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Found 31 results

  1. Hello, i'm currently on the ice dofus quest He Wants to Be Buried at Sea. If anyone would like to join me for the mini dungeon, let me know. You can find me in game with the name Razaa. Thanks.
  2. Hello, I am looking for 2 people who have lvl. 100 alignment and are willing to help with the last order quests. I am putrid eye myself so I need the other 2 orders to help me (bonta or brak doesn't matter). Willing to pay if needed. IGN: Notorious-Galaxy
  3. Devotion Quest

    Hey, guys! I'm having trouble with the "Devotion to Cra" quest. When I talk to Ticra she says: When I click on the status to go to the temple I receive the following message: I'm level 196. Yes, I pay to play. I have completed all the Incarnam quests except the "Dungeon Key" quest, because I didn't find NPC Naiz Keeholder at [3, 4] in Incarnam, If the wikia page is correct. Can anyone help me, please?
  4. Hello, I'm trying to track down people that are doing the quest Food, Folks and Fungus. The quest fight against the Rickmortar Mushroom Avatar is a pain in the ass, and the more people that have the Firey Tongue Sword acquired during the quest, the easier the fight gets. I've found two other people trying to complete the quest, if a few more feel like helping out that would be wonderful. I don't know if you keep the sword after the quest, but if people that have already done the quest and can still help, that would also be great. PM me in-game (Jesternaut) or the two other people I've found that are also trying to finish the quest (Anjulica and --Vu--), or just leave a message here if you'd like to help.
  5. During [the Toxine Gang] quest for [the Brotherhood of the Forgotten] achievement you need to solve a riddle. Some are straightforward but others are a nice meme. To spare you some pain here a few solutions.
  6. Hi everyone, after many days of working on the Ivory Quests I reached the final fight and I am stuck. I see that the fight is easy for really mobile characters such as Srams, Iops etc. but I am a Cra and I can't win the fight. People told me to use MP red build, with 190 mp reduction set it is still impossible because every time I mp rape or push him he gains + 2mp. Half the time he backs himself against Pylon so I can't successfully push him and also paralyzing arrow is useless (0 net gain) and poisoned arrow at best reduces 2 mp. Does anyone here have tips or strategies they used in this fight? Much appreciated.
  7. Bonta Alignment Quest 80-90

    Hi all, I am stuck in the 83rd Bonta Alignment quest where it says "Look for Lars Tord in Gisgoul"... Couldn't find anywhere. Does any of you know a guide for these quests? I could find some for Brakmar ones but not for Bonta ones :7 Thanks.
  8. He wants to be buried at sea

    Hello, I am on the second stage of the quest "He wants to be buried at sea", where I have to enter the wreck and fight some monsters. The fight is quite impossible alone, so if anyone else is stuck on this stage, or is going to be stuck here soon, let me know so we can team up and do it together; it can easily be done with 3 chars. Cheers
  9. Hello, I'm doing the quest 'Is Andybody there?' and there's a fight which involves killing 5 chests, 4 being 'lures' and one having the item you need to end the fight. In the fight I killed all of the chests (so including the real one) and the fight hasn't ended, or rather I am stuck in the fight. I've reported it to Ankama but has anyone else encountered this recently? I've done the quest on a different character before and had no problems. PFA of all chests being killed
  10. Hello everyone, Right now I am completing the Crimson Dofus questline for two of my characters at the same time. In order to continue in the questline I need the Totankama's Cursed Mask which drops from Mummy Nova after you complete the Legendary Treasure Hunt My question is can I complete 1 tablet and do the treasure hunt once, and then join the boss fight with both of my chars and get 2 masks? Or will I have to farm 20 000 rose of the sand twice? Thanks in advanced
  11. Ohwymi Quest: Mummy Madness

    I am stuck, I am in the part where you are supposed to "Ahon" but he says he is in anger and he needs "spice from the Queen" does that mean I need to run the dungeon? Thanks.
  12. Looking For Quests

    hey i was looking for quests to do on the daily like Dopple hunting or Almanax
  13. Quest Tracking

