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Found 12 results

  1. B> 2x Euphoric Hemp

    Hi, I would like to buy 2x euphoric hemps. You may PM me on forum or in-game, same nickname. I'm in huge need of them, but unfortunately they're very hard to find. Hopefully someone can help. Thanks in advance and have a nice day :) euphorichemp.bmp
  2. because apparently these are rare?? For those who don't understand why this is such a novelty item, it's because it's impossible to mimisymbic a rikiki wand to anything anymore and you where only able to do so when rikiki wands where first released for one or two days before ankama then changed it, and not many took the opportunity to do so during the time it was available, and those who did ended up mimisymbicing a shit wand such as ethnologist wand. As far as i'm aware this is one of a kind wand and isn't another on the server. because this is so very rare ill post the price of 10m for it, it adds value but it is after all only somewhat rare (and not exactly desirable) unlike something like a flute and yes this is a serious selling thread
  3. I am selling the very rare item Dazzling Belt given on the server Jiva as a price many years ago, and taken off later for being too powerfull for the level. Therefore the more known Powerfull Dazzling Belt came which is level 80. Not that the stats matters much for its worth, but the stats is: 1/1 AP 74/30 Vit (44vit overmage) 3/3 Damage 30/30 Wisdom 1/0 MP All offers are very welcome, but I am looking for a very high offer, so don't feel offended if not interested. http://tinypic.com/r/jru3k7/9
  4. Selling One of a kind Inky Veil :) 4%/0 Earth resistance 350/350 Vit 69/70 Int 67/70 Str 28/30 Wis 3/3 Crit 1/1 Range 6/10 Dam 10/10% Fire Resistance 10/10% Water Resistance 10/10% Air Resistance. Looking for about 45mk. Also accepting Normal Inky Veil + Kamas . PM in Game Soul-Mate
  5. First blood staff

    Hello, I'm interested in buying this staff and i was wondering how much it would cost me in kamas to obtain it. I obviously would need at least one year to get the required amount but i also was wondering if the owner was interested in selling it. Thanks for all responses in advance.
  6. B>Rare Incarnations

    Buyingthe following Incarnation weapons: Haku's Staff (Zoth Master) Mirh's Hammer( Pandora) Hulkrap's Axe (Poacher) Kubitus Bow (Chafer archer) Pm me in game please so we can talk about prices trades IGN: Shiny-Incarnation
  7. Hello, Selling these two majestic grande cosmetic items. Looking for 5mk each but can negotiate. PM in-game or leave message on imps.
  8. UniQ MasK

    Dear "rushuIANS" ! Im Razito from rosal ! im willing to sell this rare mask (atleast in our server its rare) anyoffers from here ? feel free to nagotiate !
  9. UniQ MasK

    Hello, Im willing to sell this rare mask to highest offer ! Believe me it will make u look HOT even if u are asian ! jk :lol: Contact me in game. Char : Razito
  10. UPDATE: Now selling on other international servers and Nehra, too. Ahoy, I'm selling my last two Skullcrasher shield and Shadow Helmet codes. They are It's linked to account, give the player a title ("Trap Evader" and "Chaser of Shadows") and were only obtainable by defeating Gein, demigod, son of Sram Shadow, at the Ankama Convention from May 2nd to 4th in Lille, France. Shadow Helmet: 45mk SOLD OUT! Skullcrasher: 110mk 100mk SOLD OUT! Prices are negotiable within a reasonable margin. I'm a pirate, not a greedy Enutrof. :) /w Capngoat in-game on Rosal, leave a message here on Imps, send me an Ankabox or reply in this thread. A quote from a satisfied customer: Disclaimer: Because the items are linked to account it's impossible to trade the in-game like any other item and thus trust becomes an issue. The rules are: You give me the kamas in-game and I will pm you the code. If I end up scamming you, feel free to open a thread here or on the official forums, spam Izmar's (@izmarvelous) and my (@paddykontschak) Twitter accounts with "Capngoat is a fucking piece of shit scammer" and force me to move to another server (This rule only applies for sales on Rosal). But I don't want that to happen so I'm just not going to scam you. Because scammers are fucking pieces of shit. And I'm not. :)
  11. As the title says, B> Ektope's Hammer. ANY level will do, I don't mind.
  12. Selling Goultard's Headgear for 15mk. Leave a message here.