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Found 46 results

  1. Um, hey everyone! Havent been on this forum in a while! Anyway I recently quit Wakfu and decided to come back to dofus to check it out, just playing my level 200 cra (Not playing the rest of my team), and im stuck for kamas to be able to sub. Obviously I have a whole bunch of equips that I can sell, yet I dont know the market prices and I cant use the trade channel. My question is, how can I make 100kk as a free to play player (I managed to rustle up 900kk kamas) to be able to sub? Thanks in advance!
  2. xXx Horde xXx

    Gathering Warriors for the Horde. Today is the Birth of the Horde, marking first day of Honor for The Horde. Private Message /w Alectrocity level 200 iop Horde warrior veteran See thing you've never would have seen before, unlocking Horde adventures and power with teamwork All level's are welcome to join The Unholy Legion of Horde
  3. Hey guys i've been inactive for a couple of years and im going to try get back into Dofus, Keen to join up with one of the OG clans if anyones still around. Thanks, Sugeusa
  4. Merch name: BAMGELINA-JOLIE FINISHED WITH SALE Feel free to leave offers in comments on items. Have a bammer of a day! (resembles a good day) When I try to get some Screenshots: Merch Overview! + Sold List! SOLD LIST: Cycloid Boots Major Stunter AP Glacial Cape
  5. Hello. I am looking for Totankama's Tablet Fragments to buy. Here is list of what I need: [Totankama's Tablet Fragment 1/5] [Totankama's Tablet Fragment 2/5] x2 [Totankama's Tablet Fragment 3/5] x1 [Totankama's Tablet Fragment 4/5] x1 [Totankama's Tablet Fragment 5/5] x2 Got one extra 1st fragment to swap for others (can add 50kk from my side). Also if you have [Totankama's Tablet] itself, I am buying those also, 2x needed only. Starting price I am paying is 200kk per fragment and 1mk for tablet. Prices are negotiable, post here what you have or in game. P.S.
  6. Sup Rosal Recently Finished all three of the Sufokia dungeons so I wanted to start a leeching service. Prices are as follows; Dantinea's Palace- 20mk Dantinea (Statue)- 7mk Captain Meno's Ship- 20mk Captain Meno (Blitzkrieg)-7mk Captain Meno (Limpwrist)-7mk Koutoulou's Temple- 20mk Koutoulou's Larva (Limpwrist)- 7mk Message me on imps or ingame on beehiveone if interested. Thanks and good gamme. I can also do the monsters achievement if you're interested in that aswell.
  7. Hello, I am buying Totankama's Tablet Fragments. Here are the ones I need: [Totankama's Tablet Fragment 1/5]: 0x [Totankama's Tablet Fragment 2/5]: 2x [Totankama's Tablet Fragment 3/5]: 1x [Totankama's Tablet Fragment 4/5]: 2x [Totankama's Tablet Fragment 5/5]: 2x or [Totankama's Tablet] itself. Paying 200kk for each fragment, 1mk for tablet. PM me in game on Gio-Xx or here. (Edited to update what I've bought and not needed anymore.)
  8. Hello, I am selling 3 (4) pets at this moment, 3x Nomoon and 1x Red Piwin. Nomoons have 90 PP, all 3 of them, and Piwin is 80 int. only. Contact me in game on Gio-Xx or here.
  9. Ahoy Imps Village, yer captain is hereby announcing his Twitch participation. I've been streaming September 2015, with some positive feedback from guildies, friends and strangers and I'm actually quite enjoying this. Games that I'm streaming: * Dofus * random games from my steam account (VVVVVV, Bastion, etc.) * Various Wii U games (Sm4sh, Pokken, Star Fox Zero, etc.) * random old school games (Metal Slug, Megaman, etc.) * random hacks/mods of old school games (Kaizo Mario, etc.) Things you can look forward to during my streams: * German accent * me messing up phrases * me messing up pronouncing a word properly and trying to pronounce it 15-20 times until the word doesn't make any sense anymore * Catchphrases like "here we go", "oh well", "that's not good", "wait, what?", "god damn it", "why am I doing this?", "woooooot", "aaaand I'm dead.", "Another one down, X to go", and many more. * doing very dumb mistakes and not seeming to learn from most of them * awkward chair-dancing * drinking * swearing * having a beard * trying to greet French viewers in a broken French Times I'm trying to stream: Mondays at 9 PM Thursdays: Alternating either at 7pm or at 9 PM Fridays: at 9 PM Saturdays: Either at noon, 5pm or 9pm Sundays: Either at 5pm or 9pm Expect cancellations on the weekend, as I sometimes have to take care of my social life. The general rule is however that I try to stream at least 3 times a week. Recent highlights: Vortex Placement 2 - Panda/Iop/Sadi/Rogue Catseye (Freedom) - Panda/Rogue/Enu/Sadi Stupid jokes only I think are funny If any of this seems like something you want to check out, please do visit me on my Twitch channel. I can't promise that I stream every day, I try to communicate schedule changes on my Twitter account. Please note that this isn't a special Dofus-only Twitter account but my personal from way back when Twitter started and therefore some tweets have nothing to do with either Dofus nor Twitch nor games but mostly web development. If you follow me on Twitch you'll get a notification if I'm streaming without having to deal with other topics. I'm also on YouTube now. I started uploading my stream highlights onto my YouTube channel. Check it our here. New: Discord You can now join my Discord server and get schedule changes or announcements of special upcoming streams without having to use Twitter. Or just hang out and maybe even join the stream as the voice in my hand. Click here to join. See you around.
  10. Hello Rushu!

