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Found 16 results

  1. S> Gatherable Resources

    If you need a supply of any of the following gatherable resources, their crafts (potions, hp/energy items, alloys, planks, substrates, etc.) or want a profession leveling service with them for a very cheap price, feel free to contact me and we'll make it work. Prices listed inside the parentheses are rough estimates that mostly depend on the market/average price rounded down to the nearest 0 (except when it's below 10), there's always the possibility of lowering them more if you ask. Profession leveling service is around 2-4mk per profession, given that you don't want to keep the crafts. If anyone wants to sell any of these cheap resources in the markets for their normal price, feel free to contact me as well. (The main reason I've made this post is because I'm too lazy to list stuff in the markets, if you're not then it can be an easy profit) Message me on Impsvillage (Gravestorm), Discord (Gravestorm#3334), Ankabox (-Gravestorm-), or in-game /w Gravestorm if interested. Alchemist Nettles (10K) Sage (30K) Five-Leaf Clover (20K) Wild Mint (20K) Freyesque Orchid (20K) Edelweiss (20K) Pandkin Seed (20K) Ginseng (180K) Belladona (80K) Mandrake (280K) Snowdrop (500K) Farmer Wheat (5K) Barley (10K) Oats (5K) Hop (5K) Flax (5K) Rye (70K) Rice (70K) Malt (50K) Hemp (80K) Corn (100K) Millet (350K) Frosteez (300K) Fisherman Gudgeon (30K) Grawn (30K) Trout (20K) Crab Surimi (30K) Kittenfish (30K) Breaded Fish (50K) Ediem Carp (30K) Shiny Sardine (50K) Pike (50K) Kralove (50K) Eel (50K) Grey Sea Bream (90K) Perch (90K) Blue Ray (100K) Monkfish (200K) Sickle-Hammerhead Shark (200K) Lard Bass (100K) Cod (300K) Tench (300K) Swordfish (300K) Icefish (200K) Lumberjack Ash Wood (20K) Chestnut Wood (40K) Walnut Wood (40K) Oak Wood (30K) Bombu Wood (60K) Maple Wood (60K) Oliviolet Wood (50K) Yew Wood (30K) Bamboo Wood (20K) Cherry Wood (50K) Hazel Wood (20K) Ebony Wood (50K) Kaliptus Wood (60K) Hornbeam Wood (180K) Dark Bamboo Wood (20K) Elm Wood (1200k) Holy Bamboo Wood (140k) Aspen Wood (300K) Miner Iron (10K) Copper (10K) Bronze (10K) Cobalt (40K) Manganese (50K) Silicate (90K) Tin (300K) Silver (280K) Bauxite (20K) Gold (300K) Dolomite (1900K) Obsidian (1000K) Hunter Soon Orders: Message me on Impsvillage (Gravestorm), Discord (Gravestorm#3334), Ankabox (-Gravestorm-), or in-game /w Gravestorm if interested.
  2. XP leeching service

    Hi, i offer xp leech service 100m xp = 1mk U can leave me message here or in game
  3. Looking for exp service

    2 chars, both lvl 186, x1 multipliers, 750 wis /w Aysteria
  4. Has your nickname become a drag? Did you think it was funny when you chose it but now it seems ridiculous? Was it a reference to the love of your life… whom you now cordially despise? In short, you don't like your nickname. Good news: now you can change it! You asked for it, Ankama did it! Starting today, a new service is available in the Shop: the Nickname Change. Consider it well, weigh the pros and cons… and when you've made your decision, you just need to go to the Shop, open the Services tab, and click in the right spot! For just €9.99 (or local equivalent), your gaming life can take a new turn! ATTENTION: this service concerns your player nickname, associated with your Ankama account, and not the name of your character in the game (there's already the Name Change Potion for that)!
