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Found 27 results

  1. Kwismas island has arrived, wonderfull time to get new baby slayhounds. For that reason these mature, well trained and loyal slayhounds are looking for a new home. There's a total of 9 slayhounds with improved abilities (90 PP) and for your comfort, they all got 10 HP :) Looking for 4,5m each, negotiable /w Colombo-ll
  2. Hey, I'm selling following items: TF's Boots - 8MK Belteen - 14MK If you can't catch me online, leave a message here on Imps. Leafshade. peace out.
  3. Leafshade


    SOLD. Looking forward to hearing from you. You can reach me on Imps or in-game /w Leafshade. Best regards, Leafshade. Peace out!
  4. Dear Dofusers, I am selling >> Hairsh Bracelet "Exo AP", and the stats as follow. 1 AP 260 vit 46% power 3 Crit hit 2 Range 10 Net Dam 10 Earth Dam 9 Water Dam 10% net Res Please Pm me in the game, "Barkmar" or put ur name here, so I can pm you. Regards,
  5. I have merch at [1,1]. I can trade for another mats/items, pm me offer here or in game IGN: Punkowiec
  6. Hello, I am selling 3 (4) pets at this moment, 3x Nomoon and 1x Red Piwin. Nomoons have 90 PP, all 3 of them, and Piwin is 80 int. only. Contact me in game on Gio-Xx or here.
  7. Hello, I am selling MP Exo maged Broucey Ring. I have it on Rosal server but if I see good offer here I will move it to Rushu (can't find customer on Rosal). Here are stats from it: 1 MP 4 Initiative 287 Vitality 66 Strength 23 Wisdom 1 Range 14 Neutral Damage 14 Earth Damage 3 Dodge 5 MP Loss Resistance 10% Fire Resistance Selling for 27 MK starting price, you can offer anything (lower amount of kamas, items, resources, scrolls, pets...). Contact me here or if you have character on Rosal server - Gio-Xx.
  8. colombo-ll

    S>Vortex Wings

    Selling 43 Vortex wings 1.1m negotiable Need 10 QoT embroideries, so might exchange for those too 1:1 currently in merchant at [-2,1] (one map south of village zaap) for 900kk each Leave a msg here or pm me in-game: colombo-ll
  9. Hello, selling MP Exotic mage Broucey Ring. Any offers are welcome (items, resources, scrolls and etc.). Here are stats of it: 1 MP 4 Initiative 287 Vitality 66 Strenght 23 Wisdom 1 Range 14 Neutral Damage 14 Earth Damage 3 Dodge 5 MP Loss Resistance 10% Fire Resistance Contact me here or in game on Gio-Xx.
  10. Good morning, afternoon and evening! :) I'll be adding, removing and doing all sorts of stuff here so you can see what I'm looking to buy and what I'm selling. Trading items can be negotiated via PM on Imps or /w Sacrive on Rushu. Selling:
  11. as title stated looking to buy both those things, idk what they really cost but for sake of mods not vaporizing thread, price range i'm looking to pay is 15-25mk idk Pm Baked or Yeonie. Edit: need vilgante cape too
  12. Hi guys, strange sort of request here.. I've done quite a few kolosso runs + souls in an attempt to get the secret key without any luck, and I don't have any real desire to keep running the dungeon, so I was curious to see if anyone were interested in trading their kolosso souls (4 loot is fine) for some of the souls I have taking up space in my inventory. These include: 4L CB 6L Korriander 8L Korriander 8L CB 8L Tengu/Fuji x2 Could possibly buy them with kamas if the price is low enough, not entirely keen on this though. PM me here or ingame if interested, Thanks! 15 Souls later... Topic can be closed, thanks!
  13. Jack-Daniel

    S>Ice Dofus 65mk [1,1]

    Selling cheap Ice Dofus at [1,1]
  14. Jack-Daniel

    S>Ice Dofus 65mk SOLD

    Im selling an Ice DOFUS for 65mk if you're interesting pm me in game Jack-Daniel
  15. Cait


