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  1. With Goultarminator coming up soon and my Crimson guide almost complete, I thought it would be a good time to start sharing these links. I'm still working on the pages in my spare time so yeah, it will look a little rough. :P My Twitch.tv profile is: http://www.twitch.tv/snarklesparkles/profile I've just started making and uploading some videos for youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/SnarkleSparkles You may know my Vulkania and Kwismas guides. This is my main(dofus) blog, where you can find links to Everything I've written, along with other dofus stuff: http://snarkposts.tumblr.com/ edit: Crimson guide is up. direct link is http://crimsondofus.tumblr.com/
  2. As Ankama is doing quite a few of these lately I think it's a nice idea to keep track of them in one thread. Feel free to write here to notify others if a server cannot be accessed or any other useful information regarding server status or compensations. Not to be confused with Expected server maintenance that helps the servers stay fresh and backed up in case a bad day comes. Useful official information can be found on Dofus Discord, Dofus Twitter (EN, IT, DE, FR, ES, PTBR, Server dev), Dofus Official Forums (EN, IT, DE, FR, ES, PTBR), Server Status Page. The first is a juicy one: Due to huge stability issues after the update on May 23, 2017, all game servers will be restarted every day at 07:00, 15:00, and 23:00 DUT (restarting should take between 15 to 25 minutes), until the issue is identified and fixed. OF
  3. Ahoy Imps Village, yer captain is hereby announcing his Twitch participation. I've been streaming September 2015, with some positive feedback from guildies, friends and strangers and I'm actually quite enjoying this. Games that I'm streaming: * Dofus * random games from my steam account (VVVVVV, Bastion, etc.) * Various Wii U games (Sm4sh, Pokken, Star Fox Zero, etc.) * random old school games (Metal Slug, Megaman, etc.) * random hacks/mods of old school games (Kaizo Mario, etc.) Things you can look forward to during my streams: * German accent * me messing up phrases * me messing up pronouncing a word properly and trying to pronounce it 15-20 times until the word doesn't make any sense anymore * Catchphrases like "here we go", "oh well", "that's not good", "wait, what?", "god damn it", "why am I doing this?", "woooooot", "aaaand I'm dead.", "Another one down, X to go", and many more. * doing very dumb mistakes and not seeming to learn from most of them * awkward chair-dancing * drinking * swearing * having a beard * trying to greet French viewers in a broken French Times I'm trying to stream: Mondays at 9 PM Thursdays: Alternating either at 7pm or at 9 PM Fridays: at 9 PM Saturdays: Either at noon, 5pm or 9pm Sundays: Either at 5pm or 9pm Expect cancellations on the weekend, as I sometimes have to take care of my social life. The general rule is however that I try to stream at least 3 times a week. Recent highlights: Vortex Placement 2 - Panda/Iop/Sadi/Rogue Catseye (Freedom) - Panda/Rogue/Enu/Sadi Stupid jokes only I think are funny If any of this seems like something you want to check out, please do visit me on my Twitch channel. I can't promise that I stream every day, I try to communicate schedule changes on my Twitter account. Please note that this isn't a special Dofus-only Twitter account but my personal from way back when Twitter started and therefore some tweets have nothing to do with either Dofus nor Twitch nor games but mostly web development. If you follow me on Twitch you'll get a notification if I'm streaming without having to deal with other topics. I'm also on YouTube now. I started uploading my stream highlights onto my YouTube channel. Check it our here. New: Discord You can now join my Discord server and get schedule changes or announcements of special upcoming streams without having to use Twitter. Or just hang out and maybe even join the stream as the voice in my hand. Click here to join. See you around.
  4. It begins in a few minutes now, join the stream at https://www.twitch.tv/dofusofficiel Stream has now ended, but will be online, BETA WILL BE ONLINE SHORTLY. Post below is a summary of what's been shown so far.
  5. Hello Pangea! Dofus Wiki has started making detailed lists of all Youtubers and Streamers. ₪ List of Streamers ₪ List of Youtubers ₪ Are you a Streamer or a Youtuber? Currently the lists are pretty empty, but that's where we need you to go and sign up with your stream and/or youtube channel in the pages listed above (more details on pages themselves). Are you a Viewer? You can go to the pages above and choose which categories you would like to watch, directly from the Wiki! Want to help? Consider adding either this page, or the Twitch Streamers/Youtubers pages to your Stream's or Youtube channel/video descriptions. P.S. Join the Dofus Discord chat to advertise your stream, get tips and talk about streaming or Dofus in general.
