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del Monte

Crafting Service

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Since apparently crafters on Solar are scarce, I've decided to let everyone know that they can count on me.

I have all crafting professions (tailor/jeweler/shoemaker/handyman/shield smith and every weapon smith/carver) at lvl 100. I charge 50kk per one craft on all professions except handyman (price negotiated individually) and shield smith (8-slot shields and trophies cost 100kk). Team America members get their crafts for free.

I also have access to all mages, but maging for other people is too time consuming and sometimes frustrating for my liking. So if you really want to have your items maged by me you need to accept that this is a very expensive service (price negotiated individually).

You have to provide your own mats/runes/potions. If I have spare time I might take up some orders for items and sets (price negotiated individually, although cheaper than comparable items at sellrooms).

Leave a message here, send a message on Ankamabox, or PM me in-game on Defacto/Saeca/Bequickorbedead/Courrier.

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