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Found 9 results

  1. Shadow server

    Hey Since i cant find a server forum for shadow im posting this here. I was wondering is there are any english players on the epic server shadow. I have been playing there for about a week with a couple of friends and we made a guild and found some english members who quit after a day or 2 If you are on the shadow server and wanna join our guild you can post your name bellow and ill add you. Sorry fir posting this here if there is a shadow forum move it pleas. EDIT: feel free to add me on discord Erik#9575
  2. Shadow's Pyramid is Broken

    Hello everyone, first of all I wanna say that I didn't record this dungeon run so basically I will try to explain the situation as best as I can. I entered the dungeon to do Shadow (Tight) and in the boss fight the symmetry-mechanic, that you need to invuln the boss, was completely not working. Three major things happened: 1) I was removing mp from the monsters in the first two turns and guess what, I was actually damaging the Shadow ( I don't know why but he was randomly vuln the first two turns) 2) I actually DID the symmetry twice (one was like 5-6 squares away from the orb so I thought maybe it doesn't work that far away so I did it a second time when it was very close to the orb) and neither worked. 3) At this point I was ready to give up so I just locked the boss down and was healing and waiting for them to align in some way that it would work... I achieved symmetry for the 3rd time and this time things went completely out of control. This time he actually became vuln, so I damaged him with my first and second char. When the turn came to my 3rd char he became invuln again at the SAME TURN. So I just passed with rest of the chars hopeless without trying symmetry again... and at the beginning of the next turn there was NO symmetry but he was vuln again... and this happened AGAIN the turn after. Two turns in a row he became vuln with no symmetry and I was able to finish him off in those two turns. What I want to know is there another mechanic that I don't know of which may answer some of the things happened during this run... the fight took over 30 minutes and it was very frustrating and random. Thanks for your time.
  3. My friends and I have been playing Dofus on and off since the international beta release. Recently, we all decided to start playing the epic server Shadow… because we love experiencing the feeling when fear sinks the gut, followed by the 5 stages of grief :japanese_goblin: We are a tight niche group who rock-n-roll with a Discord server and play Dofus quite regularly (we also really enjoy 3v3 Overwatch matches among other titles/activities). I would consider our group a blast to play with, very helpful, and we have a wicked sense of humor. Our guild is currently small in numbers, but we’re actively making changes to boost our guild’s presence. If you’re someone from another server that’s interested in experiencing the dangerous roads of the epic server, currently playing but looking for a guild of English speakers, and/or want to be part of a friendly digital community beyond Dofus, let us know because we’d love to have you! Leave a reply here if you're interested or what more information and I'll get back to you, otherwise you can contact one of the following players in-game and they'll be able to invite you: Polymath Hermetic Thoth Boat Board Dismak Ryctre Reventice
  4. Shadow Vulning Issue

    So today, Leonis, Bob-Skittle and I were attempting First and Tight Achieve in Shadow Dungeon. We were doing well and we got Shadow, the Orb and the Silhouette in perfect symmetry. They were in one line, with no spaces standing side by side and... Shadow did not Vuln. So Leo found on the forums this thread that the mods have responded to.. So just in case anyone is planning on a Shadow run.. i encourage them to wait until maintenance next week.. cuz it cld just be a time waster... http://forum.dofus.com/en/4-problems-solutions/311169-shadow-vulning-issue
  5. Shadow Subscription Gifts

    It doesn't appear you can distribute subscription gifts/store purchases to characters on the epic server; does anyone know if this will be available in the future? Is it because the server is young? Or, am I doing something wrong? It would make sense if they didn't allow this; I just want some clarity. Thank you~
  6. B>Somboots

    Buying 'Somboots'. PM ME in game (Sommanker), post here or pm me on here. Thx.
  7. I originally posted this in the epic level equipment section, but I others have informed me that I may have put it in the incorrect section. Regardless, here it is in the correct spot: Hello everyone! I was at the 2014 10th anniversary Ankama convention and I have some extra items that I would like to sell including some skullcrasher shields! I will be documenting everything to make sure nobody gets scammed. Please make offers for the items in the photo! Shadow helmet Scampihorse helmet Yech'ti Ammy Kama set *** Feel free to send me your own offers/counter-offers! This is how it will work: You can message me on here or online (B-rian) to request one. *******I will send you a photo with the card and a slip of paper next to it with your username on it for proof! You will need to give me the kamas first and then I will Ankabox you the code afterward. You will have your shield and I will have my kamas! Here is some proof that I really do have codes! If you are not comfortable doing this then both you and I will have to pass on the transaction. Let me know!
  8. While going through my @replies on Twitter today, I saw that Sugared was asking about a Q&A for this event, since some people have lingering questions... so let's do this! What would you like to know about the event, folks?