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Found 12 results


    Hey everyone ! Wanna finally try to sell that ring'y :P was in backpack too long! wanna get fast cash,but nobody talking about %off :) ! MSG IN GAME ; BUA <---- MAIN // REJCZEL // RAJCZEL // WPADS // BUAA ####ADD dont look at market price, feel free to make offerts !
  2. Hey there, I am selling all my stuff since I plan on reducing my game-time significantly for the coming month or so. Here's all the items I'm selling: SOLD. THANKS. As you see, merchant is located at 1,0, right of the Kanojedo map. Kind regards, Leafshade. peace out.
  3. Looking for around 12mk! If you have offers pm me in-game @ : Yowza or ankabox @ : thattrollguy2 SOLD THANKS
  4. Please close if I can't leave as a placeholder, thanks. Happy Kwismas
  5. bought

    Hello, as a title says I'm looking for: Decent BROUCEY set. All stats perfect or close to. Gutentak's bow All stats perfect or close to. CB ammulet All stats perfect or close to. Leave message here or pm in game pandizzy/horror -Cheers ;)
  6. Hello.As a title says I'm selling 101 str scrolls pack (25/25/29/11) Looking around 6m. Leave message here or pm in game Pandizzy Cheers
  7. So as the title says, I've got Infinite amounts of Ini , Stre, Cha, Int Runes (Smallest grade ones). State the type you need + amount. Rates go as followed: Ini = 240 Kamas each. (Needs time to make) Str = 60 Kamas each. Cha = 70 Kamas each. Int = 65 Kamas each. Pm me in-game : Yowza Or leave a massage on Forums.
  8. Selling an Ap Broucey, taking offers or trading for a good Ap Bearb ring. Stats 1 AP 289/300 vit 68/70 str 27/30 wis 1 range 13/15 neut dam 13/15 earth dam 4/5 dodge 4/7 mp loss 10%/10% fire resist I'm also selling: bearb ring major maniac Pm me ingame ~Helvete or message me on here
  9. Pm me via imps, or IG at Reapersaurus / Reaper-Surm Exomaging services: http://impsvillage.com/forums/topic/141626-jewlermagus-exos-only/ Souls: http://impsvillage.com/forums/topic/141754-b-dp-so-tor-croc-souls/ Sold: Stilted Shovel 14mk Treadfast Boots 16mk Missiz Freezz's Helmet 15mk Adding Ap Bearbwedding Ring 80m: Adding AP Kringlove 55mk: Adding AP Kringlove 45mk: AP Bearbaric Ring 70mk: Cloak Of a Thousand Excuses 20mk: Treadfast Amulet 20mk: Tread Belt (Unmaged - Pm for stats) 13mk: Count Ring 14mk:
  10. Str sac?

    I decided to restart my sac and was wondering if a str build is a good choice? Or would the standard agi build be the best idea to go for?
  11. Str/Cha Cra Endgame Set

    I've decided to start thinking about my cra's end game set, and I was unable to come up with anything particularly enthralling. I was wondering if the people of Imps could help me out. I need: -11 ap min(12 would be great) -5mp min -3 or more range -min 600 str and cha (or high %power) -some free slots for removal trophies That's what i was thinking about : http://dofusbook.net/perso/velavela/Exael-1.html Sorry for my English :)
  12. Hi, looking to buy scroll sets 1-101 str and agility. leave me your prices here or message me in game. Make me a good offer :D -PM Babu / Hush-Hush