  5. Mrxovoc's Leeching service

    Hello, i want to offer a leeching service which i will open in a month, i am not logging your characters, exp rate is 500m an hour[no multipliers] i can take up to 6 chars at once, done in bonta arena. we can talk about prices how much chars, and what multipliers. Contact me in game : mrxovoc
  6. Phoenix-Cluster scammed at least 4 different people. Cya, gonna go back to CS:GO pro :D
  7. leeching mounts

    get your dragoturky/seemyol from level 1 to 100 in a few hours or the next day it depends on my free time, prices are 5 kk per level for dragoturky 8kk perlevel for seemyol pm me in game (eagle-kono)
  8. Am offering a cheap, affordable leeching service. I charge 25mk from 1 to 199 on x1 XP, depending how many multiplies you have we can come to a suitable agreement on the price. I level in Xelorium Dimension with 517 idols( 4 int cras ), so you do not need any frigost dungeons hopefuly.( unless the portal is somewhere there XD ). Every 100m XP = 700kk. You can pay upfront or pay every 100m xp. Requirements: Being pure wisdom is recommended, but if you have more than 400 Wisdom (1-150), 600+ Wis(150+) it's fine by me.For more information, please contact me by my in-game name, Soft. People who could vouch for me regarding paying upfront: ( will be updated ) Bae-material Vegeta, Bluetooth Quiver-head Unavailable Gros-hip
  9. Hey Guys! I'm offering fast and good (xp wise) leeching service. I'm online +10hours per day at the moment just to leech clients! Places where i leech has no requirements! *I write down the xp you gain per fight. *Be full wisdom! Pricinggoes 100m xp = 1mk (if no multipliers, sometimes negotiable) Alliance/guildie discount later coming! 2.35 UPDATE: Normally i've charged 35mk for 199-200 but in the coming update. I'm offering 199-199 (51%) for price of 15mk! Since when the update is released you will ding lvl 200 with 199(+50%) Hit me with pm in here or post in this, or you can contact me directly in-game IGN: Mivyy, Mivy-One, Mivy-Two, Mivy-Three, Mivy-Four Leeches Done: Doom - 195-199 Bobby-Arrow - 22-160 (still going) Exxies - 199-200 (74-100%) Re-Shot - 195-199 Waxu - 196-199 Pakkane - 199-200 Pakkanen - 199-200 Upb-Glyphr - 191-199
  10. Hello Everyone! Welcome to Rushu's new, Trustworthy, and Quick Leeching Service! We are offering a leeching service with the prices as follows: *Level 1 to 199 for 40m *Level 199 to 200 for 20m With the recent update to patch 2.35, the required xp from 1-200 has been changed. As future revisions of the xp curve come, the price will be modified to reflect this. *We will do a service on a per level bases, min is 10 levels for this service if you are below level 150. You will be charged on xp required to obtain the desired level. (37Mil xp for 400KK) -- Example: 120-140 would be 2.2M -Having an exp multiplier will mean that you can divide these prices by the multiplier. What we require from you: We have no basic requirements from your part. A decent amount of wisdom will speed up the process though! We can also speed up the process by being given access to your account, we have found that this can shave off about 25% to 30% of the total time taken. Many of our clients have chosen this option. :) Payment: For the below a min of half up front is required, once the work for the initial half is completed you will be required to pay the rest before our contract is completed. *Level 1 to 199 for 40m *Level 199 to 200 for 20m What sets us apart: We have 3 people working this service meaning we are able to handle more contracts at one time, this also means that if for some reason one person is unable to be online for a day or so we can still complete the contract within our time frame give or take a day (after discussing with you). Time Frame: ***The below times are estimates based on if you are tagging along, and not if we have the ability to log your account, logging your account does generally make the process quicker, and less boring for you!*** 1-199 or 199-200 (199-200 is now suspected to add 1.5x time to the times estimated below.) 