  6. Good... morning? I'll go with morning, since it's 5 o'clock in the morning when I'm posting this. So! Hi there, Impseys! I've decided to do something special for all of you, since the topic of streaming has been quite popular lately (a lot of new streamers!) - free overlays in different themes which should suit pretty much everyone who's streaming and doesn't have an overlay. Of course, people with their own overlays are very welcome to use the ones posted here. Everyone has got their own opinions and wishes, so I'd really like to hear them in the comments down below. I'll take every opinion into account when making overlays :) The Discord logo can be simply removed by any software capable of opening and saving alpha channels correctly (Photoshop, GIMP, Paint.NET). Kwismas (#1): Download link: Imgur (Use "Save as...") Jellies! (#2) Download link: N/A I have created one today, but I will try to edit one more later today. The next theme is: Jellies! Mewwy Kwismas! ^_^ P.S. Theme suggestions are very very welcome! (can be literally anything, I have found good access to the game files, thanks to Gravestorm)
  7. List of contents: The Beginning. Minimum requirements. Optimal setup for streaming, recording and editing. "What streaming software should I use?" "What recording software is the best?" "There are so many video editing tools. What could you recommend?" Setting up a simple Twitch.tv stream. Creating your first YouTube channel. The Beginning YouTube has gone a long way since Google acquired it in 2006 by paying US$1.65 billion to the three PayPal employees who created the idea and developed that idea into a website which millions of people use every day – I won’t be wrong to guess that you’re using it too. But nonetheless, there’s a new platform that is quickly conquering the world (the gaming community, to be more exact). Websites like Twitch and Azubu are good examples of the platform which lets you live stream video content (like gaming) to a wide audience of people who are willing to tune in and watch it as if it was television. If you’re somebody who has a sense of humor, deep knowledge of a game or if you’re someone who is doing everything to the maximum (Yes, I mean you, achievement hunters!) you fully qualify to become a successful entertainer/mentor over time. The main difference between Twitch and YouTube is the platform. Twitch is a streaming website while YouTube is a video sharing website (even though YouTube launched its own streaming service – YouTube Gaming). The difference is that a stream is raw, unedited footage, while the videos can be edited and cut to fulfil your ideas. If you’re good at talking for hours you are probably better off streaming while if you’re someone who talks less and wants high-quality content – YouTube is the right choice for you. Or, you can simply have both! Minimum requirements Most computers nowadays (not talking about budget laptops, sorry) should be able to stream just fine with a good enough internet connection. The computer specifications vary depending on the quality in which you would like to stream, so luckily the developers of OBS (streaming software) have created a website which lets you check in what quality your computer could stream while having a good quality stream. It’s called the “Stream Settings Estimator”. It will show you the settings which you should use depending on your computer specifications, giving you tips on how to improve the performance and quality of your stream. The requirement for streaming is having a decent enough internet connection. Every ISP has different fees for different speeds. I’ll give you an example: In almost all of Lithuania (that’s where I’m from) you can buy an internet plan which uses the fiberglass technology and gives you up to 10 times more speed than a normal connection. Here’s an internet speed test between my computer and the testing server (in this case, Vilnius, the city I’m living in). Don’t forget, that the upload speeds are different when connecting to different servers. If I get a high speeds to my hometown server, doesn’t mean I’ll get the same speed for Amsterdam, NL (an example. One of the main Twitch servers is located there). Here are two speed tests (one is my hometown, the other is Amsterdam) to show you the difference: Okay, so the difference isn’t really big, except for the ping. It really depends on the time of the day (for example, I wouldn’t have this small of a speed difference when people come home from work and turn on their PCs) and other factors. Also, your ISP has to have a brain. It’s 2015 and I’m still hearing a lot of complaints about the internet in the US. Only this much can be said about the requirements. We’ll talk about the software which you can use later. Optimal setup for streaming, recording and editing I want to highlight this topic with a short list of things which could increase your productivity and/or quality of your stream. Most of these things cost extra money, so it really depends on the amount you can spend. I do not recommend to go for these things when running your stream for the first time, but let’s say after a couple of months (and public attention) it would be a wise choice to upgrade your equipment. Microphone – this is the most important thing (apart your computer of course. No computer equals no stream) which is on this list. A good microphone will enhance your audio quality and people will be pleased to hear your voice clearly, without the scratching and breathing sounds which casual