    Cryo price- 45 mk -> 42mk Rushu server/ IGN: Raitir SOLD
  16. Hello Everyone, This post is a list of Arch Monsters that i am still looking for. I am willing to buy/trade and at the bottom you will see a list of souls that i have available. If you are interest please message me in game. Lord-Rekop / Ayron-Arciere / Recovery-Word /Master-Pandatak I am looking these Arch Souls 1. Chukoalak the Norris 2. Dregguantico the Trainer 3. Edvushmunch the Screamer 4. Fisheralf the Stewart 5. Floratio the Investigator 6. Follikoko the Tufted 7. Grabbit the Runner 8. Jackoalak the Moonwalker 9. Kanarrie the Reckless 10. Kannirlotte the Shy 11. Kitsouie the Green 12. Koalakropolis the King of the Hill 13. Koalarchitect the Balancing Force 14. Koaldman the Garish 15. Koelloggs the Creator 16. Leorio the Haunted 17. Mamankalak the Bibliomaniac 18. Miomaho the Siciliano 19. MoMaho the Modernist 20. Mushuliet the Catapulet 21. Nidsally the Mushtang 22. Pandahl the Rolled 23. Pandipoopik the Wondrous 24. Pandoracle the Opposing Force 25. Pandumonium the Joker 26. Pikhoven the Deaf 27. Piralhaka the Intimidator 28. Pocher the Kingponger 29. Popoalak the Mousibrown 30. Romush the Montecchi 31. Roy the Rover 32. Snailmetalika the Garagician 33. Sparodi the Python 34. Spimushketeer the Loyal 35. Tanaked the Stalker 36. Tanno the Dominator 37. Tanukhiraru the Gifted 38. Tanukhuina the Drawer 39. TanuKiki the Deliveryghost 40. Treekalack the Sad 41. Trumpaynor the Survivor 42. Yoksai the Spirited Arch Souls that i am Selling/Trading 1. Bandinamit the Explosive 2. Dragamemnon the Deadtroyer 3. Dreggaton the Latino 4. Dreggooliz the Macho 5. Dreggooniz the Adventurous 6. Jelleno the Chinny 7. Jellvis the King 8. Roseanne the Yanker 9. Snapple the Wise 10. Sparodi the Python 11. Tofulsom the Jailer --------------------(( Updated anytime I get a soul that i need ))-------------------
  17. Hey, I'm going to sell ochre dofus for price 84mk which is non-negotiable. Pm me on imps or ing Monology.
  18. Buying all Equips 40% Off market price pm Silver-Storms and ill give you an offer and kamas very fast
  19. Buying all Equips 40% Off market price PM ME for fast Kamas I have BILLIONS of Kamas to spend on this server and I PAY more Kamas for Good Items PM ME your items I’ll give you an offer within minutes !!! also selling [Allister's Crown] +1ap mage [Minotot Cloak] +1mp maged [Fuji Snowfoux Ring] +1ap maged [bherbal Bherb Belt] +1ap maged at [0,0] or pm me Silver-Storms
  20. As title says im buying a 17crit turq for 45-47mk, pm me on imps or in game, Gimp or rehab or Animuffin or reapersaurus
  21. Howdy friends on imps :) Dino here, I'm looking to finally part with my Major Defenders and Bulwarks. They've saved me countless times in PVP, and it's about time I pass them along the road to the next person who will use them to their advantage. I'm hoping to sell them only as a set. I'm looking to sell all of the following below for 16.5mk (Earth/Air/Fire/Water Bularks) (Earth/Air/Fire/Water Major Defenders) (Earth/Air/Fire/Water Major Bulwarks) Feel free to shoot me a /w IG @ Dinosaur/Battle/Pandwasaur or leaving a message here :)
  22. Bought a +13 for 25mk :)
  23. El-Delacroix

    S> Dragon Pig's Maze Key

    Hey! Im currently selling 445x Dragon pig's maze keys. The price is 15kk per key (take them all and im willing to go cheaper) Pm me ingame: El-Delacroix
  24. This is list of archmonsters, that I have now to sell. I started catching them 11.10.2013 and try to enlarge the list. I will daily update this post. Prices: 1-50 lvl - 50 kk 51 - 100 - 75kk 101 - 150 - 100kk 151 - 1000 - 150kk Contact: - PM on forum - PM in game Melodyna OR if offline Merchant [0,1] List: Nebuchadnezzar the Conqueror Abounteous the Generous Kokonan the Talker Turtrenalds the Tragic Misskokoko the Channel Arachnawar the Killinmachin Bulbushisu the Makisan Suzessman the Enthusiastic Bulbamoon the Trumpeter Bambono the Holy Kitsewey the Blue Scaratheef the Pincher Jellyposukshion the Slim Scarabreef the Short Bulbigroov the Dancer Leopardon the Sorry
  25. 1 AP 240 vit 55 str 56 int 36 wis 4 critical hit 10 earth dmg 10 fire dmg 5 heal 7% water res 7% air res 60mk Pm Ardone,Ekkiminus,Lady-Crusher,Littler-Nanny SOLD

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