1x xp 3 Days 2x xp 1.5 to 2 Days 3x xp 1 Day. 4x xp 1 Day. Per level time frame will vary based on the level requested, if you want a time frame ask us before agreeing to utilize the service. We have 3 people available to take on your leeching contract! Owyn/Clint Lukiido/Thantarian Aveal/Uul Your details will not be shared with the other person without your knowledge/discretion. If you are part of the Fedaykin guild or the FIN Alliance please be sure to let us know as we do give a special rate to Guildies/ Alliance members. Feel free to PM either Lukiido or Owyn/Clint in game and if we are not online post on the thread, or drop me an inbox here! Current work in Progress: Completed contracts/References: Viviane (145-197) Laef(199-200) Elynnia(163-198) Waffel 199(56%) to 200 Nehless - 195 to 200 Qinch 199 to 200 Filitar 1- 199 Everdes 1-199 Lille-Katten - 50-199 Tre-mannen - 50-199 Kepa 19X-199 Gucci-cra 19x-199 Lille-magikaren 19X-199 Irnageu 190-199 Exiees 184-199 Mivy-Two 50-199 Mivy-One 50-151 Nudes 195-198 Shawtyy 98-160 Feroshious 181-187 Jerkyy 182-198 Wanderlei 41-199 Hal 191 - 199 (50%) Cakepop 199 (25%) - 199 (50%) Dynamo 194-199 Tate 6-199 Xreaperr 199 43% to 199 to 50% Uglyish - 188 to 199 Smartish - 84 to 130 Asleep 1 to 199 Uranius 199 (25%-50%) Andrewjacksonjihad 100 to 190 Artful (1-199) Panda-Newb 176 to 200 Eni-Newb 123-200 Compliment 199 55% to 200 Nourishment 18X to 200 Encouragement 16X to 200
  11. Ladies and Gentlemen and everything in between of Rosalt... i mean Rosal. I have been doing a lot of pvm lately and decided I should spread the love and help people out that need help doing harder dungeons and don't have time or don't want to have a team. ... I lied I just want kamas ^_^ What I am offering is a leech through of the harder dungeons of Dofus with and without idols and with or without particular achievements for some kamas <3 Here is a list of dungeons with possible achievements and idols scores I am offering and for around how much. FRIGOST 3: SYLARGH : 2mk ; Barbaric 5mk ; Limp 3mk ; 300 5mk KLIME : 3mk ; Nomad 4mk ; Limp 4mk ; 300 5mk NILEZA : 3mk ; Limp 5mk ; Last 5mk MISSIZ : 3mk ; Nomad 4mk ; Tight 5mk ; 300 6mk COUNT : 5mk PRE-FRIG 3: For any of these dungeons just PM me and we can agree on a price... I can do all of the achievements and score 300. DIMENSION : NIDAS: 5mk ( Its AIDS allow me) ; First 30mk ( hard as fuck) ; Statue 100mk ( go suck a willy wonka) QUEEN: 20mk this includes first achievement cause its just easier to do. VORTEX: 10mk ; Focus 20mk ( must be done with Long distance liaison so might take a bit to get it to that) -I am working on Vortex 300 so that category might become available quite soon!- CATSEYE: 30mk -I am working on freedom and trio so that category might become available quite soon!- FAKE DUNGEON : WHALE : 8mk ; Statue 15mk ; Barbaric 20mk -I am working on Whale 300 so that category might become available quite soon!- These are the dungeons and prices I am offering , which may be negotiable depending on how much I love u , if you are sicario and what char you are. For example if you are a sac and want to do whale statue u can expect a slightly higher price ^_^ The only thing i expect you to do is for dimensions to find the portal and provide keys or tell me in advance to prepare them =) In some dungeons like Vortex I don't need you to do any damage but just follow my lead but for queen I can only take people that can damage. If you are a full leecher do ask me if I can bring you along but for most of the harder achievments you must not be full wis ( unless u are a cra or an enu in sylargh <3). The times I am usually on are between 22GMT and 3GMT .. or for you dofus time people 23-04 dofus time XD If there is a particular time that is not between this then do tell me and we can work something out! If you are busy and dont play a lot but still want to do some of these dungeons (F3) then we can do the room one day and the boss fight another one. PAYING: -For dimension dungeons half the money is given before start of fight and half after the fight has been won -For F3 half the sum of the money is given before dungeon is started and half after boss fight. This is done so to stop anyone from making them run through rooms and then leaving me hanging in last room! -For Whale all sum of money is given before start of dungeon , this is done in case someone gets AIDS and dies and leaves me there having wasted my time LOVE: Well if you are interested do tell me and we can always work something out! If you need something that is not there do tell me and we can work somthing out. BIRD OF TIME: Almost forgot! If you need help with the bird of time quest I am willing to help you through for a nice sum of 5-10 mk depending on ur char! For this I only expect you to be able to reset to full vit and have a decent set with atleast 20-30% resi in all and 50%ish on earth, Now i am actually done XD Love u !!!! PM me ingame on Ralph-z , Thesquirtinghoe , Thehornynurse, Thehornycougar, Steam-Devil , Ponyride or Howtoportal. PROUD MEMBER OF THE NON EXISTING GUILD OF ROSALT.. I MEAN ROSAL.
