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Found 9 results

  1. New Guild Obscurity Recruiting Who we are: - We are a newly merged guild, between -Umbra- and Armageddon. - We are a level 200 guild, with a bunch of old Veteran PvMer´s aswell as PvPer´s. - We are freindly and helpful, we dont mind giving you a hand whether it being a dungeon run,hunting or just helping you making a good build on Dofusplanner. - We are mainly level 200´s + (avg. level 224), but we don´t mind new players. Rules: -No raceism, bullying or verbal abuse. -No begging. -Follow the alliance chat rules (if in a Alliance) (More details can be found in the guild bulletin) Requirements for joining: -Be level 150+ (Unless freinds with a member of the guild or an alt of a current member) -Be English speaking. -Be Active. -Be Loyal to the Guild. How to join: - PM one of our SIC´s or the Leader. (preferably one of these: Jetsy, Epical-Claws, Cruxiz, Biokurz, Maltesse, Ataboi, Dioxeen, Astrox, Xylastos, Ultrox)
  2. Cygni is Recruiting Guilds To the Current and Exciting [Cygni Alliance]! Is your Guild looking for a social and exciting alliance to join? Consider joining Cygni. The Cygni alliance has a strong emphasis on making others feel most welcome and giving players a choice to pvp freely and feel happy. About Cygni An Introduction The Alliance Cygni. The alliance was started on the server - Shika. On the 25th of June, 2013. As a strong alliance, Cygni has seen the length of the Shika server since the launch of AvA. Continuing the Cygni alliance, on the newly merged Echo server; towards a future. As an alliance and team, it is our intention to encourage a fun and a respectful gaming environment that everyone can enjoy. Whether you enjoy PvP wholly or prefer a focus to PvM. To date, Cygni has 1431 members. Moral Rules The alliance will not tolerate anyone to be discourteous to others inside the alliance. This can include forms of cyberbullying, direct insults to a individual and intended scamming. Including; being discourteous and provoking a response. As a player, you may post game items you are selling and recruit for player vs environment tasks. Although we ask in return - Not to request trades and xp-groups too consistently within a short period. Being Part of the Cygni Alliance Includes - A uncomplicated and connected community. - A fun environment, to take part and explore Player vs Player and to play and compete; when you feel most ready. Our Existing Guilds Our current guilds include low and high level guilds with a variation of members and long-standing high level guilds. [How to join with your guild] We are recruiting Guilds immediately! and welcome all guilds and are inclusive of all languages. Contact the current alliance manager which is myself. My in-game character name is: Zargabanth, your guild leader is most welcome to contact me at any given time. When I am online or on the Imps Village Forum. Please be patient with me, if I am not on-line at the time you want your guild to join. Add my Xelor and contact me as soon as I am on. If any individual members would like to join, please contact one of Cygni's guild leaders to see if they are actively recruiting. Our future plans for the Cygni alliance - Aim to hold events, such as lotteries and dress up competitions with a particular theme in mind in Dofus. - We hope to hold PvP tournaments for players with rewards from game item donations; forming a prize pot. - Adding to this list as new request ideas emerge. I shall add a list of all Cygni guilds tomorrow after the maintenance. Including available guilds to contact, for any questions. For now I have only posted the most relevant information.
  3. Kindred Our Code 1. We won't tell you how to run your guild: We don't want to change how you run your guild. We've seen different leadership strategies over time and none of them are less valid for being different. We do ask that your members abide by a very basic set of rules for alliance related matters as stated herein. 2. Help comes to those that help themselves: We will not be giving handouts and leeching out. It is one thing to help someone with something, it is another to do it for them. This obviously does not include paid services as at that point it is a trade of sorts. 3. We value the time of our members: AvA participation is not mandatory. Neither is preceptor defense. We hope that people will help each other when available to, but we also understand that people have other interests and time commitments both in and out of the game. Requirements to join the Alliance 1. Be active: This is not solely a numbers deal. Have some people on frequently. Small guilds are welcome. 2. Be sociable: Chat with us. 3. Professional leadership: We aren't asking for professionalism 100% of the time, only when dealing directly with alliance specific matters. 4. Be open with any concerns you have: We value the input of our members. Our Alliance Chat Rules 1. Treat others with respect even if you don't agree with them. 2. No spamming. 3. No breaking the Terms of Service in /a chat (This should not need to be said, but we'd rather be clear about it from the start) For more information or to join, contact Sinbad or Lukiido in game.
  4. Hello everyone. Thank you for taking the time to read this post. My name is Tahe, and I am the co-leader of Forward Unto Dawn! Our guild is level 63, and we are back and ready to have some fun after a brief hiatus. We are on an epic mission to build a guild that puts an emphasis on the fun times Dofus has to offer us. Our Credo: We do not want to spend our Dofus lives leeching our members to end game, but instead wish to help everyone enjoy the content that Ankama has developed so that all players become self-sufficient and learn to actually play their chosen classes. We are looking for players who do not want to be nagged for leeching and players that want to actually PLAY and grow this guild with us. Standing in the back row, passing is not going to get you anywhere. We understand that sometimes, in order to get that last bit of experience a good ol’ Buck Soul is convenient, however there is no reason to hinge the entirety of your game experience on passing your turn. You lose out on an immense amount of fun if you are just in a hurry to reach a level goal. As a guild we will be conducting hunts, dungeon runs, profession help, achievement farming, and most importantly, we hope to gather together a group of people who simply like playing together, chatting and having a great time. We promote the age-old Dofus culture of team ups and community involvement in a more laid back environment run by mature, experienced players who just want to have fun. So, if any of that sounds like something that interests you, please feel free to pm the following characters in game and we can have a chat or put your details below in this thread and we will be in touch. Our Requirements Lvl 60+. You must have some knowledge of your character and the game by this level.Fair activity level. Don’t be a dick. Leadership: Tahe (PST) Mickyds (PST) Swizz (GMT +2) See you in-game!
  5. Hello all, as you may know I use to have the best english alliance on server, it wasn't very big but with the guys we had we did achieve some good things. Once again, I am here to offer recruitment into an English alliance. Why am I back in an English Alliance? I really need to see the English take more of a stand on this server, I stress out that some english people work really hard and have nothing to show off on the server. I was continuously getting set back by being in other alliances, I would constantly die and die once I got to a new step of success on the server. I prefer playing with my own kind! What are the benefits of joining my alliance? You will play with some of the best english players on the server We have a free TeamSpeak server that allows us to talk easily We do have some bilingual people, so if you struggle on some words you could speak in another language We have alot, alot of level 200s, we can defend prisms and perceptors. We do PvP often, the only thing we lack is numbers, so please join! We do help others in PvM, with crafting, and anything we can help with. Can I bring my own guild into the alliance? Of course you can, just message me and we'll talk about it! Criteria you need to meet to join the alliance! I can't stress out about this enough, you need TEAMSPEAK! Even if you aren't able to talk, please just listen, its so crucial you know what's going on in a PvP plan or something. You need to be a player that doesn't quit after your first death, such a nightmare seeing this happen so often. I am connected almost 12~ hours a day, message Crunchiee for an invite. Anyone is welcome!
  6. Hey everyone it's Jaxz (in game Bull, Oxen, Capybara) just would like to make a warm welcome to anyone who would like to join my new guild led by my feca, Antler. I hope that people will get back to me either on here or in game, and to those of you who are happy with their current guild, you still will be warmly welcomed by me any day... any time.... any where!
  7. Token is recruiting!

