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Proxy Crafting Service

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I got some positive feedback on this idea from a few IV users and my guild-mates, so time to get it rolling.

I am providing an offline service for crafting that doesn't require either of us to be online in order to get your craft completed. This service is mainly marketed to those who just can't seem to ever find a crafter.

Here's how it will work.

1) You contact me via a message here or ankamabox.

2) I respond to you with the cords of my house, the location of the chest, and the chest code that is unique to you

3) You deposit the materials and payment into the chest at your convenience. Just to help communicate, feel free to drop me a note saying you did so

4) I craft the requested item and deposit it in the same chest. I will drop you a return note when the craft is complete

5) You pick up your craft(s) at your convenience

I'm practically on every day at some point, so this may be possible within 24 hours of request time.

Some known concerns:

1) You'd have to trust me in order to use this service. I've been around a LONG time and will tell you I'm 100% trustworthy, but if you have concerns, feel free to contact me or choose not to use the service

2) I have to be extra careful in tracking which chest codes belong to which customer (obviously if I fek it up, I need to reimburse you the cost of the mats or purchase you an equivalent item)

3) I can only do 5 customer crafts at a time (# of chests limits me) though I don't see this being a problem as demand probably isn't that high

4) fek maging, sorry! ( :D )

5) I only do 8 slot crafts as I would rather you give the exp for 7 slots and less to others who are trying to level. I will do less than 8 only if you can't find anyone that needs the experience.

6) I won't be doing gathering orders at this time unless it's something smaller such as "100 of <x>" or "10 of <y>". I'm not going to do "10,000 of <x>". So feel free to contact me if you need 10 elm or 100 dark bamboo, 100 bauxite, etc...

Here are my 100 professions and pricing (assuming 8 slots of crafting):

Gathering - Pricing TBD. Not sure how to price anything here. We'll figure it out in messages.

  • Alchemist
  • Farmer
  • Lumberjack
  • Miner
  • Hunter


  • Baker
  • Butcher
  • Handyman - 2,000/craft. Bulk pricing can be negotiated.
  • Jeweller - 50,000/craft
  • Shoemaker - 50,000/craft
  • Tailor - 50,000/craft


  • Staff - 60,000/craft
  • Wand - 60,000/craft


  • Hammer - 60,000/craft

Thanks and hopefully this can work out to be a win-win situation!

Currently playing Eratz (1.29 version)

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.......that stuff

this is a really cool idea. good luck! I might have to do something like this for aermyne, cause there's never any crafters around, could be some good money.


Reyah: 199 Sacrier agi+cha |||Wute: 195 SuperNerfed Enutrof cha |||Twizzish: 199 1/2 crit EniripsaInt |||

|||Twizlette: 198 KamaWhore EcaflipStr/OMNI |||

||||Proud half of theDominating Minds Justice Ecaflip Duo||||


100 Handyman, 100 farmer, 100 Jeweller, 100 jewelmagus, 100 shovelsmith, 65 daggersmith, 100 dagger magus, 100 shoemaker, 100 shoemagus, 65 swordsmith, 100 sword magus, 100 tailor, 100 Costmagus, 65 staff carver, 100 staffmagus, 65 hammer smith, 100 hammermagus, 67 wand carver, 100 wandmagus, 100 miner, 9x lumberjack,100 alchemist, 3x Fisher, 4x hunter, 4x butcher,100 baker EXO's: mp(6/282) crit(1/15)ap (6/226)

Proud Aztecs SiC & Wordsmith


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