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events in aermyne server

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I do not know if I'm writing in the right section, but his message is addressed to all aermine server players.

We are tryng to convince the manager of aermine to permit to us have events in game like in all others servers. So please click here http://forum.dofus.c...e=1#entry183806 and leave your comment.

Thank you

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Hmm... there's a german manager for Aermyne? Lol ... isn't that a bit unfair for Italian, Dutch and Portuguese community players since Aermyne is also for them? Well, I guess it's better than the alternative of not having one at all haha

Your post here kinda makes it look like Aermyne is excluded of all game events, when in reality you're referring to international servers' events. Or at least I assume it's about Aermyne not being included in some international events where Rushu, Rosal, Solar, Zatoishwan participate.

Anyway, I can't access dofus.com from work PC so maybe I'll check when I get home.

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I dicovered recently that the manager for the aermine server is the same as the German server.

And yes, you understand it well, many events that are made on Rushu and others international servers are not made on aermine :(

If you check the link in my first post, you can read also the answer from "our" manager. Be a multy lenguage server is a problem !

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Basically Aermyne sucks.

I don't remember the details (Gaspar knows them better) but Aermyne was not originally intended as an 'International' server per se, but as a Br, Gm, It server.....turned out to be a big mess IMO with a small community of english speakers and like 85% of portuguese speakers....making the interactions somewhat tense sometimes between the different communities. A couple of Gm guilds, a couple of Italians and 1-2 truly international guilds (like TFW, my guild). The rest are Portuguese and Brazilian...it is interesting that the admin is German though...I did not know that. No wonder we are a forgotten server, with low population and crappy economy (all top players that gather kamas spend them in other servers to buy nice gears, dofuses etc...).

Anyway...I still hope Ankama decides to merge a few of the smaller international servers into one....



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Which is why I'm moving back to Rosal.


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