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Tiredness in Dragoturkey Breeding

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This bar increases whenever a mount interacts with an item in a paddock. In order to lower this bar the mount must be out of the paddock, either equipped or left in the shed. It will lose 10 points per hour, so when the bar is full it will take 24 hours to return to 0. Tiredness can also be depleted now by leaving it in the paddock. It will automatically lose tiredness as normal and will go back up once it has used the breeding items again.

Your mount gains higher stats per item use depending on how tired it is.

From the Dofus Wiki.

Does this mean that it is just as effective (or perhaps even moreso) to leave your Dragoturkeys in the paddock even at max Tiredness? From my understanding, even while in the paddock, it will lose 10 Tiredness per hour, and then gain it back by interacting with objects.

Considering that there is higher stat gain at higher levels of Tiredness, and the amount of Tiredness removed per hour doesn't change whether it's in or out of the paddock, does this mean that the most efficient way to raise Dragoturkeys is to just keep them there until the stat is where you need it to be?

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Yes, that's it.

The Wiki paragraph needs some rewording, I think, but you understood that correctly.

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In that case, I've been wasting a lot of time by taking the Dragoturkeys out to recover from their Tiredness. XD Oh well, got it now. Thanks for the answer!

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