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Found 6 results

  1. B> Vulbis Dofus

    Hi achete vuvu, I'm offering 260m for it tho my offer is fixed and can be negotiated so don't hestitate to shoot me message also if anyone knows someone who is or might be selling it I would appreciate if you let me know k thx EDIT: CAN CLOSE
  2. Rosalt live blog

    Rosalt live blog It's like triforce, but double -Stijn, 12 inches. Welcome to Rosalt live blog. This is a live blog/thread for the best guild on Rosal. Brief history of Rosalt: Septangel 29, 645. A mythical Vulbisaur appeared from the shadow realm and spoke to brother Maximum Snek and brother Glucosed. "Join hands, you will. Spread salt, you shall. This is the beginning of the apopocopalypse. Friendship is magic." So Rosalt was born, amidst salt and smoke. First member to join the ranks, privileged be his name, was Brother Brazil. Septangel 30, 645. Brother Male Fashion Advice, brother Norwegian Supremacy and brother God of PvP joined the Rosalt collective. Octolliard 1, 645. Rosalt declares war against Fantastic Five, The Guardians, Quack and Humanity. Octolliard 3, 645. Brother No trading in /a and Sister Vortex is my husbando join Rosalt in their astral forms. A new companionship is formed. Brother Hearthstone also joins the ranks. Octolliard 6, 645. Brother No trading in /a and Sister Vortex is my husbando reincarnate on Rosal bringing treats and war stories from another universe. Rosalt catches global attention and starts getting contact requests from another worlds. Brother Celebrity also joins the ranks in his astral form. Octolliard 9, 645. Brother Pokemon Master and Brother Happy Birthday unite forces with Rosalt, as we slowly but surely work towards world domination and personal goals. That is it for the brief history and live blog of Rosalt. And as usual... [Click here to apply to Rosalt]
  3. Hey, For the people who don't know me, I'd like to introduce myself - My name is Alex, I'm Scottish and Black (lolololol, how does dis even heppen) and i've been involved with dofus for a good 8-9 years of my life. And i've become a seasoned player or i'd like to think so. I think this is the time for me to say my good-bye's. I've lost interest in dofus, It's become an intense grind to do anything, and that isn't fun, there are ofcourse certain aspects i loved and will continue to love about dofus, but for now i think, I'm done. Reason for quitting(So i don't need to keep explaining) : I've invested too much time in this game, time that could be invested somewhere more useful for example - Uni/work/Volunteering etc etc.. As said earlier, dofus is becoming far too much of a grind to do anything, for example.. breads... ofcourse games are meant to be hard.. just not tedious. Now there's something i've always wanted to do and i will do that. I have always wanted to give away money to the people i thought needed it the most, and when i say need it the most, i don't mean the people that constantly beg for shit, i'm talking about the hard workers that log on everyday and do their shit to get certain shit. So i have sold all my gear on every single character, I've come up with a good 600Mish ( It's meh.. I gave a lot already ) --- I'm going to be giving away 100M on rushu. And just for closing sakes -- I just want to say any last goodbyes to people whom might not know me, but can empathise with me. P.S - I wanted to delete my accounts, but I've decided a close friend of mine, one whom i trust will be using it from now On. - Black man out. Ok, i'm done now. waw. i feel like a priest writing this bible lolol.
  4. Too many kamas.

    I've got 678mk on Rosal. i just put all my gear in the sell room on Rosal. Nothing has sold yet. I started 4 new characters on Rushu. I'm at level 40 on my eni, iop, elio, and panda. I don't wanna make the game "not fun" by transferring everything to my nubs on Rushu. So what do i do with the kamas? Im loving my full piwi set look on all 4. I'm going for full kwak next. So I wont be buying Livi's via ogrine shop. Do i give it all to Cas? Or...
  5. As the title says buying ap bearbaric wedding ring with the following stats 240-250 vit 53-60 Cha/agi 31-40 wis 1 range 10-12 water/air dmg 0-10 pp 340-400 init 4-5 lock 7% all resis. msg me on here or in game /w Ike with your price.
  6. Im selling both of these ill take offers on ammy for shield looking around 300m~ Message me on imps or on Solar /w Itzmewtwo.