might be useful to those who wish to quickly transform a list of text into the Wiki format; whilst removing duplicates and sorting it in alphabetical order. I've tried to make it fix standard human errors that might occur, but some are too annoying to work around so it's up to you to look for errors. As long as you don't go totally crazy with the way you enter the list, it should function 99% (unless the format changes) of the time.

It's been written with the Java programming language, though I'm not 100% guaranteed which version you require or how to run it if double-clicking doesn't work (on Windows) - so just upgrade to the latest version if you haven't already via this link - here - and see if it opens. If not, and you want to try it out, Google.

Linux users... I believe you open the Terminal, 'cd' (change directory) to the location of the .jar file and type 'java -jar DofusWikiSorter.jar'.

The program has been tested on my own machine - with both Windows 7 64-Bit and a dual-boot version (Wubi) of Ubuntu - and I'll ask a friend or two to run it on theirs to see if it works.

Known Bugs - Some of these are probably unable to be fixed due to the current way it has been designed to function.

  • 'Hidden recipe' entries: This is mainly due to totally forgetting about this and not taking into consideration the way it's written in Wiki. As this would probably interfere with the way the separators work AND it isn't really used that often in pages, I'll leave this problem within the program but point it out here so whoever is using it is aware.

    The output that you should expect to see for something such as: '* [[Kat Cap]] (''[[Hidden recipe]]'')'

    ...would be:

    * [['')]]

    * [[('']]

    * [[Hidden recipe]]

    * [[Kat Cap]]

    N.B. The best advice I can probably give for this issue is to just add 'Hidden recipe' entries manually within the Wiki editor or when using a comparison tool - such as DiffChecker - mentioned earlier.. Generally, these are already on the page since they won't be listed on the Dofus site or within the in-game recipes - so avoid inputting it within the Sort program.

  • Items that contain commas in them: Well, after randomly looking around for large lists to sort to continue testing the program, I stumbled across the following items:

It's pretty obvious that the items listed above will be split incorrectly due to the comma separator unfortunately being situated within the item name...

...the output you should expect to see for these would be:

* []

* [[New Model]]

* [[sale Model]]

* [[special Model]]

* [[standard Model]]

Another thing to look out for, I guess <_<

3. Screenshots

Enough blabber, here are some screenshots of the program in action.

  • Main Interface


  • Copying a List from Dofus Site


  • Pasting this List into the Program


  • Pressing the 'Sort' Button


    After this, you can press the 'Copy!' button to copy this to your clipboard.

    Note: Some of these items are new. One item - 'Feanor Improvement Potion' is listed on Wiki but you'll find the 'e' in 'Feanor' has a special character (whereas the list copied from the Dofus site doesn't). This is one of the few things you'll have to correct manually.

  • Opening a List from a .txt file (or any Plain Text file - I think... Things like .doc or .rtf either don't work or return nasty output)

    Assuming you have a .txt file laying around with a list of items that need to be sorted, you can open it via the program by clicking the 'Open File...' button.

    This brings up the following interface:


    Note: The contents of this file can be found here if you want something to try out. The program only reads what's in the text file you opened and won't overwrite anything once sorted.

  • List from Text File being Sorted


    The contents of this text file has a bunch of duplicate entries with spaces all over the place. As long as the item name stays within the separators listed earlier and hasn't got extra spaces and/or differences in capitalisation (e.g. 'Celestial Bearbarian Headdress' and 'Cele stial bearbarian Headdress' will not be the same), it'll be classified as a duplicate value and only be added once.

    For Example:


    All of these entries listed here will end up as one entry - '* [[Celestial Bearbarian Headdress]]' - after being sorted.

    However, entering (without quotes):

    "Celestial Bearbarian Headdress Celestial Bearbarian Headdress,"

    ...would result in:

    "* [[Celestial Bearbarian Headdress Celestial Bearbarian Headdress]]"

    ...due to no separator being found after the first 'Celestial Bearbarian Headdress'. Simply inserting both on a separate line, having a comma after the first 'Headdress' or following the other separator 'rules' would keep it as one entry.

4. End Notes

As you can see, the program has its uses and limitations but, for the most part, can make the task of sorting these items a lot faster. After looking at the Dofus site, I made it accept the comma list format as it seems a lot quicker than manually typing out each item from the game: so thanks to 'koentjuh1' for making me take a look at how they show their 'Used to craft' feature... The only problem is their search feature being a little crappy, but you get used to it :rolleyes:

I haven't really tried it out for other purposes besides 'Recipes' - which doesn't really work and needs minor adjustments due it involving numbers. Ah well, try it out and improve on it if you like~

# Nerd

Edited by Nerd
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Links have been updated to Google Drive as the other seems to have expired.


Bugfix: To anyone who may have already downloaded this, delete the previous version and update to the one in the post again as there was a minor bug in there... Hopefully it's the last one since there's no auto-updater :unsure:

Edited by Nerd

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