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Str/agi masq guide?

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I cannot find a good agi/str masq build on the wikia.

Can someone help me out?

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I cannot find a good agi/str masq build on the wikia.

Can someone help me out?

I don't see how you missed that guide... I mean just searching for "masqueraider" in topic should give you what you were looking for, unless you're saying it's not a good guide =P.

Anyway, masqueraiders are pretty straight forward.

Each element of viable masqueraider has 3 moves, 1 for each mask. So what you need to do, is find out how you want to play.

Classic Mask - Close Range, Low-Medium Damage.

Psycho Mask - Close Range, High Damage.

Cowardly Mask - Long Range, Low Damage.

Psycho Mask and the skills that go along with it are your main damage spells, so I'd suggest leveling them.

Other than that, I leveled Retention, because its MP rape, and agi steal. But I skipped the other classic mask skill and classic mask itself.

I also skipped cowardly mask and the cowardly mask skills except the earth one because again it rapes MP, which is good. Picada is just pathetically weak so I passed.

Shields? Well Plastron is pretty much the sexiest shield, at level 6 its a deliciously nice big AOE so you can get a lot (if not all) people inside it. Trance... is pretty lame. It's useless unless that person is about to die anyway and even then the amount of shielding is so low, it won't do much. SKIP. Tortoruga however is different... Tortoruga I leveled to 5 for 3 uses (10 AP = 3 uses, if you want to use it more level 6 can be desired). It's only 10% HP but used on 3 people from super far away and no LoS is definitely a good skill when you masq is out of attack range or you just need to save someone some HP. Diffraction may be useful in emergencies, but seriously, giving shields to enemies isn't worth it for the casual person, and all you're getting from leveling it is a lower cooldown, skip.

The other moves are pretty much good to level for any build, such as Reinforcement (nice 3 AP move combined with furia can do some sexy damage), Bling (every masq should level this), Ardour, and Stampede. Stampede I skipped because I just didn't have the spell points. At level 6 you can cast it twice a turn, which means for 4 AP you can teleport 2 tiles, and get +2 MP, turning the usual 4 MP movement into 8 complete tiles moved. It sounds cool, but still I maxed the other moves instead.

That pretty much covers everything except masquerade, just like diffraction, since it affects allies it wasn't very useful to me. It is cool when you make a boss lose like 500-1000+ HP with it, but you have to use it SO early to get that much of HP reduction that you won't kill the monster unless you have a super buffed wrath coming up. And if you don't kill it, the reduction goes away and it's like you never did it so... waste of points.

And that completes my short overview of str/agi masqueraiders. You shouldn't need help with stat points as they have good softcaps as most new classes do. The only question I could see you having there is, vitality/shield build viable. The answer would be probably yes. Having 1000 more vit means 200 more shield with plastron. But I wouldn't say it's worth the damage reduction... but 400-600 of no-damage for 2 turns is pretty sexy. It's like having a feca, but not. (Feca's probably better though)

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