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War Room Regulations


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Welcome to the War Room; a place to lay down the battle plans and unite with your fellow Wakfusians for a common goal. Looking to destroy a foul beast deep inside a dark dank dungeon? Want help hunting down those fools that wreck the ecosystem? Is it time to find a new guild that is more in touch with the kind of player you are?

Well then, post it here! The War Room is basically the recruitment channel of the forums. Dungeon runs, group hunts, guild searches, and things of that nature can be posted here in order to find other players who want the same.

Note: This forum can be a general discussion area for your specific server, but the moderators reserve the right to move topics elsewhere if they apply to a broader audience (i.e., a question about where to find Quills would go into the Club Wakfu forum).

Also, *please* make sure you're in the right server's forum!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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