    In order to make your game experience even better, we've been working on a new feature that will make its appearance in update 2.41: Quest Tracking! In this interface, you'll easily be able to track the progress of your ongoing quests and their objectives. The days of opening the Quest Book hundreds of times to check your progress in the An Eternal Harvest quest are over. Now, you can play in comfort! How It Works When you receive a new quest, it will be automatically added to the Quest Tracking interface (you'll be able to deactivate automatic adding and add quests manually via an option in your Quest Log). The Quest Tracking interface will open once you begin tracking a quest and will close when there are no more quests to track. You'll be able to track 3 or 5 quests, depending on the option selected. If the interface is full when you receive a new quest, it won't be tracked. You will also be able to track quests directly from the Quest Book using the "Track" button, by clicking on the "pin" icon in the quest list or by clicking on an objective's "landmark" icon! The names of the stages will no longer appear in Quest Tracking. You'll simply see the quest name and the objectives, which will update automatically. To find out more about the stage, you can consult your Quest Book. You can use the pin-shaped button to activate or deactivate specific tracking of certain quests. Each quest added will display the 3 first objectives and will activate the associated landmarks if there are any, so as not to overburden the interface and the landmarks on the map and the minimap. If, however, you would like to see all of a quest's objectives, you can display them using the "See More" button. A "See Less" button will display just the 3 first objectives again. As soon as an objective is attained, it will disappear from the list and the next one will appear. The Quest Tracking interface for the An Eternal Harvest quest, for which the landmark is activated for the first three objectives. Quest objectives are given a specific color for each tracked quest. This makes quest tracking easier, especially when you're looking at the map or the minimap! The quest name is displayed when you pass the cursor over the area where it's located on the map and the minimap. You also have the option of minimizing the interface to a simple icon, placed at the edge of the window (movable). You know, just in case you'd like to pause your "Doing Quests" activity in favor of the "Tearing Apart Mobs" activity! "I'll do some quests later! Over here, Droopik!" Interactions By right clicking on a quest you can: Stop tracking this quest. Display or hide quest landmarks on the map and the minimap. Move the quest up in the list. By left clicking on a landmark you can activate or deactivate the landmark on the map or on the minimap. By right clicking on an objective you can: Remove the objective from quest tracking. If there is only one objective, this will also remove the quest. Hide the landmark for this objective. By left clicking on the green item name or monster name, you can open the bestiary where you will find more specific information about it. Please note that various information messages (commonly known as "feedbacks" in the studio) are displayed in the chat, in particular to warn you that you've reached the maximum amount of quests trackable in the interface when trying to add a new one. Options Track 3 quests maximum / Track 5 quests maximum Automatically track accepted quests Automatic resizing of the window: this option is selected by default. If you untick the box, you will be able to change the height of the window to suit you. The width of the window can always be changed, whether this option is ticked or not. Hide all landmarks Font size: small - medium Opacity of the window background: 50% - 70% - 90% We hope you'll find this new interface especially helpful during your adventures in the World of Twelve. As for me, I wish you all the best in game! Now, I'm going to get back to the mock-up of the interface for... Q & A Why don't the landmarks always show the exact location of the objective? This is mainly due to transitions between external and internal areas, which are problematic for us (especially underground, in the mines, etc.). This is an area where we'd like to make some improvements.
  14. N/A

  15. Main Trap tactics

    Different classes can use different tactics to beat the Main Trap for the quest "Furry nearly catastrophic". Perhaps it makes sense to gather ideas here. Starting in the bottom left corner, to beat the room one has to reach the top right grey zone. Chars have -96 MP but 2 new spells, the first of which advances by 1 square, costs 1 AP and can be cast twice per turn. The second rewinds to the starting position. I have yet to find a good use for it. Eni: every turn use the hop spell to advance 2 squares, avoiding obvious traps, use Word of Youth to remove trap effects, heal. Share your ideas!
  16. Work is happiness

    hi everyone i need 4 smith/magus level 200 - 4 carvers / magus level 200 please sign up here or pm me ingame for do it Smith ( my self Sweaven-power) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ------------ Carver (my self Xothen ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) we will pm all ingame for find a date to do it when we got all we need :) Xothen
  17. Sushi Party & Late-Night Horror-Grawn Movie Join us Dec. 18th at 20:00 DUT & Dec. 19th at 02:00 DUT as we invade the Lair of the Giant Kralove! If you need help completing the Eternal Harvest Quest for your ochre, please post here or on the INT thread above, and we will try to help you find a team! This event is open to all alliances who would like to participate, so feel free to post if you need help getting through the dungeon. Please also post if you can help people to run the dungeon to get their ochres -- and let us know if you can fill in one of the positions still open on the chart (click on the image of the chart to view the updated chart). Disclaimer: We are not liable for any pet fish that are eviscerated or eaten during this hunt. Please leave pet fish at home. Thanks, anjulica
  18. Turquoise Blue Guide

