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Found 14 results

  1. Omg guess who is back with new cheap resources :^) Come and check ,,Japper" merchant at [0,0] aka Kanojedo!
  2. S>Vortex Wings

    Selling 43 Vortex wings 1.1m negotiable Need 10 QoT embroideries, so might exchange for those too 1:1 currently in merchant at [-2,1] (one map south of village zaap) for 900kk each Leave a msg here or pm me in-game: colombo-ll
  3. Hey everyone, Im currently taking orders from: - QOT dungeon - Pro'tozrororororororoor dungeon - Vortex dungeon - F3 dungeon included cause why not Price vary from one item to another. You may ask me to mage the item you may order (No AP, MP, SUM, Range, exo) to the stats that you may ask for additional charge. Im stocked atm with resource so it should not take a long time to get your order ready for the time being. For the future it may take at best 2 days to get the items ready. - Leeching through Vortex dungeon will be available soon, if I get enough request to run such a service You may reach me in game /w Qii /w Dii or Ankabox -Regards / Love (no homo) -Gii
  4. Vortex with cyclic modifier...

    Well, our group was finally able to complete Vortex with xelorium cyclic combat modifier (50% bonus hp for enemies, 25% bonus power for our team per turn, and back to 0% after every 4 turns). So now the dungeon will be much easier for everyone! :lol: Note that below in green chat, it shows the new combat modifier for xelorium: "Leap-Gobball". Unfortunately, it took one member of our group over 100 attempts, myself 68 attempts, the newest guy to join our team 20 attempts... :rolleyes: ...multiply that by 4k energy points per attempt but only after the update... :mellow: ...adding on 1200 more energy points per attempt before the update... :huh: ...multiply that by the raised price of energy bread in the marketplace... :wacko: ...multiply that by the kamas used to buy the bread... :blink: ...*notes empty pockets*... [Edit: still need to get the team screenie and video link to post]
  5. As it says in the title. I'm selling srambad daggers The stats are as follows Srambad daggers 383/400 Vitality 63/70 Strength 66/70 Chance 31/40 Wisdom 1 Range 18/20 Neutral Damage 18/20 Earth Damage 20/20 Water Damage 24/25 Critical Resistance 10/10 Fire resistance. I'm Looking for 25M for them. I can negotiate. Pm me in game @ Erah ---- @ Chasm Edit : Sold for 20mk. Please Close.
  6. Cloudy Dofus

    I am selling a Cloudy Dofus. Because of the amount of skill it takes to get one, I would like to place the selling price for 140mk. To contact moi, Either reply to this post. Or Pm me in game /w Erah , Chasm Edit : Please close.
  7. As title says, paying 800kk per nucleus need 12 and 3.5mk per wing need 7. Pm /w oscarley or leave a message here. Thanks in advance.
  8. Vortex leeching

    Hi rosal ECHO. I've been spamming vortex for mats lately , so i might as well offer a leeching service 8mk. Also you have to give me all your mats you dropped during the fight, you can keep the achievement ones. I will also provide keys. If we happen to not win and you wanna stop, ill refund your money. As for times, im usually online 02:00-14:00 dofus time Just message me your class (with name of said character/s), to beehiveone or on imps, and ill figure everything out! Any class will work, and I might even be able to leech multiply at once if you're into that. Please have a basic understanding on how xelorium works, how the mobs work and how elio portals work. It makes it so much easier for me :P
  9. Since the upcoming critical hit changes just completely dump all over my set ideas I had, I'm selling off my Deep Sea Set. Deep Sea Mask - 50mk Deep Sea Sandals (With 3% water resistance exomage) - 35mk SOLD! Deep Sea Bracelet - 50mk SOLD! All prices are open to negotiation. The items will be on my merchant (Jesternaut) when I'm not online for the above prices. PM in-game or over Imps if you're interested in making a trade. Thanks a lot in advance! EVERYTHING SOLD! Thank you very much whoever bought the sandals.
  10. vortex items

    Hello I would like to buy Belt of prophets and Plumobile for some reasonable prices (around 12-20mk each, depends on stats).
  11. Hello, I'm looking to buy the following items.. Golden Hispanic Shield (200mk) Hispanic Shield (50mk) Escudo Epico (100mk) Boarhog (80mk) Vulbis Dofus (859mk) Cloudy Dofus x2 (125mk ea) Razorbuck (18mk) Dofusteuse (60mk) Nidas Ring (8mk) Geins Set (85mk) Vortex Belt/Boots (35mk Each) AP Inky (85mk) Nidas Crown (10mk) Ochre Dofus (45mk) QoT Headgear (30mk) Multi-Res Croums - (2.5mk ea) Caschoygan (20mk) Owlhat (30mk) Bzzzinga Headgear (3.5mk) Maxed Bworky x3 (1m ea) Cra's Burnt Wig (3mk) Black Jack's Headgear (3mk) Another Dofusteuse (50mk) 1k AP Runes (Idk gimme a price) Any Elemental Fragments (1.5mk Ea) Inky Veils (12mk Ea) AP Bearb Ring/Bands (35mk) Raydi Shield (10mk ea) SP Scrolls (150kk ea) ~ Thanks
  12. Vortex and Whale gear requirements were lifted this update, so im gonna sell some of it :) I have enough mats to make about 0 Vortex items (30mk ea), 3 Whale items(20mk ea) and 7 Nidas items(12mk ea), and they'll be unmaged. I also have already made a Plumoblie (30mk) ea that i can sell instantly Pm me ingame (Beehiveone) or on here. thanx
  13. In my never-ending campaign to see how far I can get in the game as a solo player, I've finally hit a wall. Using all the avenues possible, I can't find a group of people that want to do Vortex with me. So, I've turned my pleas public to see if there's any group of people out there willing to try for hours on end to beat the dungeon. I'm not asking for a leech, just looking for people with the same mindset in the same situation as me that want to put together a team and kill Vortex. He's the last boss I need for the cloudy dofus, so I'm antsy to see him dead. PM me in-game (Jesternaut) or just leave a message here if you're interested. Thanks!