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Found 4 results

  1. PSA. There has been an ongoing issue surrounding the posting of threads in our marketplace sections. This is because members are failing to read or choosing to ignore our much loved 'marketplace guidelines', primarily the requirement for a selling or offering price, which is pinned in every forum. This is something we have always requested on Imps Village and will continue to request. The reason we ask for this to be included is so that the forums can both benefit you in a quick sale but also provide a resource for others to price check items, a benefit for everyone in the long run
  2. To quote some of our rules: Racism/Sexism/Bigotry: Racial slurs are unacceptable regardless of ethnic background. It's not allowed. Casual use of the above: In addition the use of homophobic, racist, violent, or sexist language even in a causal or joking context, can be harmful and hurtful to people you might not expect, please be sensitive in your speech. To be explicitly clear, as many members do not seem to understand this, hate speech, symbols of hate, and any and all variations thereupon are FORBIDDEN. A non-exhaustive list of things that have neve
  3. Might I remind you that using Imps Village is not your privilege. This site costs time and money to run, and is free to use. In return we expect our members to follow the rules we set out to ensure a pleasant environment for people to interact with one another and benefit the community as a whole. If you want to throw your right to be a member here away for the chance to be a cool, edgy mother fucker that's fine. Don't expect to last here much longer; I welcome you to try your chances on the Official Forums. There are many mature adults but also youngsters who will be more than hap
  4. Howdy Friends. People have given me new buttons to push so I've enlisted some help for our moderators, new and old, to revisit the rules once drawn up by Overlord Kyek. With a new group of mods, an ever changing Ankama TOS, and a growing community it’s long past due that we make some housekeeping changes, thus, we are banning you all! Okay I kid, we are however making some much needed changes to rules and guidelines which I've listed bellow. Lets start first with the Imps Village rules. These remain mostly identical to the original writings. If you've read them since we moved to the new ve
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