microphones (headset microphones for example) pick up. A good microphone doesn’t mean it has to be an expensive one. There is a wide variety of equipment which is relatively cheap and records high quality sound – Blue Microphone’s Snowball is a good example of a good price for quality microphone. I do not recommend buying one unless there is a good offer (most of the time is -40% off at Amazon, so keep track of that). If you’re someone who wants something even better – the Audio-Technica AT2020USB is a good choice. I am not going to link the reviews, but a quick search on Google will give you that information. Headset – a headset is kind of required when you’re streaming or recording gameplay, since it prevents the sound from being recorded by the microphone which results in clearer sound. I recommend checking out the Razer Kraken series, the Logitech G-series or the Steelseries Siberia headphones for reliable and affordable starter headphones (I’m saying starter, because there are Audio-Technica headphones which are 5 times better and cost way more). 2nd monitor – I have never thought that having a second monitor would be such an improvement to my stream quality. I could keep some windows (like the chat) up on the second monitor and I didn’t have to Alt + Tab to see what’s happening, which resulted in good quality streaming. I can’t really recommend a monitor because there are thousands of them, but I can only suggest that you go for a simple, cheap monitor since the video quality which is only important on the monitor that you’re recording. Keyboard/Mouse – upgrading your equipment also means a new mouse and/or a new keyboard. Having good equipment is vital in the reduction of pain and stress after countless hours of streaming. Always choose the gear that is comfortable and suits you, not something that is popular because there’s some certain company sticker on it. “What streaming software should I use?” Source: http://www.pcgamer.com/whats-the-best-livestreaming-software/ Author: Tyler Wilde From what I’ve read in the past and tried, there are 2 options for you to choose (I bet you can find more if you Google that, but these 2 are the most common and widely used programs): Open Broadcaster Software - stability, low resource cost, and simple interface. Multiple capture sources can be arranged and stacked with a simple GUI, and you can switch between scenes with a quick cross-fade. Capture sources can be whole displays, regions of displays, windows, webcams, and direct game capture. I imagine some are out there, but I've never found an incompatible game—and there's always window capture as a backup. OBS does all the things most casual streamers want to do, and again, does them for free and without any hassle. That said, you'll get more features with Xsplit if you pay for the premium version, which costs $25 for a three month license. Don't bother with the free version: it doesn't even have dedicated full screen game capture, and it puts ads over your stream. Ew. But what do you get for that $25? A lot, actually. Xsplit lets you do things like stream to multiple channels at once, pull in direct video from Skype, and output to a projector. If I were running a big tournament with multiple casters, I'd probably consider using Xsplit. But for everyday streaming, OBS is my favorite (and like I said, OBS keeps getting better, plus you can do a lot with plugins). Another free alternative is FFsplit, and Twitch has a guide to getting it working. I still prefer OBS, but FFsplit does have a more modern interface, and I'm sure some swear by it. There's also ShadowPlay if you're using an Nvidia card—we like using for local game capture, but it doesn't have many livestreaming features. The main point here is that you absolutely don't have to spend money to get quality streaming software. “What recording software is the best?” There are a lot of video recording softwares out there on the internet – just google “video recording software” and I’ll guarantee you you’ll get at least 15 websites which offer your such a program. There are a couple of those 15 which I recommend: OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) not only work as a streaming software, but you can use it to make local recordings of high quality! You can record anything, from video games to presentations to you reacting to some reaction videos. Your imagination is the limit. The settings are similar to the streaming settings, but when you’re locally recording, you can push the settings a little bit up without losing out on performance. Every feature that you could use when streaming is also available when simply recording. Oh, did I mention it can record lossless video? D3DGear - a very fast game recording software for PC. It allows users to record game play to movie without slowing down the game. D3DGear game recording function has very minimal performance impact on the game, it may not cause a game to lag or drop much frame rate. D3DGear game recording produces high quality video with small file size. D3DGear game recording function supports microphone recording, Push-To-Talk recording and face camera overlay recording. D3DGear is a perfect video game recorder for gamers who want to record game play with commentary to a movie. The only downside really is that you have to buy it. It costs around 35 dollars, but if you ask me – it’s worth every penny. The developers offer a 15 day trial version. Fraps – old, but gold. Fraps is very easy to use, records in very high quality and