    Greetings Rushu! Token is rebuilding and wants you! We are a level 42 guild looking for friendly and enthusiastic players that enjoy the game. The guild was originated back in January 2007, and has been around providing a friendly safe haven for players of the mid to high levels. We do require a minimal level of 80+, however, we do have a training guide for players under that level called "Evolve". Once you achieve a high enough level you will be transferred to Token. We have a total of 3 houses that are used for different reasons, along with a paddock that will be available to members who wish to have a place for their mounts. If this guild seems like the place for you, please get in contact with either me (Outlaw), or the leader of the guild (TailsHornsHalo). If both of us are offline you can also contact: "Zath-Panda", "Buttmunch" We will be happy to invite you as long as you remember to follow these simple rules: Be polite to each guild member/alliance member Limit the use of profanity This is a game, just have fun and enjoy it :)​
  8. Souls of Courage is Recruiting

    We are a guild on the Rosal server of Dofus and we're looking for active members! We do hunts and dungeon runs frequently and are always willing to help out fellow guild members! We have a Teamspeak server as well for people who like to talk on voice and socialize while they play, you can stop by anytime! (Teamspeak address is: thefierceforce.clants.net:7985 ) You can check out our website here: http://www.thefastforce.com/page/soulsofcourage Fill out the recruitment form to tell us more about your character! :) We are looking for members who are level 130+ The guild is level 66 We have over 100 members The average level of our members is 170 We are in the Aeon Alliance We have 3 Guild Paddocks We have 5 Guild Houses The leaders of the guild are Cruzix and Dansk-Ninja. If you are interested in joining you can contact them or Methylated-Spirits in-game.
  9. Temporary we are closed and won't accept requests to join guild.