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  1. https://129dofus.fandom.com Feel free to add whatever pages you want/need the most, can add it from anywhere in any format, pages will be uniformed afterwards. See also: Useful links
  2. [Guide updated for 2017 by Gravestorm.] You regularly use the Dofus Wiki to look up things, but you never really got into all the editing and updating. Now you found some info that's missing or wrong and you'd like to help out. But actually, you're not quite sure what to do. This little guide is for you, then. It's meant to cover only the basics for casual Wiki users. If you have any questions regarding the Wiki feel free to ask them in this thread. Editing an existing page If you only want to edit minor information in a page, Visual Mode suffices, though if you want to change Templates or the page's structure, you must use Source Mode to avoid breaking the page (see the images below). If you have an account, you can also permanently disable Visual Mode and activate Source Mode in Special:Preferences -> Editing. Classic Editor/Visual Mode Source Mode You see the source code of the page. And while you don't know what all the commands mean, you can easily recognize the page you saw earlier. You can start replacing the wrong or missing information. (Tip: If you forgot what you are editing, or just want to see if the page looks good, there are two Preview buttons in the right side "Mobile" and "Desktop", you should only use "Desktop", when you click it, the page you are currently editing will pop out with your changes so you can see if you made any mistakes that you can fix, your work will not be lost and you can continue editing by exiting the pop out that appeared.) You're done with your edit now. In the right side there is the green button "Publish" that will save your changes, but just in case, check the page one last time with the "Desktop" button to see if everything looks good. Optionally, in the text box you can add what you just changed. Creating a new page Sometimes a page is just flat out missing, because no one got around to creating it yet. There are two things to consider before making a new page though: Did you miss the page because it's spelled differently? Is there a need for such a page? Once you checked that, be bold and create a page. To create a page simply click the "Contribute" button in the top right and then the "Add a page" button that appears, after that enter the name of the new page and click "Next". You will see a very weird editor appear, just click "Cancel" and use the Classic Editor/Visual Mode/Source Mode as shown in the images above. To make creating pages easier, there are Templates for pretty much any new page that you can copy paste and then fill in (Only when editing in Source Mode), you can find them here. Add a page If you have any questions regarding the Wiki feel free to ask them in this thread!
  3. Hi, I made a small tool that can converts certain information from dofus.com encyclopedia into wikia format in the click of a button. I'm putting it here for reference so I can link this on the wikia itself. I'll add screenshots and a small guide at a later date. Any bugs or errors don't hesitate to contact me! I can also be found on the dofus wiki --> https://dofuswiki.wikia.com/wiki/User:Saiftey I plan on updating this to include more features in the future. Guide 1. Download AHK (autohotkey) 2. Download this file - Also a dropbox link will be attached which will always contain the most updated version 3. Run this file using AHK Link to the file that always contains the latest version --> https://www.dropbox.com/s/3xcvmeyd7v51rvg/Saif's Dofus Wiki Editor v1.00.ahk?dl=0 Saif's Dofus Wiki Editor v1.00.ahk
  4. Hello Pangea! Dofus Wiki has started making detailed lists of all Youtubers and Streamers. ₪ List of Streamers ₪ List of Youtubers ₪ Are you a Streamer or a Youtuber? Currently the lists are pretty empty, but that's where we need you to go and sign up with your stream and/or youtube channel in the pages listed above (more details on pages themselves). Are you a Viewer? You can go to the pages above and choose which categories you would like to watch, directly from the Wiki! Want to help? Consider adding either this page, or the Twitch Streamers/Youtubers pages to your Stream's or Youtube channel/video descriptions. P.S. Join the Dofus Discord chat to advertise your stream, get tips and talk about streaming or Dofus in general.
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