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Found 7 results

  1. Hello, Ogivol is currently trying to scam people by selling codes for items such as Shadow Hats and Skullcrusher Shields. He is also 'selling' his accounts. For example: (Trade) Seraph-Lydia: selling [Skullcrasher] [Hispañic Shield] [Shadow Helmet] gift codes pm me. He is also offering a leeching service, which is completely fake. Be weary of who you deal with and who you lend your accounts to. Updated as of August 2019 thefrenchfrog-2 (Zatowishwan) is in unknown area. thefrenchfrog-2 (Bet-threesixone) is in unknown area. Fireomare (The-Boozer) is in unknown area. Lefrenchfrog (Fac) is not online. catinka (Kuk) is not online. psyduckie (Skeleteur) is in unknown area. Fireomare (Pandateur) is not online. thefrenchfrog-2 (Hot-Raider) is in Amakna jono2102 (Karinka) is in Astrub. 2k15 (Alpha-Heals) is in unknown area. 2k18 (Alpha-Drinks) is not online. 2k17 (Alpha-Wrath) is not online. -L-E-M-O-N- (Xyx) is not online. lemonslove (Moo-Moo) is not online. alfpit-ofc (Mc-Fly) is not online. edfgdfgher5yhr (Solditeur) is not online. thefrenchfrog-2 (Ironhidee) is not online. charliehelsby96 (Sup-Doc) is not online. Dehox (Jeffryl) is not online. charliehelsby123 (Sup-Grave) is in unknown area. charliehelsby96 (Master-Helsby) is in unknown area. Guild Las Noches sanzil12 (Qeon) is not online. charliehelsby123 (Apprentice-Helsby) is in unknown area. theaqltsner (Coins-frix) is in unknown area. Demonologia (Szmula) is in unknown area. stratiegic (Neurotic) is in unknown area. KathyonguaAd (Moo-Zato) is in unknown area. leagueecax (Mclaren) is in unknown area. psyduckie (Preacher) is not online. Fireomare (Fisticuffs) is not online. ----Slovak---- (Gyumnopedies) is in unknown area. fixicek (Ironhiide) is in Amakna. Guild Gutted, alliance [TQT] Mosafa (Jav) is not online. Mosafa (Yellownote) is not online. Demonologia (Oligarchy) is in unknown area. Guild Gutted, alliance [TQT] maccat1234 (Star-Shrekker) is not online. Guild Gutted, alliance [TQT] [12:09] ----Slovak---- (Herchest) is in Koalak Mountain. Guild Gutted, alliance [TQT] [12:25] ----Slovak---- (Ecateur) is not online. Guild Gutted, alliance [TQT] Hurt-you-bad (Jamie-Baldheal) is not online. samnluke (Elemental-storm) is in unknown area. money-manz (Hischest) is not online. Demonologia (Kat-Oshi) is in unknown area. judgment-time (Dreamreaper) is in Astrub. StaryAMoze (Staryalejarry) is in unknown area. Guild Omni krywolf (Lai) is in unknown area. Guild Reserved, alliance [River] im-axperus (Samz-range) is not online. Guild Gutted, alliance [TQT] blackingteuton (Eyela) is not online. gurungmanz (Zatoishwanu) is in Astrub. Guild Las Noches, alliance [GxG] gurungmanz (Quitting-Mercherino) is online. CoroNT (Zdrovita) is in unknown area. Guild -The Heroes-, alliance [ECO] Oakley-chest (Santah-nunuu) is in unknown area on the server Rushu. oakley-arrows (Seraph-Lydia) is in unknown area on the server Rushu. Guild Quest, alliance [OneLV] oakley-shields (Alpha-Escobar) is in unknown area on the server Rushu. Guild NightHunters, alliance [VAN] oakley-luck (Alpha-Pusayboi) is not online. Guild Alpha Centauri oakley-portals (Scamuel) is not online. Guild Domination, alliance [EMP] Oakley-drunk (Santah-enuu) is in unknown area on the server Rushu. oakley-arrows (Alpha-Arc) is in unknown area on the server Rushu. Guild Alpha Centauri balekilmadit (Santah-Bramble) is in unknown area on the server Rushu. Guild Alpha Centauri oakley-luck (Alpha-Eristoff) is in unknown area on the server Rushu. Guild Alpha Centauri Oakley-12 (Alpha-Turrets) is in unknown area on the server Rushu. Guild Alpha Centauri oakley-shields (Alpha-Bang) is in unknown area on the server Rushu. Guild Alpha Centauri Oakley-chest (Alpha-Fuhrer) is in unknown area on the server Rushu. Guild Alpha Centauri oakley-cra (Alpha-Bow) is in unknown area on the server Rushu. oakley-masq (Grangatrohiller) is not online. oakley-masq (Balano) is not online.
  2. Tried to scam with the "removing a zero from the kamas amount in the trade window" Method, which goal is to pay 1/10 of the agreed price. Another player told me this scammer tried to scam him as well. Screenshots show everything: He had set me on ignore when the trade started, I told him to un-ignore me with another acc.
