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Found 2 results

  1. I'm assuming some of you were as surprised as I was yesterday to log in and find your character's name had changed. Turns out some people incorrectly got name precedence during the server merge which Ankama has now (Partially) fixed, with intentions to fix the remaining issues on Tuesday's maint. I personally lost one of my character's names and got another back, so swings and roundabouts...
  2. Not sure what to do about the upcoming server merge? Want to look before you're forced to leap? Want to join a friendly community you can call your home? Well, look no further! We have a guild just for you, in INT Alliance! We are a community alliance from Rushu, currently 3,000 members strong About Us Our alliance was originally co-founded 18 months ago by Thanatos, -Rebellion-, and several other guilds, out of the desire to create a more “family-friendly” alliance -- the focus being on a building a respectful, positive community with fun gameplay, rather than on KOTH alone. We promote “clean /a chat”, meaning no drama, negativity, insults, or profanity. We are a “non-leeching” alliance -- instead, we require all our members to “participate” in the activities they are involved in. Our Philosophy We believe: that an alliance is made up of “people”, not “prisms” that leaders exist to “serve” the people they represent that alliances exist to “support and assist” their guilds and bring guilds together in community Our Objectives Our priorities are (in order of importance): 1) to build a vibrant community 2) to build solid defenses Alliance Core Council Our Alliance Core Council is made up of representatives from nine guilds. The title of “Alliance Leader” rotates between the Alliance Council Members, usually on a weekly basis. Contact Us Join our Discord: https://discord.me/dofus-int or https://discord.gg/prNkVBx Peruse our Forum: http://integrityforum.altervista.org Our Guilds If you are a player, looking to join an INT guild, here is a list and description of some of our guilds, and whether or not they are taking new members. If no contact info is listed, the guild title is linked to its Ankama profile, where you can see a list of the guild’s leaders/officers. 17 of our guilds are 10+ years old, with stable, experienced leadership. Some guilds are non-English speaking: we have Italian, Hispanic, French, and Finnish guilds. We also have some English guilds with translators (Dutch and German), for those proficient in English, but with the occasional question. More details will be added below in the future. Guilds from other servers that have already been accepted into INT, are not listed below. Thanatos *10+ year-old guild* Family Friendly guild Guild Level: 200 Accepting members level 140+ Note: this guild has “clean /g chat” (no profanity), has a Dutch-to-English translator. Apply below, or pm our in-game interviewers: Celticeni, DVan, Neyo-xx, Wulfie, Strawberriez Apply to Thanatos Thanatos is Recruiting (Imps page) -Rebellion- Guild Level: 143 Accepting anyone level 100+ who fits in with our community Note: pm Tazz-xd for more info about joining La Resistance *10+ year-old guild* Hispanic Guild Guild Level: 145 Note: This is a spanish-speaking guild, we accept members from the Hispanic community, contact Carolainita, Mala-men, or Thor-Mado for an invitation. Fratelli D’Italia *10+ year-old guild* Italian Guild Guild Level: 153 Note: This is an Italian-speaking guild Sanctuary Guild Level: 135 Note: pm Afrojack-jr for an invitation Concilium Germanicum *10+ year-old guild* Guild Level: 200 Accepting members level 160+ Note: This guild usually has 240/240 members, pm Uns-Daiman for more info about joining Konvict "Awesome people doing pvm together" Guild Level: 123 Accepting members level 100+ Note: We are a pvm guild that focuses on achievements, pm Fravanlan in-game for an invitation Hermes French Guild Guild Level: 126 Note: This is a french-speaking guild, pm Sauvignet for an invitation Revenge Guild Level: 121 Accepting members level 130+ Note: pm Noraxi or Xothen in game for an invitation Order of the White Wings Guild Level: 153 Accepting members level 150+ Note: to us “quality” is more important than level, we accept all alignments but are primarily Bonta/neutral, pm Nefaerion, Pix, Adame, Yagmure, or Sahri in game for an invite Suffragette *10+ year-old guild* Guild Level: 200 Note: pm Itachi for more info about joining The Flying Dutchman Guild Level: 92 Note: pm Icecold for more info about joining Word of Life *10+ year-old guild* Guild Level: 83 Note: Invitations to guild are restricted to players with a current contact in guild CHAPU Guild Level: 98 Note: pm Biospark for more info about joining Care Bears Guild Level: 129 Note: pm May-Lyn for more info about joining Misfits *10+ year-old guild* Guild Level: 133 Note: We are not actively recruiting, but we do still accept mature new members if they apply or are recommended by a guild member The Anonymous Guild Level: 82 Accepting active players level 180+ Note: pm Valkomen, or Swizz for more info about joining Fedaykin Guild Level: 200 Accepting members level 100+ Fedaykin is recruiting (Imps page) The Lost and Damned "Pirate Guild" Guild Level: 53 Note: pm Rael-Cleap if a pirate's life's for you! ARRR! Conditions on being accepted into this guild: Forward Unto Dawn Training Guild Guild Level: 72 Accepting levels 1-179 Note: This is a NON-LEECHING training guild, for people who wish to play with other lower levels doing lower leveled content, without rushing to level 200. You must be willing to play independently, without relying on other players to “leech” you Contact: Mickyds, Tahe, or Swizz for an interview Forward Unto Dawn Website Einherjar *10+ year-old guild* 100% Brak Guild Guild Level: 135 Accepting members level 160+ Note: Must be Brak. must be a main character (we do not accept alts), character can not be shared outside of guild, has a German-to-English translator Apply to Einherjar Avalanche "Old Family" Guild Level: 96 Accepting members level 120+ Note: contact Sir-Auron in-game for more info about joining Knights of Amakna *10+ year-old guild* Guild Level: 75 Currently all levels are welcome to apply; however, we are a "non-leeching" guild Note: pm -Ariane for more info about joining Kings of War Guild Level: 186 Accepting members level 150+ Note: We do mostly PvM, contact Bats-Eye in game to join Parallel Guild Level: 200 Accepting members level 100+ Note: this guild accepts people with good personality :D , contact She-Devil or Hooah for more info about joining Power acc *10+ year-old guild* Guild Level: 173 Superlative Exemplar *10+ year-old guild* Guild Level: 127 Member Requirements Plague Guild Level: 200 Plague is looking for active people 170+ Note: This guild usually has 240/240 members, contact Giant-Bluemonster if you would like to join POWER *10+ year-old guild* Guild Level: 151 Accepting members level 150+ Note: pm Deviil-Pain for more info about joining KALEVALA *10+ year-old guild* Guild Level: 100 Note: This is a Finnish-speaking guild, you must be from Finland to join and speak Finnish fluently, good reputation is a must, contact Roni for more info about joining KALEVALA Website Deception Guild Level: 57 Note: pm Rusta for more info about joining Behemoth Tight-knit & Laid-back Community Guild Level: 62 Accepting members level 100+ Note: although our guild members can speak various European languages -- we are primarily English-speaking, contact Grimnir, Nuovo-Renasciment, or Spacefire for info about joining Maya *10+ year-old guild* Guild Level: 74 Currently not accepting new members Interference *10+ year-old guild* Guild Level: 133 Love *10+ year-old guild* Guild Level: 81 Will be accepting new members with excellent reputation in the future Blank *10+ year-old guild* "Personal & Independent" Guild Level: 200 Currently not accepting new members Thanks for checking out our guilds! anjulica <3
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