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The official newbie question thread!

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I feel like I should know this already, but resistance does help in PvM correct? Just wondering why everyone I talk to in game asks why my PvM characters have 30-50% in resistances. I built them for both PvM/pvp, should I make my nubs a PvM set for more damage output? I figured res helped with basic survivability in both types of combat.

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Resistance does have an impact in PvM. However, having higher damage output from a set with weaker resistance outweighs the benefits you gain from survivability. In most cases, you will have killed the enemy before a character dies due to a lack of resistance. This is further the case with a smart team composition that allows for further damage reduction or heals. 


There are certain instances where having res in PvM is useful, for example, solo quest fights or the Erazal fight. But it's normally easier just to stack these on a case by case basis with trophies or pets. 

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To add on to what Rob said, it's usually more efficient to stack damage rather than resistance on a character depending on the character's role in the fight. For example, if you're playing a tank Panda or a lock Feca, those two characters should have good resistances across the board. But if you're playing an Iop whose main job is to destroy enemies with Tumult through portals, then that Iop really only needs to have one thing: a fuckton of Int. Resistance is secondary.


Now, if you're like me and bad at this game, resistance helps you recover from fuckups because one or two spare hits you could have avoided if you played better won't doom you. But if you're actually good than you can just build for damage and delete things before they become a reasonable threat to you.


I'd still recommend adding resistance to sets though. It never hurts to be careful.

Edited by Scour

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unlike pvp where enemies can actually blitz u turn 1 with numerous attack patterns if low res, in pvm mobs are limited to approx. ~3 spells which usually have different limits (low range or minimal range, linear, # casts per turns) as well as a limited ai, so in pvm it might be possible to avoid being hit partially or fully hence making ur 50% res unnecessary in most of pvm cases (which is even more true with 2.42 endgame nerfs), so in pvm investing in dmg is usually better than sacrificing dmg for unneeded res, not to mention that a glasscannon set w/o tons of res is usually cheap (unless u have dope set with dofuses/exos/mages allowing both dmg and high res)


and also, they say best defence is offence, if u kill mob before it plays its turn (aka blitz or almost blitz) it will mean it wont have a possibility to deal dmg to ur chars at all;


but anyway since u already have a %res set and u also pvp - u don't need to change ur set into more dmg and less res - since as i said dungs are nerfed so not having top dmg isn't lethal;


tho i agree 30-50% res for every char in pvm is overkill unless u are playing full tank char like panda :^)


tldr res is not bad just not always necessary in pvm



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Awesome, thank you for the info, Ill get stuff to replace my Anerice hats/capes so I hit/heal more with the appropriate elements while fighting in PvM.

Edited by Dovahkiin

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