    Well, it's under construction, other posts are hidden for now, I gotta sleep~ http://turquoisedofus.tumblr.com/ As always, crtique/comment, bla bla bla, and you can follow to know right away when there's an update.. ZZzzzz.. Update: Fixed Ayuto Potion hidden recipe
  19. As the title says, do you guys want me to work on a guide for this? It's been a while since I made one, and before I work on it, I'd like to be sure this is something people would appreciate! I work full time and generally don't get on to Dofus these days, but working on these guides is fun, so if there's an 'audience' for it, I'll be happy to work on it. ^^
  20. Work is Happiness

    Hi ^^ So, unfortunately I still need this quest more than ever, and I'm willing to pay 1mk per profession character who comes and helps out (provided that the gates open). Another downside is that my timezone is GMT +10, and so I'm not really willing to do DUT 17:00 onwards which seems to be popular with most people. For those who don't know: You need 5 level 200 smiths with level 200 magus on that same character, and the same with 3 carvers. If you can help in any way, please let me know! :) Thanks
  21. A Big Cube, a Li'l Cube

    does anyone else have a problem with A Big Cube, a Li'l Cube it says that to start the quest, u need to Double-click on Vibrating Pingwin Feather after doing it, the quest begins and to finish it, you talk to Delphie Fillea (-64,-55) but after i get there, i find that the feather is gone from my bag and the quest is still active
  22. Hi, Can somebody help me with how to get the bomeomo beer. I should be able to get it at the tavern? But it doesn't seem to be sold there? Thank you.
  23. Sample of Alchemical Liquied For the quest: Drink or you'll miss it http://dofuswiki.wikia.com/wiki/Drink_and_You'll_Miss_It We've been to all the locations mentioned on the wiki and some even multiple times, but can't find anything to click on in some way. Can someone help us out?
  24. Hello everyone as you know its kwismas time and i know there has to be a fair amount of people who are looking to get the Kwismas Spirit quest done this year! It requires a fair amount of participants so im hoping to try and plan one sometime soon that we can all take a part in. I hope we can maybe try to do this this Sunday perhaps? If any of you guys are interested in getting the quest done and have ideas on a time/date that is convenient please say so. :) Edit: Credit to Gasper for the below organized list All tile participants must have a full Kwismas Set and the "Gift" emote. This applies not only to those standing on tiles but to all who want to go through the gate as well. People willing to participate and spots they can cover: (We will attempt to contact these players to help solve the puzzle) b. Neutral Player with emote - Kit-Cat c. Wicked Protector - Martial d. Brakmarian - Itzmewtwo (if on) e. "Gold" - Jaelia f. "Mywwh" - Jaelia g. "Fwankincense" - Jaelia 1. Letter N - Solstice 2. Letter O - Fearthebeard 3. Letter W - Lokriet 4. Letter E - Eroticfishcake 5. Letter L - Lokriet 1. 0-49 wisdom - 2. 50-99 wisdom - Kit-Cat 3. 100-149 wisdom - Sharath 4. 150-199 wisdom - Cherry-Pepsi 5. 200+ wisdom - Smockz People for non-specific spots (at least 10 chars needed) : Mad-Grandpa, Vettel (2chars), Lokriet (2chars)
  25. Kwismas Quest Glitch?

    Right. Done the Oogie Betty, Roachelf etc quests today at 2pm, told me to come back in 12 hours, so i did. Log on at 2am to repeat before i go to sleep and its telling me to come back in 4 hours? This a glitch or am i missing something here? Anyone else had this? Plis be nice, i noob. Thankies~