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Hey all, just need to know some info or maybe even a tactic when fighting the bounty(Frigost) Dremoan.

I have currently ran into it about 4 times and every time ends in defeat <_<

Ive yet to understand most of its spells and effects, but in the fight it seems simple till about the 4th-5th tturn when its summons the Seed.

I realised once the seed is summoned Dremoan is vulnerable for the rest of the fight, yet i dont know what activates its healing spell... because i can do the damage but not over and over and over again >.< its pointless.

If anyone can really specify what his spells do and not refer me to wiki please share, and if you know a good tactic feel free to tell me as this is getting really annoying to fight it and die every time!!?:(

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From what I remember, you have to kill it very fast once it gets vulnerable. I know bribery is not available since beginning of the fight, but at some certain moment it is (not sure if its when he gets vulnerable). I used weakness on him and dmg him with fire as much as I could, then bribery and continued damaging. When he is about to die, be sure ur further than 4 squares from the flowers (the summon i mean) or u gonna be KO dead :D

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