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Oto Mustam - The Rules

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These are Ankama's rules for the Heroic server, not mine or anyone elses. I am re-posting them here off of the Official forums due to popular demand and querys.

EN - The rules of the Heroic Server As you may know, the Heroic Server works differently from other server-worlds of DOFUS.

The main feature of this server is the way it handles character death: if you lose a battle, whether it's against players or against monsters, your character loses all his experience points (back to level 1), all his inventory and all equipment that carried with him (except for items and equipment locked to the account, such as subscription pets within their two-month trading restrictions), and all his profession levels.

The second distinctive feature of the server concerns experience gains and drop rates:

- Fight experience, job experience, and drop rates are multiplied by 3 by default.

- In case of death, fight and job experience are further doubled (bringing the total multiplier to x6) until the character reaches the highest level previously reached.

Finally, the third distinctive feature of the server involves regaining equipment and experience points after a loss:

- In case of death against monsters, all equipment and contents of the character's inventory (except for items and equipment locked to the account) will be won by the victorious group of monsters, which will reappear on the map. These items can then be recovered by other characters that attack and defeat this monster group.

- In case of death against other characters, the winner will not only gain the entire inventory and equipment (except for items and equipment related to the account) of the vanquished character, but also earn 10% of the total experience the character had, or 25% of the total experience if the losing character had dishonor points.

These features create the richness and value of the server, but allow less conscientious players to develop tricks to cheat and harm the gaming experience for other players. To prevent and control these unacceptable actions, specific and severe rules are necessary.

All the points mentioned below are strictly prohibited and are will be sanctioned.

Multi-accounts in PvP.

Unlike traditional servers where the use of multiple accounts may go unnoticed, this practice constitutes a decisive advantage in PvP combat on the Heroic Server. Since death is final, multi-accounting players have significant (if not insurmountable) advantages, in PvP compared to a single player account. In fact, this practice is strictly prohibited.

PvP battles include attack or defense of Prisms and Collectors, as well as direct attacks between players. All fights between two players of different alignment (excluding challenges) are affected by this ban.

Attention, the use of multi-accounting in PvP is not limited to having two characters in the same battle. It is also forbidden to use a second person to separate or distract a group of enemies and build an advantage for the fight ahead.

Examples include, but are not limited to:

I. Two characters belonging to the same player or sharing the same IP address take part in the same PvP fight.

II. A kamikaze character starts a fight to tie up an enemy character while another character belonging to the same player starts a second fight.

III. A player attacks an enemy perceptor or alignment prism with different characters in different areas.

IV. A player uses a character to align an area by placing a prism, allowing another of their characters to make the Newtroll Knight appear, or stop it appearing, in a PvP fight at the same time.

V. A player logs one of their characters to make it commit suicide against another of their characters.

VI. A player positions one of their characters in the final room of a dungeon in order to spy on other players' fights, allowing them to attack them with a main character as they leave the dungeon at the end of their fight.

VII. A player with a character in a PvP fight has another of their characters on the same map.

In addition to a penalty imposed on the account as in all cases of violation of rules in the context of using multiple accounts in PvP combat, the incriminating characters will be erased, as well as their equipment and inventory.


We consider it to be against the spirit of the game when a player deliberately takes advantage of a flaw in the game to harm other players.

Examples include, but are not limited to:

I. Using your character to hide the sword that allows a fight to be joined.

II. Using Neutrally aligned kamikaze characters to join an attacked Neutral character to stop the Newtroll Knight appearing.

III. Using a kamikaze character to start a fight against a group of monsters, being temporarily joined by the characters of other complicit players to attract a victim, excluding the characters in your group and letting the victim die alone to recover their equipment.

IV. Using a kamikaze character to attack several characters in the same group and keeping them from each other while other more experienced, equipped characters belonging to complicit players attack one of the victims.

V. Using a kamikaze character to attack a victim, being joined by a complicit player who is prepared to fight, and then, if the victim is too well defended, kicking the complicit character from the fight.

VI. Joining a fight and attacking characters in your own group.

VII. Joining a fight with kamikaze characters to stop the victim's allies joining.

VIII. Using multiple characters from multiple accounts on the same map or spamming fireworks the create lag for other players present on the same map.

IX. Placing an invisible, aligned character at a key point on a map so as to force passers-by on to a map-changing point, where other characters are waiting to attack the passer-by on the next map.

Exploitation of vulnerabilities

This rule applies to all servers, but we feel we should stress them:

Sometimes after a modification of the game, unforeseen side effects occur in the game and create loopholes. We consider it wrong to misuse such an unforeseen side effect to generate a profit for oneself or harm the experience of other game players.

Some faults are more complex and may persist longer on the server. Obviously, just because they are not immediately corrected it doesn't mean you are allowed to abuse it. We are counting on the good sense of the players.

Examples of past vulnerabilities:

I. Use spell with a long cooldown, log off in combat, reconnect and the spell's cooldown will be finished immediately.

II. Start a fight just before the shutdown of the server during the weekly maintenance to duplicate items when it comes back up.

III. Forcing a player to expel a member of their guild during character placement at the start of combat so that he is expelled from the battle and considered dead.

The penalties for exploiting loopholes in DOFUS are among the toughest, and players are rarely given a second chance. The sanctions are still appropriate based on the severity of the abuse.

Changing the DOFUS client

Any modification of the DOFUS client whatsoever, is strictly prohibited. The clients are checked regularly by our team of moderators. No files should be modified or deleted.

Selling "suicide"

We talk about trade in "suicide" in the case of a player who voluntarily lets his character die in combat against another player to exchange Kamas, from object to gambling or real property. Given the nature of the server, this practice is fraught with abuse and is therefore strictly prohibited. Advertising and announcements related to "suicide trade" are also prohibited.

These are just copied and pasted from the Offical Ankama forums, I thought some people may like to know them without having to go on a search. I'm not sure how enforced these rules are, because I know ^_^ people that suicide their accounts to each other and they havn't been banned. I also know people that PvP on more than one account and they have not been banned, but these are the rules and it would be best if you abide by them. This server is hard enough to level up on, let alone having to restart due to banishment.

Edited by Shiggle

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