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Dolly aka Blake is back ^_^

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Well, after what seemed to be forever , i have returned! in fact i have been back a few weeks but never got round to announcing im here [ lol] , Some of shikans know me as gobb-king, but most know me as Dolly-Chick or my real name Blake.

When quitting before, i rescinded all my chars with the intention of never playing again, i handed chars back to previous owners and my own accounts i gave to close friends, i went and played World of Warcraft for awhile but decided i needed to play a game more relaxed and calmer than a many hour raid night many nights a week fiasco that it WOW lol.

So i came back, i remade Dolly-Chick who is now after a few weeks about to ding 190, i also made a sacrier, Sac-Chick to support my return, and its nice to see a few old names back on my friends list, but there are still others im sure i have missed out on my return. so Please, if you remember me, and wish to rekindle old friendships or just want to say hey after all this time, add my char/s and id love to hear from you.

Feels great to be back and i wish you all the best in Frigost, and beyond,

Yours dofusingly

Dolly~ <3


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o i remember u from IR... I was uhh, maybe Cruel when you were playing.. idk was a longass time ago when I was a srs nob. :D Wb anyways! :)

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amggg Dolly~...dolly bird e.e?

or...dolly chick...>_> or is that the same person?

think not....

welcome back u.u

"Married to Guinn"
Realmage -
200, Kalipty - 200, Shubbles - 200, Guinn - 197
Shichiro - 146, Kyakai - 34, Ceatherine - 4, Aelis - 6
~Narrated Dofus Dungeon Videos~
~My Youtube Channel~

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