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Found 2 results

  1. Ahoy Imps Village, yer captain is hereby announcing his Twitch participation. I've been streaming September 2015, with some positive feedback from guildies, friends and strangers and I'm actually quite enjoying this. Games that I'm streaming: * Dofus * random games from my steam account (VVVVVV, Bastion, etc.) * Various Wii U games (Sm4sh, Pokken, Star Fox Zero, etc.) * random old school games (Metal Slug, Megaman, etc.) * random hacks/mods of old school games (Kaizo Mario, etc.) Things you can look forward to during my streams: * German accent * me messing up phrases * me messing up pronouncing a word properly and trying to pronounce it 15-20 times until the word doesn't make any sense anymore * Catchphrases like "here we go", "oh well", "that's not good", "wait, what?", "god damn it", "why am I doing this?", "woooooot", "aaaand I'm dead.", "Another one down, X to go", and many more. * doing very dumb mistakes and not seeming to learn from most of them * awkward chair-dancing * drinking * swearing * having a beard * trying to greet French viewers in a broken French Times I'm trying to stream: Mondays at 9 PM Thursdays: Alternating either at 7pm or at 9 PM Fridays: at 9 PM Saturdays: Either at noon, 5pm or 9pm Sundays: Either at 5pm or 9pm Expect cancellations on the weekend, as I sometimes have to take care of my social life. The general rule is however that I try to stream at least 3 times a week. Recent highlights: Vortex Placement 2 - Panda/Iop/Sadi/Rogue Catseye (Freedom) - Panda/Rogue/Enu/Sadi Stupid jokes only I think are funny If any of this seems like something you want to check out, please do visit me on my Twitch channel. I can't promise that I stream every day, I try to communicate schedule changes on my Twitter account. Please note that this isn't a special Dofus-only Twitter account but my personal from way back when Twitter started and therefore some tweets have nothing to do with either Dofus nor Twitch nor games but mostly web development. If you follow me on Twitch you'll get a notification if I'm streaming without having to deal with other topics. I'm also on YouTube now. I started uploading my stream highlights onto my YouTube channel. Check it our here. New: Discord You can now join my Discord server and get schedule changes or announcements of special upcoming streams without having to use Twitter. Or just hang out and maybe even join the stream as the voice in my hand. Click here to join. See you around.
  2. Hi everyone! If you would like to participate in the Goultarminator as a livestreamer or reporter for a fansite, now is your moment of glory! Please send me ( [izmar] ) an Ankabox message with the subject line "Goultarminator Fansite Application" that includes your account's nickname (the name that shows up when you post on the forum), your site's URL, and a brief description of your site and your streaming experience. To be clear, you are applying to be able to connect to the Goultarminator server in order to stream Goultarminator fights for the English community servers. I would especially appreciate reporters who plan to comentate on the fights, and who can be available for the majority of the English server fights. Send your app in ASAP, Friday morning (Paris time) is the absolute latest you can send an application. Thanks in advance, and good luck!
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