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Found 15 results

  1. Im a huppermage lvl 92 (By the time im writing this) and im looking for someone to leech me, preferably a team. Im willing to pay 20kk per level. I have 600wis and x2. Goal - level 166
  2. The Rushu section of the forum seem to be a quit the handful. They need someone just to mod that corner of the forum and keep them from getting out of hand. I am willing to under take the challenge. I will pass judgment on all of the memes they post. Decide when a a post has gone too far ext. Most of the mods at the moment don't play so it would be helpful to have an active player Mod that section. I will be able to connect with the players in that deep dark abysses well call the Rushu threads. Azaelya told me that i should be more useful for the forums so what is a better way to do that then moderate one of the most toxic places on the forums. I understand it will be a challenge but i volunteer as tribute. P.s. I am not trolling or trying to cause drama this is 100% serious
  3. Hey guys, Just curious as to how many of you are still around back from the 2007-2010 times?! -SilentStalker- Edit: Oops sorry meant to post this in town square!
  4. Hi, My friend got problems to play Dofus in China, he got very high ping, so he is unable to play. What he should do, I want to play with him again.
  5. As the title says name what you consider to be the most profitable place to hunt perceptors in.
  6. Hey guys it's Platypus, your once cra now eca friend. You might have seen me running around the past few days but I've just started playing again after 2 years off. I can't promise I won't quit again but Rushu seems to be a lot better off so I might not. I'm currently in the guild Revolution, but I am very open to meeting new friends and doing shit together. I love the game, might not be the best at it yet (freaking ecas man), but I am always down to try something new. Hit me up with a PM in game if I'm online or on here. Either works. Love you all. Can't wait to meet some of you. Bye :)
  7. After 9 great years on Rosal i decided to move Rushu. Since the name Skyla is already taken on Rushu ill be livin my Rushu live as Kongoku. This message is for evreyone who cares. :> xoxo
  8. Hey, For the people who don't know me, I'd like to introduce myself - My name is Alex, I'm Scottish and Black (lolololol, how does dis even heppen) and i've been involved with dofus for a good 8-9 years of my life. And i've become a seasoned player or i'd like to think so. I think this is the time for me to say my good-bye's. I've lost interest in dofus, It's become an intense grind to do anything, and that isn't fun, there are ofcourse certain aspects i loved and will continue to love about dofus, but for now i think, I'm done. Reason for quitting(So i don't need to keep explaining) : I've invested too much time in this game, time that could be invested somewhere more useful for example - Uni/work/Volunteering etc etc.. As said earlier, dofus is becoming far too much of a grind to do anything, for example.. breads... ofcourse games are meant to be hard.. just not tedious. Now there's something i've always wanted to do and i will do that. I have always wanted to give away money to the people i thought needed it the most, and when i say need it the most, i don't mean the people that constantly beg for shit, i'm talking about the hard workers that log on everyday and do their shit to get certain shit. So i have sold all my gear on every single character, I've come up with a good 600Mish ( It's meh.. I gave a lot already ) --- I'm going to be giving away 100M on rushu. And just for closing sakes -- I just want to say any last goodbyes to people whom might not know me, but can empathise with me. P.S - I wanted to delete my accounts, but I've decided a close friend of mine, one whom i trust will be using it from now On. - Black man out. Ok, i'm done now. waw. i feel like a priest writing this bible lolol.
  9. Self-explanatory title, Why not put Dofus on steam...? Wakfu's on Steam. :rolleyes:
  10. [23:28] 3300865 (Wypee) is in unknown area. Only screenshot I took because exchange window closed so fast Pretty much this guy is back (seen his alias' on other posts) Tried to offer me 13mk + item, Sent long pm at last second, And switched to 1.3mk. Just be careful guys :)
  11. So I started over on Rushu, sold everything on Rosal. I was wondering if I'm able to buy Ogrines on Rosal and then spend them on color changes on a character on Rushu. Otherwise its all p2p moneyz i guess. Thanks for any info.
  12. Title says it all. Anyone here from Michigan? :)
  13. Players : Deda-Franjo Enu 200 Lyanna Iop 200 Evie Eni 200 Ryuuzaki Mask 200 Yokozuna Panda 200 Physia Feca 200 Had Sram 199 Madillyn Sram 200 The-Skotter Iop 200 Skotter Eni 200 Skotter-Jr Feca 200 Zombiefood Panda 200 Imyourdoom Mask 200 Rich-Skotter Enu 200 Skottar Xelor 199 Skotty Sac 200 Doomwarden Sram 200 Elias-hadad Cra 199 Heart-thief cra 200 Ghost-thief sram 198 Visions sram 200 Amo-sz Osa 200 Corpsegrinder sram 200 Geanc sram 200 Elsa-Maria eni 200
  14. Sup peeps! I've been playing Dofus for quite a while. Got a few chars, but never really thought of joining this forum until today. So here I am! Hope to meet new people! B-)
  15. Like the title reads, I'm back again from taking a break and this time I switched servers from the usual server that I always played on (Zatoishwan) for Rushu due to the much bigger population here. Only problem I been having so far is never having anybody to chat with or party with which for me, is a big part of the fun. So I figured I would post here since I'm already a level 114 cra without any friends or a guild and let you guys know how much of a loser I am haha. Anyways my IGN's Shuko so either hit me up or leave me a message here and I'll get ahold of you! Thanks for reading!
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