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Dofus Poetry

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So I was waiting around on some groups in the Evil Forest to respawn, and decided to write some bad poetry about chafers. They really annoy me because they are what spawns most of the time. >.<

Feel free to share your Dofus poetry too. xD

Kwoans, Ribs, and Chafers too. They surely come from Hell.

They smell so bad. Like Evil Tofu eggs and hairy Trool legs.

Edited by Fox-in-Boots

Heavy same-class nerfs means Ankama wants us to play one particular way. Their way.

I'd never seen what my own entrails look like until Kollosium. Thanks Ankama!

Typically after disemboweling you in Kollo the winners might say gg.

This is short for "Giggidy giggidy!" because they're so tickled with themselves.

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Oh how I wish I was a tofu.

To be a cute little yellow birdy, just isn't fair.

My mother would birth me, love me, and care.

and when I join my fellow gobbals and arachnees, in a fight.

I will protect my group from all the little cras, and be alright.

Oh how I wish I was a tofu.

I have class in 20 minutes and have to go or I would improve the poem.

Hope you like it.

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Osa swinging whip.

Begging the boi toys to strip.

Osa shines with glee.

Art by Nomie


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Srams are so annoying

Eniripsas are so cloying

Where is the Justice in 1/2 Crits?

Where is the profit when the Scarier just sits?

At night I sit and wonder

While small beasts and such I plunder

Could it be any worse

Than an Enus Living Purse

With Imunnity, and Truce and Sylvan?

Yes, it could be worse I finally decide

Hard to admit, it kills all our pride

There's Episode Two, that pile of poo

And sets that seem nice, until you realize that you can't possibly get them without being a kama bot or running 16 accounts or hacking all your friends because the monsters are so goddamned difficult that like nobody even bothers.

But at least I can look cute while I die in Kolossium-

And really, isn't that so awesome?

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Find me in WakfuSnausages, of the Nation of Brakmar!NOX



lv 197 Nabby Osamodas, Gay

God Hates Me 'Cos I Masticate My Mastogobbly, and I'm O.K. With That!

Even an Osamodas Shouldn't be This Queer.

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