it also comes with a FPS counter so you can benchmark your machine! The big and sad downside of this program is the output file size. I started looking at alternatives (and found D3Dgear, yay) after I realized, that my computer hasn’t got enough storage – on average, a FullHD (1920x1080 60 frames per second) 2 minute clip “weighs” around 4 Gigabytes, which is a damn lot. “There are so many video editing tools. What could you recommend?” Adobe Premiere Pro – my personal favorite. The video editing is very simple, yet gives you good looking results, the render speeds are high (multi-threading) and the quality is amazing. I really like the fact that I can speed clips up to whatever speeds I want (Sony Vegas capped that at 400%) which I use a lot. The program costs US$799 if you buy a license, but if you don’t want to spend that much money, you can pay a subscription cost (19,35€ to 36,29€) which can be paid every month for a year (19,35€, you can’t cancel the subscription before the contract for one year ends) or you can pay every month without having a contract (36,29€). The latter is twice as expensive, but you can cancel any time, so that might be the option for some people. Sony Vegas Pro – I’ve used this for a while before switching to Premiere Pro eventually. The software is capable of whatever you want it to do and it’s pretty much the same as Premiere, just in a different UI. It is cheaper than Premiere if you pay once (from US$399.95 to US$799.95 depending on the version). Sadly, Sony does not offer the software for a subscription cost like Adobe does, but the base version of the program is two times cheaper than Premiere. There is also something for the MAC users here! I present you – Final Cut Pro X, the probably best editing software out of all those 3. It is only available for the MAC platform (sadly) and features professional video editing that requires less skill than drawing a tank in Microsoft Paint. Create high quality titles, effects and use the powerful utilities, inventive plug-ins and beautiful content to create amazing videos daily. It works very well with all resolutions (including 4K) and is used by movie directors, editors to edit movies like Focus (starring Will Smith). This software is probably the only thing why I would consider buying a MAC. There are lots of free programs that you can use to edit your videos, but for the best results I recommend using one of the above. The multi-threading, plug-ins and effects really make your videos shine. If you’re on a budget, Movie Maker is included in Microsoft Essentials 2012. It is intuitive, easy, but sadly lacks a lot of utilities and editing freedom. Setting up a simple Twitch.tv stream The creation process starts with creating an account on Twitch. If you want, you can simply connect your Facebook account and use that information instead. You will have to verify your account by checking your e-mail and clicking on the confirmation link. You can check out your own profile by clicking on your name in the top-right corner and then selecting “Profile” from the drop-down menu. Then, you can change the banner, the avatar, the description and all kind of other things to show who you are and what you do. There is not really much left to do before you can stream. Click “Dashboard” to get to your dashboard, where you can edit the stream title, the name of the game you’re playing and even see the chat/stats of your stream. What you need is the stream key which can be found in the tab of the same name. NEVER GIVE YOUR STREAM KEY TO ANYBODY NOR SHOW IT ON STREAM. And there you go. Copy the stream key into the streaming software settings and start streaming! Creating your first YouTube channel. Creating a YouTube channel is easy and free. The only thing you need is a Google account (Google+, Gmail, YouTube, etc) and a phone. Start everything off by clicking on the empty profile picture in the top-right corner and logging in with your Google account. When you’re logged in, click on the profile picture again and then click on the small settings icon that says “YouTube settings” when you hover over it. The next step is to click on “See all of my channels or create a new channel”. I think it only says “Create a new channel” if you don’t have any on your Google account. After the page loads, click the “+” and it will take you to your channel creation form. Give your channel a name and click “Done”! Congratulations, you’ve created yourself a YouTube channel. The only thing left is to verify your channel (so it unlocks all features, like uploading videos longer than 15 minutes). You can do that by going to your channel and clicking “Video Manager”. When that opens, click “Channel” on the left sidebar. When that opens, there will be a “verify” button under “Account status”. Click that and follow the instructions to activate the account per phone (they will send you an SMS with the activation code, or they call you and tell you the code). And that’s it! Happy uploading. Thanks for reading, I hope you liked it. If you got any questions in regards to this topic, feel free to leave them here in this thread. I'll be glad to answer. Best wishes, Sacrive
  8. Many games use twitch and youtube as a point of getting new players on the game, I think we should do the same ! http://www.twitch.tv/directory/game/Dofus I will try support all new english dofus streamers as much as i can. I'm live almost everyday, so make sure you'll check it out once ;)
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