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Found 17 results

  1. Punkowiec

    B> Dreggon keys

    Hi, i would buy keys for dreggon dung and sanctuary 45kk ea
  2. Hi, I'm currently looking for a vulbis dofus for around 350mk Feel free to leave a comment or pm me ign - Lzzy, Sharleen
  3. What's the drop rate for the Vulbis Dofus when using Idols? 0.001% Base 0.002% with my prospecting 0.379% with 508 Idols If I use the equation from the dofus wiki Pt = 1-((1-(PP1*D))*(1-(PP2*D))...*(1-(PPG*D))) And plug in my numbers for my group of 4 players Pt = 1-((1-(1.5*.379))^4) = ~0.965% (average of 150 pp) Is that right? Without challenges we'd drop one about every 100 fights, with them I'd say one every 75, or maybe even 50 depending on the challenges. Are the Dofus drop rates wack or is this accurate? Even without a group, a rate of 0.379% is still pretty damn good(1/300 fights, or something like that)..is dofus giving me inaccurate rates or are these real?
  4. droogy-zero

    S> Vulbis

    Selling Dofus Vulbis in Rushu for 300M negotiable price you can PM me ingame at Izpangel or look for me in merchant mode around village or you can hit my FB inbox https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100010377377864 thank You
  5. Daddy024

    Selling vulbis

    If you're interested in dofus vulbis. comment down here!
  6. B>>>Vulbis Dofus 850 mk (negotiable) PM me in game Real/Perhaps/Tupacca
  7. Zatoishwan

    S> Vulbis Dofus

    Hello there. Selling a Vulbis Dofus - Looking for around 950mk Sold for 900mk :) Buying a Boarhog (85mk) and a Golden Hispanic Shield (190mk) nvm
  8. I'm looking to pay 850m for one, price is flexible. /w Coops or Viche in game. Bought for 900m
  9. Looking forward to buy a Vulbis for 600 mk, can transfer if its on another server.
  10. Ok, so I haven't been logging Dofus and I don't think I will be logging any time soon, so I'll be selling my Vulbis Dofus. This is going to be an auction. Here are the rules: Starting price: 600mk (taken from topic I originally posted in.) Minimum increments of 10mk Bidding stops when I deem there is little activity. I will wait a few days after the most recent offer before closing it. Winning bidder must buy from me on Shika. I am too lazy to go to you. Once I say bidding has stopped, I will NOT accept higher offers. The winner will most likely need to make a server transfer, so I'm not going to be a douche and go to a higher offer after they have made the transfer. For me to consider your bid, you MUST post a picture of yourself with a shoe on your head. You may put a bag over your head or wear a mask if you do not want to show your face. You must be holding a piece of paper that has your imps name written on it. You only need to do this once. Picture obviously has to be in the topic. I do not accept PMs! Here is an example picture of me doing this. It is ok to get jealous, I know I am wonderful:
  11. Im looking to buy a vulbis dofus I can transfer to diff server for it. Offering 475mk Pm on Imps or on Solar /w Itzmewtwo
  12. Coopers

    S> Vulbis Dofus

    Hello, I wish to sell my vulbis dofus for the price of 500mk. I know most of you like to be price experts but for the sake of my time, please don't fucking comment because I don't care of what you think of my price. I am away until the the 15th, I will be contactable only via IV inbox & I am only interested in a kama offer. Thanks in advance.
  13. Hey there, I'm looking to buy a vulbis for 400mk and two 20 turq for 70mk each. Open to offers from other servers as well, pm me on imps if you're selling and I'm sure we'll be able to work something out. Thanks.
  14. Looking to purchase a Vulbis for 230mk (this is the highest offer) on behalf of a friend from a hispanic server. Leave a message here or contact myself ingame or send a message to the acc name FILVIC-ONE on ankabox.
  15. Savage-Wind

    B> Vulbis Dofus

    Hello All! I'm looking to buy a Vulbis for around 225mk. Price is negotiable. You can contact me here or in-game (usually after midnight DUT). Thanks! -Fuzzy IGN: Savage-Wind

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