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Found 62 results

  1. Selling Turq

    Hey, I'm willing to sell my turq dofus for 8m. Pm me here or catch me in-game Dhreed. Thanks :)
  2. SOLD

    Sell Crimson Dofus 9mk, Turq Dofus 9 mk, <---- SOLD Dolmanax 19mk. Please pm me in game. Nickname: Caitir
  3. Im looking to sell both my turq and crimson dofus for 10mk a piece, you can check my merchant, message me on imps or pm in game @ /w Amosharbingerofpower. :b
  4. S> Dofuses

    Selling: - Ochre Dofus (29m) - Dolmanax (20m) - Ice Dofus (20m) - Turq-/Crimson Dofus (8m) - Cloudy (68m) Got a few unlinked today so let me know asap while I have 'em. (Available on imps or in-game on Thefoq or Thefook, prefer imps for now since busy with Clash of Guilds)
  5. Siegs Shop

    Hi,merch around village. Currently at [0,1]
  6. B> Ochre and Turquoise

    I am buying ochre and turq as name of topic says. willing to pay around 50mk for ochre and 13mk for turq. but price could be negotiable. IGN Pastipastipasticky
  7. Hi. As you all know, The update is coming in 2 weeks so the significant reduction in price of higher turqs still stands. I am looking for a 19 crit turq. I will negotiate a price between. 10-13mk (Not Higher) I am also looking for a 13 Turq. 7-10mk. I am literally.. Always online. There is probably not a time you'll never find me on, But on that occasion if it does occur. Please Contact me @ "Erah"
  8. Ochre 75mk. Turq 30mk. Crimson 25mk. Ap Levitrof ring 50mk. Merchant around village when I'm off,thanks.
  9. 12 CH turq for 15m 14 CH turq for 15m 18 CH turq for 25m or send me an offer
  10. UPDATED 2015-06-12 Selling: Ginger/Emerald dt 100 level camo 2.9mk New Str trophy 100 str 2.1mk Unstable belt ( legit stats) 3.5mk leave message here on pm in game Pandizzy/Seductive/Horror/Glours
  11. S> 17 Turq

    Selling 17 ch turq : 37mk Pm me in game at Harukage. :) Or here. Thanks! SOLD Close please.
  12. As it says in the title, Want to trade my 19+ turq worth around 55-58MK for a 20+ worth around 65-68MK I'm offering up my 19+ and 10MK kamas. if this doesn't work then looking to purchase a 20 + turq for 65-68 MK. Anyone got a spare to trade? or any sellers? Thanks IGN's: BrazeeKarr / Daves-Stalker / -Daves-Chica- / AlmightyDark
  13. S> 17 ch turq 44mk

    S> turq 17ch 44mk pm me ingame or here
  14. As title says, looking for 2 turns with 11/12 crits (or more if you feel generous) price range between 25 and 30 m each (depending on amount of crits) might add some if you're selling both IGN>Colombo-ll
  15. 11ch - 23m 12ch - 25m 13ch - 28m 14ch - 30m w/ Ike or contact here.
  16. Hello, I was looking to buy a 18, 19 or 20 crit dofus I was looking to buy the 18 for (60m?),19 crit turq for 75m+ and the 20crit turq for 90m+ I am willing to bargain or listen to offers but only am accepting money Thank you, IGNs: Lyrac/Moon-shadow/Kynel or Struggler
  17. Buying 17crit turq. Offering 50mk. Also willing to buy a +18crit for a bit more kamas. Pm me in game or here on imps. Rakeem
  18. B>>Turq 20CH

    Looking for a turq 20CH for 85m msg me here or IG: Colombo-ll
  19. B> Ochre Dofus 85mk, Turq 11 CH 15mk Offers are negotiable IGN: Zaiyn or Mercies
  20. Buying 13CH turq

    Heya all, I'm looking for a 13ch turq, my IGN's are Antibiotica and frostitute. Also you can shoot me a pm on here:) Cheers
  21. Hey guys i'm selling a +12 Turq, looking for around 28m for it and price is negotiable :) - reply on this topic or pm me Ingame! - IGN; Cruzix
  22. - S> 12 Crit Turquoise Dofus + Emerald Dofus! Either PM Zatoishwan or look for my merch if I'm not online! :)
  23. Selling turq 17ch

    49mk pm in game to Punkowiec or here
  24. S> 11 CH (x2) and a 14 CH Turq. - All SOLD! :)