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Found 3 results

  1. If you need a supply of any of the following gatherable resources, their crafts (HP/Energy Items (Potions/Breads/Fishes), Alloys, Planks, etc.) or want a profession leveling service with them, all of that and more for a very cheap price, feel free to contact me and we'll make it work. Prices listed inside the parentheses are rough estimates that mostly depend on the market/average price rounded down to the nearest 0 (except when it's below 10), there's always the possibility of lowering them more if you ask. Profession leveling service is around 2-4mk per profession, given that you don't want to keep the crafts. If anyone wants to sell any of these cheap resources in the markets for their normal price, feel free to contact me as well. (The main reason I've made this post is because I'm too lazy to list stuff in the markets, if you're not then it can be an easy profit) Message me on Impsvillage (Gravestorm), Discord (Gravestorm#3334), Ankabox (-Gravestorm-), or in-game /w Gravestorm if interested. Alchemist Nettles (10K) Sage (30K) Five-Leaf Clover (10K) Wild Mint (20K) Freyesque Orchid (20K) Edelweiss (20K) Pandkin Seed (20K) Ginseng (180K) Belladona (180K) Mandrake (350K) Snowdrop (1500K) Farmer Wheat (5K) Barley (5K) Oats (5K) Hop (10K) Flax (10K) Rice (70K) Rye (70K) Malt (40K) Hemp (70K) Corn (60K) Millet (130K) Frosteez (300K) Fisherman Gudgeon (10K) Grawn (20K) Trout (20K) Crab Surimi (20K) Kittenfish (20K) Breaded Fish (20K) Ediem Carp (20K) Shiny Sardine (30K) Pike (30K) Kralove (30K) Eel (40K) Grey Sea Bream (40K) Perch (40K) Blue Ray (30K) Monkfish (120K) Sickle-Hammerhead Shark (120K) Lard Bass (30K) Cod (200K) Tench (300K) Swordfish (300K) Icefish (150K) Lumberjack Ash Wood (10K) Chestnut Wood (10K) Walnut Wood (30K) Oak Wood (30K) Bombu Wood (60K) Maple Wood (40K) Oliviolet Wood (40K) Yew Wood (30K) Bamboo Wood (40K) Cherry Wood (60K) Hazel Wood (30K) Ebony Wood (40K) Kaliptus Wood (40K) Hornbeam Wood (150K) Dark Bamboo Wood (10K) Elm Wood (1000k) Holy Bamboo Wood (100k) Aspen Wood (300K) Miner Iron (10K) Copper (10K) Bronze (10K) Cobalt (40K) Manganese (50K) Silicate (120K) Tin (500K) Silver (400K) Bauxite (40K) Gold (160K) Dolomite (∞K) Obsidian (1000K) Orders: Message me on Impsvillage (Gravestorm), Discord (Gravestorm#3334), Ankabox (-Gravestorm-), or in-game /w Gravestorm if interested.
  2. CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM We received an enormous amount of feedback following the updating of jobs applied in Version 2.29. Here is a summary of the main issues that we intend to correct in version 2.30: Some resources are far too rare and make the manufacturing of items (including consumables) too difficult. Recipes for consumables are sometimes too complex, and the dependence on other professions is too restrictive. The profession of fisherman is too difficult to level and the absence of certain protectors is penalizing. Progression in the profession of hunter is too laborious. HARVESTABLE RESOURCES We completely changed the distribution of harvestable resources in the game. We have balanced all quantities of resources present in the game according to their level (the higher the level of the resource, the more rare it is). We have also improved the distribution of resources throughout the world: you can find resources on a much larger number of maps. Almost all areas of the game now have resources. Here are some comparisons to illustrate the changes in the amount of resources between version 2.29 and version 2.30 (the amounts indicated for version 2.30 are intentionally rounded, we are continuing to work on value adjustments). Fisherman: A comparison with the values ​​present in version 2.29 is not possible because the way that fishing works has been changed. CONSUMABLES RECIPES Almost all consumables recipes have been modified: They have been simplified (fewer types of ingredient):At low levels recipes only use one ingredient. Recipes only incorporate resources from monsters if the item requires level 40 profession or higher The dependency on other professions has been reduced:Only after level 20 do recipes use ingredients from other professions. When ingredients come from other professions, they are lower in level than the main job level required and are in smaller amounts. Hit points gained through consumables are reduced accordingly. Items used only for other jobs recipes (eg the concoctions) can no longer be made and can be used to retrieve the ingredients that were used to make them. With these changes we hope to facilitate low-level progress in consumable manufacturing professions. It should no longer be necessary to advance several harvest professions in parallel for players who do not wish to rely significantly on trade. A Hunter who Hunts Hunting In version 2.29, almost every monster family has a specific meat. This operation makes the progression of the Hunter profession too restrictive because the number of different meats is very important and they can usually only be obtained in one area. This operation also involves the addition of a new type of meat and their recipes associated with each new monster family added to the game. In version 2.30 we decided to proceed in a different way, we now have 21 different meats that are more generic and can be used by several different monster families. Old types of meat that no longer exist can be converted into new types of meat. Old types of meat that still exist cannot be converted, as they are still usable. Old meat is now changed to one of two new categories: Expired Meat (resources) and Primitive Meat (consumables); old types of meat are no longer available in the markets. List of meats: Every Fish has a Past, and Every Fisherman a Future All types of fish now have a dedicated and identifiable harvest location. So you can choose which fish you want to fish more easily. All fish have a protector allowing additional quantities of resources to be obtained. This profession now has 21 different fish, which provides greater progression flexibility to the role (a new type of fish can be harvested every ten levels). SMITHMAGIC JOB PROGRESSION In Version 2.29 the progression of the smithmagic professions during the first levels was too difficult. We modified the xp formula to facilitate this growth, particularly in the early levels. Obtaining Smithmagic Runes Since the introduction of the new smithmagic rune generation system, we use a history of item destruction whose size is deliberately limited (the number of old items crushed are progressively into account less and less when calculating bonuses or penalties applied to items as time goes on). This history cannot be too long because we do not want new items in the game to benefit from an excessively large bonus compared to the old items which have been in the game for a long time (and logically account for a significant number of total crushes). In version 2.30 we decided to increase the size of this history. The most commonly crushed items will incur major penalties but items crushed less often will get bigger bonuses. We are aware that the changes to the smithmagic rune generation mechanism and to professions have generated significant changes in the price and scarcity of most runes. Our goal is not to make forgemagic excessively elitist, we do hope that it remains accessible but we want to make sure that the most powerful items (typically those with "exotic" forgemaging) are not commonplace either. Manufacture of Mass Produced Goods In Version 2.29, the production of mass produced items could be too long and difficult to follow (as the chat interface is spammed with manufacturing object messages). Each manufacturing request was dealt with separately, which implied a potentially large load for game servers, forcing us to delay each production. In version 2.30 we have modified this operation and mass production of items are now processed at the same time, all objects are instantly made. We felt it was no longer relevant to make players "wait" in front of their craft interface without them being able to actually interact with the game during the production of their objects. DEPLOYMENT These changes can be tested in version 2.30 BETA. Source: http://www.dofus.com/en/mmorpg/news/devblog/tickets/442298-improving-professions-resource-gathering
  3. Hello guys this is Dofficiency,(Dean and Raphael from Rushu) And we are here to introduce our new dofus blog Containing helpful kamas guides,professions and sets combinations for all levels. and helpful tips and guides on leveling Please check us out and tell us what you think: https://dofficiency.wordpress.com/ (Only Tailor,Lumberjack and Miner is currently available for the proffesions section)
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