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Found 18 results

  1. Julith Set/cape

    So basically, i wanna buy the cape. but it costs 55mk on nehra. i've made some research and you get the code when u visit the film? or something like that. someone else told me you can also get it when you buy the dvd/bluray of the film. can someone confirm or do i have to really spend 55mk lol
  2. Phiiila's B>/S> thread

    Selling pretty nice XLII set. XLII Ring: SOLD! 197/200 vit 37/40 str 37/40 agi 20/25 wis 3/3 ch 5/6 earth dmg 5/6 air dmg 7/7 lock 12/12 crit res 7/7 % neut res XLII Belt: SOLD! 248/250 vit 48/50 str 47/50 agi 26/30 wis 5/5 ch 1/1 summon 6/7 neut dmg 6/7 earth dmg 6/7 air dmg 480/500 initiative 7/7 lock 7/7 % earth res 7/7 % air res XLII Boots: 249/250 vit 47/50 str 49/50 agi 30/35 wis 1/1 mp 6/7 neut dmg 6/7 earth dmg 6/7 air dmg 10/10 lock 15/15 crit res 7/7 % fire res 7/7 % water res price is negotiable around 3mk piece. ATM I am buying some protoz'orror nucleus at total amount of 9 pcs. Paying 1mk each or willing to negotiate. BOUGHT! Also I am buying any Inky Veil. 13mk tops. BOUGHT! Another item to buy is Armoured Dragoturkey. Price around 7mk. BOUGHT! let me know here or in game /w Gatedolujedubomby
  3. Taking items orders

    Hello everyone, I'm taking items, trophies (dofus 2.29 ones) and whole sets orders. I'm taking orders for items from: Frigost: - Frigost I, Frigost II, Frigost III Enurado: - Brutatax, Drhossil Xelorium: - Fraktal, XLII Srambad: - Captain Scarlight, Toxoliath For further information, let a commentary or pm me in game: Miss-Ceremonial, Miss-Ceremonialle, Miss-Ceremoniial, Hehe-Ceremonial, Miss-Ceremoniel
  4. As it says, Looking to buy Powa Drhell set, near to perfect stats, thank youuuuu. IGN Leai
  5. Hi. Buying a Queen of Thieves set - Looking to pay around 100-110mk. Pm Zatoishwan, Zatowishwan or Zoh. ~Thanks. :)
  6. Hi all, So, I started playing Dofus around 1.0, I quit soon after 2.0. I've recently purchased a new laptop and fired my old accounts up. My younger brother had taken over my accounts as well as his for an 8 man team. Recently he'd sold up on all but one account. Which meant that my Sram is now 200 (yay!) but also penniless.. <_< What I want to get out of this thread is: - What's the default 200 kolo Sram set? + Cheaper alternatives for the meantime (My brother donated a Treadfast set?) - What's with the Intel traps, and is intel a worthwhile build? - Any fundamental class changes and where do I find them? - Eliotropes?! :huh: - Kama making, I'm flat broke! I think I'm going to spend some time watching a few Kolo matches to get the gist of new spells and classes. Hopefully I'll fall back in love with Dofus.. Thanks in advance, Dan :ph34r:
  7. Looking for around 12mk! If you have offers pm me in-game @ : Yowza or ankabox @ : thattrollguy2 SOLD THANKS
  8. Evening, lads. I am interested in buying a Bubotron sword with following stats: 25-30 (Air Damage) 9-14 (Air Damage) 335+ Vitality 98+ Agility 35+ Wisdom 6/6 Critical Hits -1 Range 17+ Air Damage 300+ Initiative 7-10 Lock (doesn't matter) 7-10 MP Loss Resistance (doesn't matter) 15+ Critical Resistance 14+ Fire Resistance I would be willing to pay 10-18MK for it. I'm still working on getting a part of the cash, so I'd expect to have it by next weekend. Anyway, kind regards, J. (message me in-game /w Jacuzzi)
  9. I'm looking to buy: > Age-old Set for 30mk+ depending on stats. If you have resources for it, I'm willing to buy those too as I have pebbles and count bandages already. > AP Bearbaric Band for 50mk+ depending on stats. Message me here or in-game: Rooted Thanks!
  10. Sorry meant to post in Epic Level Equipment
  11. Howdy friends on imps :) Dino here, I'm looking to finally part with my Major Defenders and Bulwarks. They've saved me countless times in PVP, and it's about time I pass them along the road to the next person who will use them to their advantage. I'm hoping to sell them only as a set. I'm looking to sell all of the following below for 16.5mk (Earth/Air/Fire/Water Bularks) (Earth/Air/Fire/Water Major Defenders) (Earth/Air/Fire/Water Major Bulwarks) Feel free to shoot me a /w IG @ Dinosaur/Battle/Pandwasaur or leaving a message here :)
  12. Looking to buy a Soft Oak Set with nice int stats, Reply here or PM me IGN Leai. Looking to pay around 4m depending on stats. Thankies!
  13. Merchand at 0,1 ( Oli-Hendz ) Open for negociations.
  14. Str/Cha Cra Endgame Set

    I've decided to start thinking about my cra's end game set, and I was unable to come up with anything particularly enthralling. I was wondering if the people of Imps could help me out. I need: -11 ap min(12 would be great) -5mp min -3 or more range -min 600 str and cha (or high %power) -some free slots for removal trophies That's what i was thinking about : http://dofusbook.net/perso/velavela/Exael-1.html Sorry for my English :)
  15. Which set for King-set?

    hey guys, I'd love to know which set imps thinks is best for my sac when I do find the time to come back He's currently pure wis and I've set that into the d/b sets, he's scrolled wisdom/agility, opinions please? Thank you! http://www.dofusbook.net/perso/equipement/King-set-1.html http://www.dofusbook.net/perso/equipement/King-set-2.html
  16. Hello guys ! I'm selling my old set and I'm going to change base ! So here are the set's I sell . Can sell piece/piece Celestial Bearbarian : Vitality 1090 (+1551), Wisdom 100 (+202), Strength 101 (+0), Intelligence 100 (+212), Chance 25 (+206), Agility 100 (+196) - Initiative 940 (+386), AP 7 (+2), MP 3 (+2) Bearbaric : Vitality 1090 (+892), Wisdom 100 (+166), Strength 101 (+43), Intelligence 100 (+56), Chance 25 (+3), Agility 100 (+60) - Initiative 488 (+851), AP 7 (+1), MP 3 (+0) Soft Oak : Vitality 1090 (+1294), Wisdom 100 (+154), Strength 101 (+139), Intelligence 100 (+305), Chance 25 (+0), Agility 100 (+0) - Initiative 770 (+204), AP 7 (+1), MP 3 (+2) If need more info, please contact me in game : Cutey-Warrior