  3. hawantika (Invalid) Heaven-Sent was scammed out of 12 years of items (1 bk worth, including 155 mk kamas) by hawantika (Invalid), who stripped her account after hacking her shield in order to use an IP address she did not authorize via her email. After looking at the unauthorized IP that went through Heaven's shield, Ankama's response was: “your email must have been compromised” - saying that they aren't responsible if Invalid hacked her email. Within a few hours, this was discovered on Invalid's char page (on left) – compare the stats to Heaven-Sent's items on the right. These are two of many, many screenshots – I personally received 46 full screenshots from Heaven-Sent detailing the items (and she has many more screenshots, including of IP's, etc., and other proof that can't be posted here). After denying that he had any of her items (note that the belt has Heaven's signature on it), Heaven-Sent sent Invalid the above screenshots. As soon as Heaven-Sent sent him the proof, Invalid hid his char page on dofus.com, and blocked her on dofus and on Facebook. Heaven-Sent is willing to have this post removed from the Scammers' Registry if it was all a “mistake” and Invalid returns her items and kamas to her.
  4. Hello everyone. This didn't actually happen to me, it happened to a guildie. I am just posting it here on his behalf, so the following conversation is courtesy of "Quppo". from Georgealy: You're reported in the forum, are you really a scammer? to Georgealy: eh? from Georgealy: I'm reading the article of [Izmar].. u're reported by multiple players to Georgealy: If you say so from Georgealy: Go ahead read the article from Georgealy: forumdofus-general-discussion-server-feedback.Com to Georgealy: Im not following that link from Cloak of a Thousand Excuses: If I were a loincloth I'd want to belong to an Eniripsa. to Georgealy: That's not even an articlel ink from Georgealy: as u like , its forum link to Georgealy: is that how people try to scam these days from Georgealy: it is copy it in ur browser to Georgealy: no, you're doing that because to Georgealy: If it was a real link to Georgealy: It'll be flagged by dofus to Georgealy: Like all links are to Georgealy: Then you'd realise well shit, i'm getting scammed to Georgealy: So then the scam wouldn't work from Mischief Hat: Get that finger out of your nose immediately! Georgealy is ignoring you and will therefore no longer receive your messages. Excuse the message backdrop, was pasted directly from Discord. [16:37] (Info) ziothol (Georgealy) is in unknown area on the server Rushu. The details of the attempted scammer above. I'm not sure if anyone can relate his nickname to anyone else. To be honest though, this is a pretty shocking attempt at a scam. Watch out peeps!
  5. A few days ago my Wife (IGN: DecapitatedAngel) shown me an image of someone who is scamming and using her name. Please be aware that "Gg-easy" is NOT Decapitatedangel or one of her "New accounts" Here is a SS. You will see the C&P of the message in the screenshot (see below). Also as a rule of thumb ; Do some research. This person is claiming to be Decapitatedangel on a NEW account that was JUST created because her account was hacked (which is wasn't). If you look into the character info and info page you will notice ALOT of holes in that story. http://www.dofus.com/en/mmorpg/community/directories/character-pages/1220134500002-gg-easy 1. Decapitatedangel Main is a 200 Eni ; If I was hacked and had to restart I would choose a class I love ; why make a osa? 2. If the account was JUST created ; how is it a lvl 149 in a few mins? Sure it can be done quick ; but not within minutes of making it. 3. Decapitatedangel is the leader of a guild. Why join a random guild in INT? And not put the alt in the guild you own? 4. If the leader of the guild was hacked ; how is she online and still leader of the guild? 5. Why bother gearing an account that you created just to get help? And why use that account for Votes? 6. The account wasn't recently created. Either way. There is always a "Vote for me" scam going on. Please avoid them ; and never blame the person that person is claiming to be. Do some research first. Doesn't really take more then common sense. Finally. When clicking links NEVER enter your log in information and use Ankama Shied. Always check the Domain AND subdomain AND folder. Domains are the "Main" part to look at. example. Someone may send you a link like login.dofus.com The Domain DOFUS.Com is correct. The subdomain could be correct but if it isn't you would be redirected to Dofus.com so the site would be likely safe to use. If the site however is Dofus.Gladiator.com the Dofus SEEMS legit but thats a subdomain and isn't monitored where as the actual domain is Gladiator.com and is being used for phishing. It can be misleading but anyone can have dofus.something.something. But NOONE else can have Something.DOFUS.com so please be safe.
  6. As you can see on the image people are sending Account sale links these days. Although selling accounts is forbidden and against rules but yeah, for the ones still don't know that. Be aware and have a safe gaming.
  7. [23:28] 3300865 (Wypee) is in unknown area. Only screenshot I took because exchange window closed so fast Pretty much this guy is back (seen his alias' on other posts) Tried to offer me 13mk + item, Sent long pm at last second, And switched to 1.3mk. Just be careful guys :)
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