    After 9 great years on Rosal i decided to move Rushu. Since the name Skyla is already taken on Rushu ill be livin my Rushu live as Kongoku. This message is for evreyone who cares. :> xoxo
  11. I'm selling a AP exoed Mopy King Sovereign Seal STATS 1/0 AP 143/150 VIT 36/40 CHA 37/40 AGI 30/35 WIS 1/1 RANGE 5/7 DMG 7/7% EARTH RES 10/10 EARTH RES 10/10 WATER RES Price is 16.5MK! PM ME IN-GAME; Tarot,Tsik,Rektum,Rektrum,Rotta Ty.
  12. Hey Rosal! I did not manage to open Kralove yesterday, I guess I should have organised it a bit before! So this is why I will be trying to open Kralove next weekend on the 23/05/15 or 24/05/15 at around 20:00 DUT with our friend Kedi who will be needing help for his ochre as well! Leave a message on imps or pm me /w Natsue ! Hope to see you guys next week :) Have a lovely week :P P.S: Leave the date you prefer so we can choose the better one! Thanks for your help :rolleyes:
  13. Hey guys, It's Natsue again, :P . I have recently gathered my archs and finally reached step 35! Now I need your help to open kralove!! I am not sure when is a good time to do it but I hope to get some replies soon so we can try to figure out a date :D ! PM me in imps or /w Natsue in game. Hope to hearing from you guys soon! *Poof* :ph34r:
  14. 12 CH turq for 15m 14 CH turq for 15m 18 CH turq for 25m or send me an offer
  15. S>6x Eliom 440 vit

    Freshly raised 6 3 elioms with 440 vit (each :P) Looking for 9m 7m each negotiable Leave a message here or pm me in game /w Colombo-ll
  16. Dear Rosalians, today at 20:00 DUT we will do an attempt of KRALOVE OPENING. I hope you show up in great numbers and help us open KRALOVE once again! As you all now it takes time to open so try to be patient while we gather all people needed. Thank you all and hope to see you tomorrow! Meeti, Nesei & Meeta
  17. [B] 3x Eliom

    Looking to buy 3 Elioms for 1,5m each (any stats) Leave a msg here on find me in game (IGN: colombo-ll)
  18. S>Dragon pig souls

    Selling 100+ DP souls, 220kk each or 20M if you buy 100 :D Leave a reaction or catch me in game (IGN Colombo-ll)
  19. Buying elemental fragments

    Looking for: -3rd water fragment -2nd and 4th fire fragment -1st air fragment Paying 2m each Find me in game (IGN Colombo-ll) Thanks :)
  20. Hi?! Let's play!

    Hello! This is my first impsvillage post! I am Crisis. Yes, Crisis. A Rogue who just incarnated as i'm making this post. I hope that by using this forum i'll be able to learn and prosper in the game, as well as become part of an unknown to me, but hopefully amazing, community. Thanks for reading. P.S. Let's be friends!
  21. [S] 5x Eliom 440vit

    As title say, I have 5 Elioms with 440 vit (improved) I'd like to sell. I have them in my merchant around village zaap ([-2,0]) right now for 12m (not really sure 'bout price since not to many around to compare with) so certainly negotiable. Leave a msg here or try to catch me in game IGN: Colombo-ll, Colombo-Bombs
  22. Dear Rosalians, tomorrow at 19:00 DUT we will do an attempt of KRALOVE OPENING. I hope you show up in great numbers and help us open KRALOVE once again! As you all now it takes time to open so try to be patient while we gather all people needed. Thank you all and hope to see you tomorrow! Meeti & Meeta & Kedi
  23. Incredible-Range merchant. Lots of nicely maged gear for cheap and tons of exos. Exos: -Range Exo Fuji Cloak -Mp exo Fuji Ring -Exo mp Bearbaric Wedding ring -Exo Ap/10ini Allistar ring -Summon exo Kapmeba If you wish to make an offer on something contact Incredible-Range directly or message me on imps and ill pass the message.
  24. Hey guys! I currently need help with a very annoying dungeon called The belly of the Whale. If anyone is wishing to help me defeat protoz then I'll be willing to pay! I'd need to beat the boss and possibly manage an achievement if people can help! Pm me the price in game (Natsue) or in this forum :) . Thanks guys
  25. Hey guys its Natsue again!!! I need some help for ABYSS ROOM achievement in Merkator Mob area!! If anyone is available for help please pm me in game /w Natsue ;) or simply post something on this thread :lol: . I hope i find some help and ill be very grateful to the person who helps me in merkator!! Thanks :rolleyes: