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Ankama shield keeps deactivating itself?

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Hey guys, ill sum up the situation pretty quickly.

Basically, when the shield first came out i was quick to use it seeing as it would save my accounts from hackers and what not, and it's been absolutely fine up until about 2 weeks ago. I logged on to the game to find out my 8 characters weren't activated anymore, and I assumed it was simply a glitch or something, so I just activated them again no problem. But I went to log in today, and found the shield had been turned off yet AGAIN, and it made me a little nervous, so I went on to the actual website, and no one had been on the accounts except me during the time I didnt play.

So I reactivated my accounts yet again and played normally, and just now when I went to log in again I found the shield had been turned off yet again, and now im just a little pissed off. Has anyone else gotten this, or know how I can fix it?

When I logged on to the website it said my laptop was still assigned to all my accounts, yet I needed to keep activating the shield, which is just getting frustrating.

Any thoughts or tips guys?


Nomez - 200 Sram


Leader of Ascendance

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