  12. no available exos for sale at this time, orders only atm Taking exo orders, however I will not be taking mainstream orders ap/mp bear,hairsh,nomarrow etc. I also do regular mages (perf stat,%res,OM stats etc) Hmu with some interesting mage ideas :D MY MAIN HAS BEEN CHANGED TO DRAYMOND-GREEN so contact there instead of Lil-remix thank you Message me in game at Draymond-Green or message here on Imps
  13. Heya everyone I’m writing this to announce that I’m officially starting my breeding achievement service. At the moment I only do the generation achievements (Talking ’Bout The Generations). I’m from Rosal (and Rushu), but I can also transfer to other servers for this service. This service is for players who doesn’t want spend months to accomplish this achievement or bother to learn/spend time breeding. Buying this package will allow you to fill all the 66 different colors of turkeys. This means +350 achievement points. It’s the main step to unlock Who's The Daddy?, the final achievement in Breeding category. With this package, you will have the Respectable Dragomaster ornament. The price for a full package (all 10 generations) is 60 mk. [Rosal or Rushu] If you don’t want the pure colors (odd numbered generation), the price is reduced to 55 mk. If you’ve never bred before, I guarantee the 5 other achievements: Pregnant Or Just Fat? (+1), Matron (+10), A Star is Born (+20), Snippety Snip! (+10), Freedom Won't Let You Down (+10) = +51 points. In total, this means this package gives 401 points that adds to your achievement point count! NB: I do not give away neither the mothers or the babies. This is not negotiable. If you require me to transfer to deliver the service, the price is 75 mk. If you don't want the pure colored turkeys (odd numbered generations), the price is 70 mk. There are several discount options (fidelity, quantity). Ordering several packages at the same time and buying new packages at a later point in time can both give discounts. If several people order on the same server when I’m transferring over the transfer fee will be split, lowering your expenses. In the future, if there is an interest for it, I could provide/extend the service to cover the 1.000 births/1.000 matings in 1 week. The 1.000 matings package will be available for 2 characters if you have access to a private guild paddock. The 1.000 births can be split on 2 characters too. But, for now, this service is only for the generation achievements. As a final note: This is a service based largely on trust, so I reserve the right to choose who I sell this service to… but it usually works out. The way the births are done will be explained in detail when you’ve placed your order, but it's just a method for me to keep track of my moms and babies to prevent scamming. And for the start of this service on Rosal, first customer will have a 15% discount on his package price! Have fun and cy soon.
  14. As the title states : QOT service : 30mk per run per char /w Destinctive or /w Tenderly Tend.
  15. Hey guys I'm Aura and I'm starting a new equipment service for mainly frigost equipment. If you need an equipment, message me on IV which one or which set and how much you'd like to pay for it. Prices vary ofcourse, so just let me know what you want. Examples : Klime's belt Glacial set Bubotron amulet Age-old set .. Aura
  16. HANDZ' GRANDE BAZAAR Introduction Got tired of making numerous buy/sell threads so I present you my grande buy/sell thread. For negociations on price contact me on my eni Rick-roll or sram Comte. Selling Age old amu is 2% air exoed, hat is 1% neutr exoed Buying Fragments for the Ellie Mental Amulet, paying 500kk ea fragment. [ON HOLD]