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Spirits' Magus

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100 Shoemagus

100 Jewelmagus

100 Costumagus

( I also have 65 crafting if you need anything 1-5 slots done.)


10kk anything below 100.

20kk anything above 100.

Free maging:

I also offer free maging services for anyone who doesn't have the required kamas or when I feel like people need it, just to help out.

Feel free to come check me out when I am providing this service.


- Spirit

Leader of Compassion...

(We have cookies and milk!)


200 Sacrier, 197 Eni, 196 Feca, 192 Enutrof


100 Jewelmagus, 100 Shoemagus, 100 Costumagus


08 October 2012 at 21:33:46, Kindness has collected the Turquoise Dofus.

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