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Found 8 results

  1. As title says im looking for 14-21 dmg summon exo archetypal with nice vit and int and perfect resist paying around 25-30mkish Pm me here on in game /w Erisen , /w Mauler Vikinxgod maged me one <3
  2. UPDATED 2015-06-12 Selling: Ginger/Emerald dt 100 level camo 2.9mk New Str trophy 100 str 2.1mk Unstable belt ( legit stats) 3.5mk leave message here on pm in game Pandizzy/Seductive/Horror/Glours
  3. Looking for pair of QoT boots Price up to 40mk-ish+- Contact me here via msg or ingame /w Mauler
  4. I have a load of collectable junk/cosmetic stuff that I want to flog, most of it is up for serious negotiation Here is a list of what I have Black ninja set White ninja set Vampyre set Diplo set imako set tetra set domestic set noh set sushi set adora set ugo set brazilian huehue set sweetheart set godfather set pineappi set black wabbit set hax or set (without pet) posh set shincha set pacman set hir set karnival set brrito set I also have some of the kroz sets as well, some items might be missing I can't remember exactly what I have left behind or not, but if you message me before weds this week I can bring it over if that is the case.
  5. Bearbaric sword Dmg 6-10/6-10/6-10 CHA dmg Vit 282 Wis 38 Ch 8 PP 2 Ini 415 Lock 8 Crit ress 11 Other ress 10/10/10/10/10 Price 7mk Leave offer here or pm in game Pandizzy/Horror
  6. G5 2014 Drama Thread

    Ok so since everyone else is doing it, maybe we should too. These are the people that I see would fit perfectly as Rushu's top selections for each of the classes. Keep in mind that this is my opinion and no one else's. Feel free to put up your own picks, but remember to keep this civil ok? Iop; Mayor Lycaa Demolisher Cra; The-Wanted Caseala Snipeyoball Rogue; Wombat Masqueraider; El-Whiskey Eneru Foggernaut; Coopers Samus-Aran Pandawa; Mr-No Archipanda Meheecan Absollution Sram; Hell-Shadow Sacrier; Taxi Shrike Osamodas; Kissmy-Astrub Aleister Xelor; -Frootloops- Noraxi Ecaflip; Nudity Black-Divils Eniripsa; Fruitstar Blood-Quencherx Baalzebub Rozmyrn Feca; Vallerie Vicabarca Sadida; Hardwood-Happiness Swaantjuuh Enutrof; Malteser
  7. Getting Lvl 200 with style!

    So I was close to 200 on my iop and I decided to have some fun with it. Random person in alliance chat: Here's a great idea! How about getting lvl 200 by dying to piwis? http://postimg.org/image/p79qnwug3/ http://postimg.org/image/ge2xemiit/
  8. Heyo, looking for either MP Freezz Ring or MP Xa Cape. Looking for something with similar stats stated below. Paying roughly 60-65m for either item, always up for negotiation depending on stats. 280~300 Vitality 45~50 Strength 45~50 Intelligence 30~50 Chance 3 Critical hits 8~10 Neutral Damage 8~10 Earth Damage 0~10 Heals -7~8 Dodge 8~10 Critical damage 10 Earth resistance 180~200 Vitality 27~30 Strength 27~30 Intelligence 20~30 Chance 25~30 Wisdom 3 Critical hits 1 AP 8~10 Neutral Damage 8~10 Earth Damage 8~10 Fire Damage 0~10 Water Damage 0~20 Prospecting 4% Neutral resistance 4% Earth resistance 4% Fire resistance 4% Water resistance Thanks.