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Emerald/Plum Confusion?

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Hey Imps,

Currently cant seem to wrap my head around this situation.... Ive recently gotten a Emerald/Plum Mount for my Cra and when i equip it. something strange happens.

First off, id just like to say my cra is strength build standard Broucey, Xa Cloak, Eroclite, Punchinellos Mask and Youyettes and a Soft Oak ring.... now comes the wierd part... in this set i have 10ap and 4mp right. But as soon as i equip the mount it un-equips the Xa Cloak and the mp jumps to 6mp??? when clearly i had only 4 and the mount gives +1??

Am i missing something or have i forgotten about the new limitations on AP/MP/Range?

Any helpf will suffice, thanks. Again sorry if this is a nub question...

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Today Almanax bonmus is doubled effects of mounts. So 1mp mount gives 2mp, 100 vit from mount becomes 200.....etc etc. So yeah, just wait 70 mins for new day.

Worst Kimbo in the arena team you have ever seen. Proud member of Die with me at Kralove team. Bankrunnerwhenbusy...lvl 10 int osa, Mewitchudie...lvl 10 str sadida, Cowgirlfarmer...lvl 2x str sadida, Raztakajakjama level 10 xelor. Guild: Twisted Empire.

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I was also surpriced by it ^_^

Main: Byon[Ilyzaelle] ~40 cra


Retired ZATOÏSWAN team

Unlucky-kat, 200 ecaflip, Unlucky-miner, 200 enutrof, Rainbow-heaven, 199 eniripsa, Swedee, 19x panda, Unlucky-knight, 18x Iop and Queenofsummons, 18x osa



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Oh my gosh peeps i just realised this as i posted the topic lol, sorry for the lame post! :lol: I shoulda noticed it earlier my bad guys. I was so worried for a few minutes lol.

Thanks for the replys. :rolleyes:

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Newbie tongue.gif

Dofus 1,29 server Henual


Pantaleo lvl 195 Iop

Xiru lvl 183Sac

Syndras lvl 184 Eni

Nevah-slowdown lvl 198 Xelor

Freeztyler lvl 192 Panda
Jaclyn lvl 182 eca

Ay-papi 189 enu

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Shoulda told him he got a super rare mount that gives double bonuses

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